Career Spotlight: Industrial Engineer

My name is Monica Barin, I am the
configuration manager at Clean Power Finance. We are a solar financing and
software platform company based in San Francisco, California. Our company provides the financing that enables people to put solar systems on their homes. We are working with solar installation
companies, and, in turn, they are in contact with homeowners who are going solar. We have a variety of financial partners.
We provide a marketplace for them to offer their financing to the solar
installers, and that marketplace is what we would call our software platform. Our
solar installers can go online, go to our website, select various types of products.
There are leases, there are loans — so if a homeowner is trying to go solar, there are
so many different options. My job as configuration manager is to make sure that our software platform is up to date with the most accurate products and legal
documents. I manage a release every two weeks. There are constant changes with our funds. I work with a lot of different teams that could be development, quality
assurance, customer support — all sorts of teams around the company. Once i gather
information from them, i’m able to update the software accordingly, and we’ll go to
our partners and they will see everything updated and accurate. When it
comes to my day-to-day job here, I’m always looking to solve problems in
different ways. So, my affinity towards math throughout my life has been really
helpful because doing math problems i’m always looking for, you know, different
solutions. So, when I was in, I think, fourth grade is when I started realizing
that math was more of my strong suit. It just came to me naturally, so I just
started enjoying it more. With math, I was drawn to engineering; I saw myself doing more analytical work
in my future. When i initially applied to Berkeley, I applied to be an electrical
engineering and computer science major. I loved working with computers just for
fun and I thought I was good at math and science but then later on I realized it
wasn’t the best fit for me. My first semester of sophomore year I had a
particular computer science class which I found particularly challenging and I
couldn’t get into it. I actually failed it. It was really rough but at the same time
it taught me a good lesson. It made me refocus my priorities and
where I was at that time, and kind of forced me to reconsider my options. I
talked to my college counselor, and I was pretty sure that I still wanted to stay
in engineering. And it was kind of like a more niche major in the industrial
engineering operations research. It’s a study of making systems and processes
more efficient. And so I thought it was really cool because just even in life, in
general, I love being, like, resourceful and efficient — and just saving time, money, whatever it is. And so, if I could do that on a larger scale as part of my career
and my major in college — I thought that would be great. So, when I was thinking of industries I
wanted to work in, I remember coming across the energy industry. So, what I
ended up doing was finding a solar internship. I kind of grew my interest and
my base knowledge for working in the solar industry. I became really
passionate about saving the planet basically. When you learn and know what you want,
don’t be afraid to be proactive. Don’t be afraid to go for it and
think of out-of-the-box ways, creative ways to get it. It’s really cool being an
industrial engineer in this solar industry because you really can feel
yourself making an impact helping people go solar, helping them create their own
clean sustainable energy. Yeah, feels great! I’m proud of that.

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