Cat 8 Applications

Category 8 solutions have arrived, with the
ability to support 25 and 40 Gigabit networks. Cat 8 is designed for switch-to-server connections
at the edge of the data center. Because of distance limitations, it isn’t
as applicable for enterprise or premise networks. However, Cat 8 offers big benefits for data
center managers, with higher speeds, auto negotiation, a tried-and-true RJ-45 interface,
and the ability to support the large majority of network topologies. With auto-negotiation and backwards compatibility,
two Ethernet devices can connect to each other and select a common transmission speed that
both devices support. For example, 25 gig switches can communicate
with 10 gig servers or even 1 gig servers over Cat 8 connectivity. This ability allows for the migration to 10,
25, or 40 gig networks to be done in phases, creating more flexibility in terms of timing,
disruption, and cost. Investing in Cat 8 today makes it easy to
add bandwidth to the network in the future, and provides the best path for staggered upgrades
and mixed server speeds in the same cabinet. Cat 8 cabling can support two connector links
up to 30 meters, covering the majority of data center installations. According to I-triple-E, links of 30 meters
or less make up 80 percent of connections in data centers. This makes Cat 8 a versatile solution for
most Top-of-Rack, End-of-Row, and Middle-of-Row topologies. Cat 8 also provides a lower cost alternative
to Twinaxial cable, and it is backwards compatible, unlike Twinax. Cat 8 is also a lower cost alternative to
multimode fiber cable in links less than 30 meters. Leviton’s new Altas-X1 Cat 8 system makes
network migration easier than ever. It uses RJ-45, the universal connector type
and global standard for servers and switches. Atlas-X1 also offers the same form factor
and termination methods as other shielded Atlas-X1 connectors, including Cat 6A, 6,
and 5e. And it delivers the highest level of performance
for mission critical 25 and 40GBASE-T networks. You can learn more about Cat 8 and Leviton’s
Atlas-X1 system at

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