CEC – Consumer Electronics Control features in Atlona Solutions

Atlona is proud to announce the addition of
CEC Controls to our robust line of AV solutions. CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control
and has been a part of the HDMI specification for many years. The purpose was to allow a
single remote control to operate all of the devices in a small system. HDMI 1.4 standardized all of the commands
to allow interoperability between devices from different manufacturers. Support for CEC is not a mandatory part of
the HDMI standard. CEC commands are sent on a standard HDMI cable and do not require any
additional wiring. Notice in this example, when the power button
is pressed on the AT-UHD-SW-52ED switcher, the switcher automatically switches to the
correct input. Then sends the power command to the AT-UHD-EX-100CE-RX
receiver, and then to the TV the automatically turns the TV on. This is a classic example of CEC at work communicating
over a HDMI connection. Atlona is beginning to integrate CEC control
into our devices, starting with the AT-UHD-SW-52ED. So that consumer televisions that don’t have
RS-232 or IP connections can benefit from the automatic display control functions that
we introduced with our HDVS products. The ability to have the display turn on automatically
when a PC is connected and off at the end of a presentation, has proven to be an immensely
popular feature of Atlona solutions. Previously, this has required more expensive,
feature-rich, commercial series displays. The addition of CEC control represents a tremendous
value as it allows simple control of a consumer display. Making it very easy for the consumer
to operate. CEC commands also provide an integrator with
simple installation, which means less time in the field. CEC can also help to significantly reduce
the total cost to install a system by eliminating the need for a costly control system. Atlona AV solutions which employ CEC controls
are also fully compatible and manageable thru the Atlona Management System (AMS). With Atlona’s new CEC control many popular
consumer displays can be controlled. In addition to reducing the cost of the display, installation
is much simpler because manufacturer’s specific RS-232 or TCP/IP codes don’t need to be programmed. The CEC “on and off” commands are sent using
the HDBaseT output
of the AT-UHD-SW-52ED. The AT-UHD-SW-52ED can also send TCP/IP commands
or a RS-232 command to control devices with those capabilities. Using those methods, volume up and down commands
can be sent in addition to the display on/off commands. To enable CEC control on the AT-UHD-SW-52ED
first access the WebGUI settings, then under power settings, select “CEC”. The CEC control is now active on the AT-UHD-SW-52ED. The CEC control section can be used to test
or control the power if in the WebGUI settings. Please note that Atlona does not guarantee
the function of CEC with all displays. We can confirm proper operation with many
current Samsung, Panasonic and Sony displays. Many manufacturers do not support the CEC
off command when sent from a source and older displays use proprietary commands. Atlona only supports those displays that follow
a standard CEC command structure for these commands and support the “off” command when
issued by a source. We encourage any dealer to get an evaluation
product from Atlona prior to designing a system around this control technology. Or be prepared
to use other methods to control the displays if Atlona CEC is not compatible with the installed
displays. Look for similar control functions on several
new products to be introduced by Atlona in the coming months. Thank you for watching, to learn more about
Atlona products and the CEC command protocol visit us online at www.atlona.com.

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