Challenging Notions: Polish & Power Tools

(cheerful country music) – My name is Claire. I live in Nashville, Tennessee and I’m a woodworker. I started in woodworking
when I could not find a coffee table that I liked. I was looking everywhere
and I looked on Pinterest, saw a picture of one I really liked, clicked on the link and it
led me to a building plan. And so I thought, I could build that. And so I did. Granted, it wasn’t the
best but that’s kind of how I got into it and finding
something that’s affordable when you’re in college
is not the easiest thing so why not try doing it yourself? Most of my stuff in
promoted through Instagram and honestly a lot of it is word of mouth. It’s not always an easy thing to be a woman in the
woodworking carpentry industry. Sometimes people don’t
necessarily take me seriously. But at the same time, I
think it’s really empowering and it’s inspirational
to a lot of other girls to show them that, hey you can
do anything that you want to, don’t ever let anybody
tell you that you can’t. Woodworking is something
that you’re gonna always gonna be learning and I could be doing this for ten or twenty years and I could still have so much to learn. A lot of times it’s the things that people don’t see that are gonna make your product different from somebody else’s. Whether that’s staining the
underside of the tabletop or using better hardware
than maybe something from a big box retailer. If something doesn’t go right or if something breaks or doesn’t work, people are gonna find out because word of mouth spreads like wildfire and it’s the best type of marketing that you could ever do for your product. I chose to use Accuride slides because I think that they speak to the overall quality of my work. I have used other brands of slides and they definitely don’t compare to the quality of the Accuride
slides that I’ve used. Nobody wants to have a drawer or a dresser with drawers
that are gonna be wonky and not work correctly. That would just be super frustrating and so making sure that not
only the design of the piece is great but also the
internal structure is great. I wanna make sure that everybody is happy with anything that they get from me and that those products
will continue to last. I use the 3832 Touch Release Slides and it’s super simple to install and it’s nice ’cause you can just have the clean, modern look
on the front of a drawer and you just touch it
and it pops right open. And it’s so smooth and I can tell that it’s not gonna be
wobbly or go back and forth and you can feel the quality in pulling in and out the drawer. And that’s why I use Accuride slides.

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