Characteristics of a Good AC Repair Contractor

Characteristics of a good AC Repair Worker When your air conditioner or furnace breaks
down, calling for a repair contractor can be intimidating. It’s important to get the
best performance out of your system by choosing the right contractor you can trust to help
fix your problem. Here’s how: First, when hiring an air conditioning contractor
it’s important to ask specific questions to better know who you are hiring, we recommend
questions like the following: • Is the company and their contractors insured
so your safe from liability if an accident were to occur on your property?
• In the situation that a machine and/or a part of a machine were to break, are your
contractors bonded? • Licenses typically require frequent renewals
with required training, ask if they are licensed contractors.
• Does the company have anyone who is NATE Certified? A NATE certified technician is
someone who is devoted to continually learning about heating and air conditioning.
• Ask a company how long they have been around and if they have references. When your decision has been made with the
right company, look for and expect the following from your contractor: • A good contractor will not only call ahead
to confirm an appointment, they will also be on time.
• A warm introduction upon arrival to your home is important. It shows that a company
is looking for a lasting, and helping relationship. Once names are swapped, ask for contact information
and check to see if the company has an emergency contact line. Having an emergency contact
can show you they are there for you in a time of need. With these questions in your back pocket,
your choice in choosing the right air conditioning repair contractor just got a little easier.

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