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mom, why did you allow him to enter inside I did not know, he is our family’s boy. I did not know mom, drink juice shall I brink it for you too no thanks first drink it when I finished “ISHA”S Prayers” ……… bring only tea is not ….. Wajih……Wajih my son aunt I went out side saw a generator near store room, what is the price of that ? which generator ? placed in store room with garbage mom stop crying I did not remember which one ? aunt at this side, please come don’t know about which generator you are talking ?
aunt at this side, please come don’t know about which generator you are talking ? I show you, come here there is only old furniture there is no any generator one second listen me aunt now what I am saying listen it carefully, tell your daughter to take back this case I will explain her I am talking ,, what she is doing she is making my own brother against me yes aunt I am not like this, I am not a bad man no now what I have to do you know?
no now what I have to do you know? now I have to lock you here ,so she may understand no, no she does not understand , she captured my senses I will convince her she does not understand, I have to lock you so she may understand son go backward I will explain her go backward I will convince her I have to make her understand Mannat aunt please make your daughter to be understand , what should i do, I apologize you I will explain her I also do not want to do this, but what she is doing with me for God sake Mannat now stop crying move away mom, mom please drink this its all because of you, aunt I am apologizing from his side mom you come with me to my home don’t say this I can’t go to daughter’s home what rubbish you are talking you keep quiet , I am seeing all this just because of you aunt you are not going to your daughter’s home, you are going to your son’s home you don’t know how many time i felt that I will die please stop crying Shayan is saying that you are going to his house now don’t cry you are became so famous uncle its a video whose video your daughter’s friend became so famous Nayyab your father will do fight till his last breath for you I will send your culprit to his grave i will send him to grave take care of mom where are you going shh she is sleeping Mannat listen me what we will do at this time there oh hello , go and eat food, i will open ,what happen your forgot your hands on bell is Wajih at home ? oh wajih
is Wajih at home ? oh wajih where is Wajih ? he is at home where ? lawn Mannat hmm what you say what? are you a gangster or don, you may call me to safe my mom Mannat how dare you to did that what are you doing how dare you? I will kill you don’t touch me, move away I will kill you say him to do not raise her hand on me whats going on ? move a side you quiet my mom is heart patient then don’t do case on me, take it back my mom is heart patient , he says me on phone that safe your mom why I should keep quiet how dare you lets go from here I am telling you , you are supporting the wrong person . he is killer am i a killer ? and you will pay for this, your brother is a killer Mannat take care of yourself . lets go she will show my face to me Wajih now quiet what are you doing , what is this rubbish ? you also caught in their talks , she is lying , and our brother is also he is your brother hell with that brother , he does not know that I am his younger brother , he is listening to his wife more than us quiet stop your nonsense , its not a jock that two days I spent in police station, I did not forget my insult remember that two days that you spent at police station, you might go to jail, indeed you may go to jail if you use to continue your deeds you will go to jail if today something might happen to her mother then then what would happen ? case would become more complicated I know to handle the case and I will, I am not like you, understand I swear If I would not care about my died father, i may ask you to go and handle your case alone wow great , I will handle this case and will win and show you you will fall badly , firstly you did fight with your senses but now you are using your emotions, and the pride of your money which you have, omit it from your brain, it can not buy anything the woman whose name is Mannat will not sit calmly, and father of Nayyab he will see you forgive me now she will not be quiet , when he will understand your blood pressure is showing so low hmm yes is it very low ? Mannat please you have to take care of yourself please you have to take care of yourself and also of my child you went yesterday like a commando , it should not happen again
please you have to take care of yourself and also of my child you went yesterday like a commando , it should not happen again I am giving you drip munni , jugno, see who is at the door papa you came my doll you came, papa you know uncle’s wife did fight with mom, and uncle also did support to aunt papa shall we eat this yes why you are cleaning at night, you may do it in the morning hmm you are saying like that you have appointed some maid for me
why you are cleaning at night, you may do it in the morning hmm you are saying like that you have appointed some maid for me how long you will continue this fight by the way you might wish that i would not come back no Ramzad Ahmed , what is the life of a woman , she searches her home , whole life Nayab you will see I will do your marriage , she talks only to whom we used to call Raja he is my brother he is a wolf quiet its a fighting arena, fight from front side his all interest has transferred from here to there my sister in law showed her feelings you said lie , your are liar I did say lie , I did say lie ,I did say lie Mannat’s husband hired a lawyer , he used to go with us Nayyab is not their relative but God melted their hearts and the God who melted the hearts He may do His decision in our favor hats off to you I did explain you so much, but nothing happened , you will do as you wish , but I am telling you i have no more brain so i may waste it after you, do whatever you want yes, how you are arranging your bread and butter ? I got the work of accounts in the hotel of Ashraf Ali, three times meal, and 12 thousand salary what 12 thousand , Ramzan Ahmed how we will manage we will manage hats off to you, i could not understand ,for which miracle you are waiting for I brought KOFTA with cheek peas, eat it is it beef or mutton ? chicken they cooked well what reports are saying ? reports are saying the same that you can not become father but what happened ? Yawwar are you alright ? yes I am fine, thank you oh Haya , my little ducking , how are you I m fine brother come its your own brother’s home where is mannat ? she is inside I want to meet her, will she meet me ? of course she will meet but Haya if you came here to convince her to withdraw the case ,it will not done, I also want this I also want this shall we go brother I am so sorry, come Mannat , see who came come in asalam alekum walekum asalam what happened with her, is she fine? you are going to be a darling darling aunt really ? I heard a good news after a long time , congratulations you also congratulations you sit here I am coming after pray sit here yes sit , I am making tea it looks so strange , this strange relation the strange was that we became “me and you” we never did fight ,when we did fight ,we became totally strangers its so strange that we never believed what other said, now we believed the different talks of the people not we, only you Haya I was thinking that relations are not made by blood, relations are made up of emotions, but might be i was wrong now you also became our blood relative first time it happened that I am feeling uncomfortable while talking you now I am doing your respect, although i did never respect you before even I did not use to welcome you formally , there are no formalities in friendship say thanks to God that my brother gave you proposal otherwise you might die bachelor anyways I might got someone your brother came, she says that be thankful, that you got my brother, i said I might got someone great, after doing so much , you are not admiring me it was your duty you are my husband . yes its duty , but every husband does not do so much for his wife but brother, she is a nice girl you don’t know , she takes so much domestic works from me oh ho its okay a man should do the work okay you became friends no, now you being a neighbor’s aunt make us enemy Mannat we did have bad gaze , my mind was not accepting that our own can tell so much lies , and would create misunderstanding any one can create misunderstanding , they also tried on me, but I did not come in their talks , but you did Shayyan leave the old things so glade that you came, thank you throw all the stuff out you took a big trouble brother just stop, we are poor people what are you doing papa brother show some respect, its all our assets old man , this house has sold, we need urgent possession that’s why we are throwing your all stuff how could you do this you are very perfect in launching case, now launch an other case do you know who purchased this house ? who? Wajih Taseer oh I was telling you but you did not listen listen old man ,this old person has take so big trouble, if you would support him then you will become the enemy of our boss and if someone will give them shelter then remember you all have daughters in your homes, now go asalamalekum brother walekum asalam where have you been whole day ? I was missing , strange did not know fine I am serving meal for you . I made your favorite dish you come to room, I want to talk with you brother’s mood seems off , is everything fine? don’t know, let me check Yawar what happen? are you pregnant ? what type of this question ? you have seen the reports whose child is this? your child do not say lie , tell me whose child is this ?
your child do not say lie , tell me whose child is this ? your child tell me whose child is this? Yawar I said its your child stop rubbish and tell me whose child is this ? your child you are continuously saying lie I will kill you its your child stop your rubbish Haya, Haya stop what happened ? your brother became mad what happen to you ? brother tell me brother its your child
brother its your child don’t say lie why would i say lie do not make me fool its your child brother ask her whose child is this ? why it could be not your child ? because I can not become a father I can not become father go, go now now tell me, whose child is this? no one’s I am not pregnant as you did make my fake reports , i also made my fake reports you were making me fool yes as you were making me fool since 5 years, just like that you were taking revenge from me , leave me I do not have any place for you, I give you divorce , I give you divorce, I give you divorce brother for God sake control yourself move aside get lost please do not leave the home, we will find out some way I will go to any MUFTI, I believe something will happen family life of ten years, he finished in three words , tell me which type of man’s ego is this , why I may bear the blame of his lacking Haya I swear Haya I would never wished for child if he might told me his secrete 5 years I spent my life as a culprit if I could spent this life in love then why he made me culprit I could not do packing please help me, everything is saying me that take me with you I am sorry I am not going to do this,how can you leave this house , will you leave me alone please if you will go then I will become alone , they do not seem like my brothers now if you do not think them your own then how I could ? leave this I remembered whenever I used to go to my mom’s home I used to say that take care of your brother but now I realized that your brother can take his care the ego’s lover people do not need anyone sister in law please i will do you also go, everyone may go by leaving me alone I got this …take this Ramzan Ahmed is anything happen, did you find home what will happen how we would stay here like this, what will happen are we sitting here by our will do you have any realization , we are on the road with our young daughters you will not do then who will do, what should I do with this BIRYANI ( rice dish) eat it quietly what I would eat quietly , whole life by being silent now we lost our house how long it will go? I told you that do not go after that rich people, now pay this neither fish nor fowl where did you brought us from ? asalamalekum uncle Ramzan I am Shariq what are you doing here uncle , get up, get up kids get up fast get up get up uncle this I will bring lets go come kids what are you doing here, if you will not go then I will go with girls ,say thanks to God that he sent an angel now its too much, you came as an angel ,may God bless you, leave him, he will come sister in law came to me and said that your brother is beating me what happened? are you okay? don’t know what is happening ? my heart beats becoming fast I am bringing water, call to brother Shayyan, aunt , look at Mannat her condition is not good, call brother Shayan Mannat what happened ? my heart beats becoming fast what happen give her water why I am dazzling hello , come to home, Mannat is not good did she drink water baby is okay Dr Shayan, but safe her from mental and physical stress as she will take sleep, she will be happy this is the problem, she is getting stress of others do not tell her anything stressful okay thank you so sorry , I should not told her It’s not like that, she is your friend first, if you would not tell her then whom you will tell? my daughter is fine, she will be fine INSHALLAH you may start proceeding Honorable judge, this is the health certificate of my client in which it is written that she is pregnant and because of her condition she suggested to take bed rest so that’s why she’ll be absent from today’s proceeding i objection your honor! if the client of my respectable friend will remain on bed rest for 9 months so the court proceeding will be delay for 9 months? and my client will stay in this society with his ruined respect? honorable judge i didn’t say anything like this it’s very simple i just said that today she has a problem so she could not come to court and as concern about respect the client of my respected friend is expert to save his reputation by defaming others your honor this is not concern with this case this conversation belongs to this case where this case will be discussed that place will become the part of this case respected judge watch this video carefully , in the end of this Wajih Taseer is talking about this case and he is telling him that his sister in law had a bad gaze on him when she did not get a positive response then she did blame him for the murder of her friend wow honorable judge , it is the right of every citizen to raise his voice on social media for justice yes its his legal right but he tried to defame my client it is my request that the blames which he has against my client first he must prove , we will lunch another case for this court is advising you that focus on previous blames yes sir, today my first witness is the father of victim Mr Ramzan Ahmed I need your permission to call him in witness box permission granted asalam alekum Mr Ramzan what I am saying please repeat it say ” I may witness God that whatever I will say in this court will be only true nothing else ” I may witness God that whatever I will say in this court will be only true nothing else ”

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  1. Laanat hai. Bewaqoofi ki koi had hoti hai. Aik kaatil jiske khilaaf muqadma chal raha hai, jisne ghar me ghuss ke gundh phelaya tha, usko andar bula ke aik pyare mehmaan ka salook dia ja raha hai wah.

  2. Now if the eldest brother turn around and be positive and also be responsible. That family will be awesome and happy ever after.

  3. मनतं को सोहर कासपोटहै,, इस लिए औ बीन्दास उसके भाई पे अटेक करतीं हैं नहीं तो इतनी आसानी से किसी मर्द पर औरत हाथ नहीं उठासकती

  4. shayyan aik h or us k chahne wale yahan bht, ye jo shayyan jesa dhondti hen un k liye phupi ka beta he ho ga 😁

  5. گلے سب ایسے مل رہے ہوتے ہیں جیسے سگے بہن بھائی ہوتے ہے کچھ خیال کرو تھوڑا دور سے مل لیا کرو.

  6. Aik galti pakri gai
    Amma ko jb wajji ny bnd kia tha store may
    To amma window se bahir aa skti theen ,q k window ki grill to hy he nai! Wo agrees! But drama hy na! But its a wonderful drama

  7. کاش وجیہہ منّت کی ماں کو مار ہی دیتا۔ ایسی بکواس ایکٹنگ اور کردار نے ڈرامے کا سارا مزہ خراب کر دیا ہے۔ رائیٹر اور ڈائریکٹر کو کچھ سوچنا چاہیے تھا۔

  8. Hi everyone
    I m a indian bt m pakistani serials bht jyada psand krta hu bt jaise log serial me dikhate h
    Kya pakistani aise hi hote hai real me … N aise ghr or business hai pakistan me ….pls reply

  9. ‏ہوتی رہے خلاف میرے___ شہر کی ہوا..
    میں نے بھی ہر مزاج کا ٹھیکہ نہیں لیا..!

  10. Wesay ramzan ahmad…..orat ki b Kia zindagi hoti h na… Sari umr apna ghr e dhondti rehti h😢……………………what a dialoug👍👍👍👍👍

  11. For God sake, you can’t get a divorce just by saying Talaq 3 times. Divorce is a long process in Islam, the process takes months and during the process if the couple wants to reconcile…Islam also allows them to do that. Please Read the Holy Quran and learn these basic things about Islam. Thank you.

  12. So bad in Pakistan teen talakh, Matlab ek relationship bas shando me khatam Kar dete hai , y kaise rehti hai aurte yaha bhagwan Inke yaha betia de hi nahi 😏

  13. 3 Dafa Talak Bola tu Talak … Wah Ye,Kesa Islam jahan pay muh say bolnay say talak…. Aj Ehlay Tashee Aur ALI A.S Ka Nokar hOnay pay garv huwa kay hamaray maktab main esay aarzi Asool nahi hOty.

  14. I've tried to use some thing in my vagina but it doesn't feel good and it hurts and when I try with my fingers it doesn't feel good at all it just feels like <3

  15. choti si kahaani ko sirf chaar logon men banaa ke usko itnaa lambaa aur bilaa wajah kaa tedhaa banayaa gayaa hai … ekk dam bewaqoofiy ki harkat ki hai director ne….

  16. Wajeeh ki aisi cheep cheep harkaten nahin banaani chaahiye thin …. aur agar banayaa bhi thaa to usi tarah thappad bhi har baar usko miltaa

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