Classic Hardware Emulation for Manufacturing Applications

Stromasys are marked leaders in legacy hardware emulation, providing you with the tools to extend the lifespan of your applications Your organization has been investing in technology for decades, mission critical applications form an integral part of your business, powering factories and manufacturing, automating processes, providing business intelligence, storing vital data, plus countless more bespoke functions that are crucial for your organization success Replacing these applications can be extremely tricky. The people that developed the applications are often long gone and supporting documentation is limited. Full re-development is extremely time consuming and expensive but the older your hardware gets the most costly is to maintain and to run. The hardware and software that was once in support, no longer is and the risk that something could go wrong is increasing. With emulation, and to a fraction of the cost you’re able to maintain the valuable and working application completely unchanged, while at the same time decommission the legacy hardware, it can be effortlessly migrated to a newer, more powerful piece of hardware, physical or virtual bringing everything in line with your centralization strategies. Not only that, but the application’s performances are increased and the operating costs come down, helping your business to succeed. Your software and hardware is brought back into support and because your applications continue to work successfully, so can your business.

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