Clear Pocket Shaker Card + Fuse Tool

Hello and welcome. This is Jennifer McGuire.
Sorry that I’ve been on a little hiatus lately. I just need a little bit of time off. Please
forgive me if this video is a little rusty it’s hard to get back into the swing of things.
In today’s video I have two things I’m actually first going to show how to create a clear
shaker card. At the end in this video I’m going to give you a product release close-up
at the newest products from Clearly Besotted, which I’m using in this card here. So I’ve
wanted to make a card that was completely made up of a shaker pocket for some time now
and I used to do this with vellum in the past. So I’m finally getting around to it and this
actually hold gift card inside. So let’s go ahead and get started with our coloring. I’m
going to be using it the new Clearly Besotted Best Birthday set. I just thought these birthday
balloons were so much fun. These animal balloons. Now I went ahead and stamped a bunch the birthday
balloons with the My Favorite Things Black Hybrid ink. That’s my favorite ink for Copic
coloring and I’ve stamped it on Neenah white card stock. Now to do the coloring here. I’m
going to go super quick. I am coloring the pig first with the R30, which is my lightest
kind of peachy pink color. Then I’m coming in with my darkest peachy pink which is R22.
And just adding some little bit a dark color here in their into some other areas where
would one shadow. Now I need to blend this and add a little bit of depth around the outside
edges of the balloon. I’m using a medium shade here. This is R20 but I’m realizing that that’s
not adding enough color. So I just need to be slightly darker so I’m doing is touching
my R20, which is lighter, to the darker R22 to pick up some that darkness and you end
up with a shade in between. This is a great solution if you don’t have many markers and
you want a color that in between two that are blending very well. Now the last thing
I do when I color a Copic image is come with my darkest color just go into those tiny little
corners just add a little bit a depth there. Now before we move on to the shaker pocket.
I just wanted the color one more balloon. Yes I tend to do my Copic coloring as fast
as I can just because my time is limited with kids. So you could spend more time blending
but you don’t have to. It’s totally up to you. Now I first colored this guy lightly
with C1 and I’m adding a little bit in the medium color to the edge with T3. Now I know
those colors don’t really go together per se but my C3 is dry so I went ahead in just
made these blends. You can really make almost any colors blend together with Copics. Then
I came back with C1 and blended that all out so it would be smooth. Now I’m adding some
T5 to the little stripes there and then I want to get a color in between the T3 and
the T5. Just to add little more depth. So again I’m touching the later marker to the
tip the darker marker and that gives me like a medium shade to help with that depth. Then
I just blend it all out by going over it was C1. Here’s my trick for coloring cheeks. I
just go right over whatever color I’ve already done with are R30 and kind of moves that gray
aside. Then I add a little bit of R22 to give it a little more depth. That’s a great way
to get soft rosy cheeks that blend with background color. Is just to go right over the color.
Copics move each other. So you can do that. Now for the Panda. I just left him white and
add a little bit of that rosy color for the cheeks. And that was a very quick one to color.
Now I do like to go in and make the eyes of my Copic colored images a little bit darker.
So I have this set of Copic multi-liner pens. These are really nice black pens. And there’s
a variety of tips on this. So I’m using one of the superfine tips here. I’m just making
his eyes darker. You could trace over the whole image to really kind of define that
black edge, because most Copic friendly black inks aren’t that dark. But I’m going to
skip that step here and just do it for the eyes, so that the eyes stand out. Then I’m
using a white gel pen this is a fine tip white gel pen. Just to make the eyes pop out. That
really makes a big difference. You can see between that pig on the left and the pig on
the right. It really makes it pop. Now I’m going to go ahead and cut out each these guys.
Now there are matching dies. So you could use the die cut these out. I just prefer the
look that you get when cutting them out by hand and I actually enjoy doing the fussy
cutting. So I’m going to cut all of the balloons. Now it’s time to create the shaker card itself.
I’ve seen little gift bags like this that are clear with lots fun things in it. I wanted
to show you how easy it is to create this with the We R Memory Keepers Fuse Tool. I’ve
shown how in past videos how to create shaker windows that are flat using this Fuse tool.
However if you don’t have the Fuse tool you can also use a sewing machine to sew around
the edges. Okay so the Fuse tool is very inexpensive and I think it’s really worth the money if
you make a lot of shaker pockets or if you do any kind of scrapbooking, because you can
use this to create pockets on your scrapbook pages. So the tool, you just plug in. It heats
up pretty fast. It’s got this little stand to put it on. There are couple different tips
that you can use. One seals and cuts. This one just seals. Now for the plastic I like
to use my Avery Elle stamp pockets. This is what I store my stamps in. It’s a nice thick
plastic and I find that it seals very well. You can also use scrapbook page protectors
or just two pieces a plastic. Just try out what you may have. Now I want to make sure
that I end up with the pocket that fits into an envelope. So I’ve cut a piece a white card
stock to be about 5″x3.75″ slightly smaller than a note card and I’m going to use this
as a guide to go ahead and create my pockets. So I’m putting it between the two pieces a
plastic, which happens the inside this pocket. There’s a plastic on top of it and below it.
I am going to seal around the edges love this card stock, because that’s my guide. This
is the little tool. It has a slit in it. You just run your fuse to go down that little
slit. So I’m lining the slit up to be just outside that white card stock. I’m going to
take my tool and press it kind of firmly and go slowly along it. Everywhere I run this
it will seal those two pieces of plastic together. Make sure you have some scrap paper behind
this see don’t hurt your work surface. Okay so now when I remove this you’ll see the dotted
line on the plastic and that shows were sealed and I did that just outside of that white
card stock. Again I’m going to remove that white card stock it’s just a guide for me.
I’m going to go ahead and repeat the same thing on three sides. We’ll leave the fourth
side open, so we can add the fun things inside. So again I’m lining that slit up to be just
next to the edge that white card stock. I’m going to press kind of firmly here. And just
go kind of slow and just seal right along there. Again try whatever clear plastic sheets
you may have. I think different things will work for this and you can experiment with
how much pressure and how fast you need to go to seal it. I find that the seals pretty
good that you get from this, so you have to worry about things falling out. Now when the
recipient gets it they’ll just have to cut it open to get the fun things at the inside.
Okay so now I’m doing my third edge. Just outside of that white card stock. Just going
go ahead and seal that up. Okay so now I’m going to go ahead and remove the white card
stock from the inside. That again was just a guide. We will use it again here in a minute,
but we still need to fill in all of our fun things. Now I’m going to go ahead in cut away
the excess plastic on the outside edges. We don’t need all that hanging off. I’m going
to trim it’s so about and 1/8 of an inch kind of hangs off to the side of our seal
line. You don’t want to cut to through the seal line because you might end up undoing
it. So I’m just cutting right next to it. About an 1/8″ from it. Since it’s kind of
hard to see the result on this clear piece I’m going to put this grey board behind it
you can see the three seal lines around the edge. Now for that fourth side you need to
trim it down a little bit, so I’m going to get out my white card stock guide that we
created. Remember this is a little bit smaller than a note card, so I know that the finished
product will still fit in an envelope. So I’m going to put this down on my trimmer and
cut the plastic pocket, that open side, just a little bit outside of that white guide.
Just enough room so that we can seal that side once we’ve filled it up. So now it’s
time to do the fun part and fill this pocket with whatever you want. I decided to put a
gift card in here. This is going to be for my teenage daughter, because she worked really
hard on her grades and so did a good job. So I’m giving her a gift card to our local
ice cream shop. So I put a little note on a piece of card stock and I’m going to glue
that to the back of card. Now this allows me to have a clear pocket. If you’d rather
have a place to write your message you could glue a bigger card stock piece to the back
of the entire pocket when you are done. But I thought this would be fun. So I’m going
to put the card in there a little catty wompass and then add some sequins. I am using a few
sequins packs from Lucy Abrams. I like the packs of sequins she has to offer, because
there are other things in there like little beads and there’s a mix of shapes. So there’s
stars and hearts and beads and stuff. She also offers so lighter colors or softer colors
of sequins, which I think is really helpful when you’re creating a card with a lot going
on. You don’t want them to be too distracting. So I put a pinch of white, pink and silver
sequins into my pockets. Next I’m going to go ahead and slide in my little gift card
and I want it to be off center, so it moves around nicely. You could also put tiny little
die cut hearts or other things in here also. Okay now it’s time to seal this off. Now I
am going to get my Fuse Tool. To be honest with you I could find that guide, you know
that silver piece with the little slit that you run your tool. It’s somewhere on y desk.
I can’t find it, so I’m just using my T-Ruler and it worked just fine. I’m just sealing
off that fourth side. You should see how bad my desk is. I had a hard time pulling this
card together because I’m just not into the swing of things yet. So now we have all four
sides sealed and I have my little gift card in there with the message on the back and
all this fun stuff shakes around on the inside. So now we can decorate the front of it. I’ll
be honest with you, I probably should have done this first, before filling the pocket
and sealing off the edges, but this is kind of just how it came together. So I’m going
to go ahead and put a backing in each of these colored stamped images. One of the not so
great things about coloring with Copics is that the color shows through the other side.
That’s okay that means you’re doing it right that you’re adding lots of color. But I just
want to put a white backing on each of these. So I went ahead and stamped another of the
same image and cut it out and I’m gluing it to the back so you can see the back is nice
and white. So when you flip this card over you just see the white instead of the coloring
that shows through. By the way you’ll see there’s another little animal balloon here.
I made a couple of these cards so I had a few different animals, and I just decided
which to use on this one in particular. So now I need to glue these on to the front of
my clear pocket. I’m going to be careful about what adhesive I use, because I don’t want
the adhesive to show to the other side. So I’m going to use this little Xyron sticker
maker. This is really a handy tool that I don’t use often enough. I really like it.
You just drop the die cut piece or the stamp piece into the sticker maker, pull it out
the other side and it has adhesive covering the whole back side. Basically turns it into
a sticker. Now I just pop each of these pieces into the sticker maker, pull it out and stick
them onto the front of this clear pocket. Because it puts clear adhesive on the entire
back side of the piece, you don’t see the adhesive on the other side, when we flip this
pocket over. So it’s at this point that I realized that I probably should have decorated
the front of the pocket before I filled it in with all those goodies on the inside, because
I need to add the strings onto the balloons. There is a stamp in the stamp set that does
the strings and you could’ve stamped it with Black StazOn ink onto the front of this clear
pocket. But since I have already filled it. I’m just just using my black Sharpie to add
the strings and it turned out fine. But it definitely would have been easier if I would
have done this before adding the sequins and the gift card inside. At this point I also
had a hard time deciding what to do for the greeting on the front. I probably could’ve
skipped the greeting, but this is what I ended up on. I wanted to stamp the word Celebrate
onto a piece of white card stock. Just a white card stock strip. So I have this image that
says celebrate good times, but I just cut off the word celebrate and I’m going to stamp
that with black Hero Arts dye ink. By the way this image is from one of the new Clearly
Besotted stamp sets which I will show you a little bit later on in this video. So after
I’ve stamped this I wanted an exclamation point. There’s another image in that same
stamp set that said cheers with an exclamation point. So I’m carefully inking up just the
exclamation point only and stamping that next to celebrate. You could have drawn that in
with a pen, but I knew I would probably mess it up. Now I’m using my scissors to cut one
end of this into a nice little finished V. The other end I will neatly tuck underneath
one of the balloons. Then I’m going to use my sticker maker to put adhesive on the back
of this. Now if you do not have the sticker maker, whatever adhesive that you have that
is clearest or will show up the least on the other side would be good. You could also just
glue a small piece of white card stock to the back of the shaker card, which would hide
all of the adhesive, but I wanted this to be completely see through. It’s really up
to you how you do it. So there is the finished guy. You can kind of shake him around. You
can see the message on the back and when she opens this, she just cuts it open and she
gets her little gift card out. Something fun and interesting to do that makes incorporating
a gift card into your card a little more interesting. That finishes up the card for today, but before
we go I wanted to give you a closer look at the newest release from Clearly Besotted.
Clear Besotted is one of my favorite stamp companies, but I have never done a video showcasing
them. So I wanted to do that here. What I like about Clearly Besotted is they have a
look. All their stamps have a very similar look. It involves this very thin line on their
images. Which I think makes it look really classy. Even when it’s something that is fun
like the one I just showed you. Here’s another one from this release that I really like.
Magnolia Blooms. This leaf image I think is fantastic. I’m hoping to do a video where
I use that with Perfect Pearls on some dark colored card stock and share some tips for
using Perfect Pearls. This is another stamp set that would be good for you using some
of your more unique embossing powders or for a tone on tone background. I really really
really like that leaf image. I think there’s a lot that you can do with it. You can make
feminine or masculine cards with it. I also think that the style of the sentiments on
this set work for masculine or feminine cards. Those are hard to find. Okay so Clearly Besotted
is known for creating beautiful beautiful beautiful floral images that are great for
coloring techniques. This set is different. What’s unique about it thought is that they
are smaller images. So Clear Besotted has lots of large full images, floral images,
but this is a set of smaller ones. They do have that thin out line that I love so much
about their stamps. So this is a great set to practice any water color Copic coloring
that you may want to try. You can team a few different flowers up together on one card.
Okay next are two small sets that I have in one stamp pocket here. The Bear Hugs, which
would be great for any kind of baby card or happy card. The nice thing about this little
bear is he’s easy to color. Then we also have the Fairytale Ending stamp set. The floral
image in here is beautiful and it would be fun to stamp twice next to each other and
stamp a greeting in side. By the way there are dies the coordinate with a lot of these
stamp sets. I just have the stamps right now. I also really like that Clearly Besotted always
offers a few smaller stamp sets. Which are a little more cost effective than the big
ones. There’s also this Happy Travels set. This one I think works also for masculine
cards. So you could team it up with some of those masculine greetings that I showed you
on the earlier set. Then finally we have the Raise a Glass stamp set. This is the one where
I got my sentiments for the card that I showed you earlier. Now the sentiments here I think
are really fun. What’s neat about the glasses and the little images that we have here is
that you layer them on top of each other. So you can stamp the glass outline in like
a black or gray ink and hen stamp the drink on the inside with one of these solid images.
Then maybe put the little orange slice or the umbrella on the side of it. So there are
a few other kind of cocktail stamp sets out there, but this one is a little more unique.
You can create some really clean and simple and classy cards with it. So there you have
how to make a clear shaker card and a look at the new Clearly Besotted images. If you
are interested in any of these products I link below in my YouTube description and over
on my blog. Thank for watching this extra long video and I hope you’ll return again

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