Cody Garbrandt introduces his team to a unique preparation technique | THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER

guys, let’s bring it over. I want to introduce
you to Dr. Patrick so we can get this going. Dr. Patrick’s coming in here
to do the craniofacial release. Dr. Patrick, I’ve used him
and his craniofacial release. It’s a balloon in the nose,
kind of opens up passages. Gets more oxygen to
the lung and the brain, and has so many
health benefits to it. JON PATRICK: The more oxygen
that you can uptake the more energy you’re going to
have and the better you’re going to be conditioning. So we’re going to use an
applicator, which I just like a blood pressure ball. It has a balloon on it. We’re going to insert
it into each passage. We’re going to
inflate the balloon for about a millisecond. Then we’re going to
let it go, and then you’re going to
open up, and you’re going to see the difference
in the nasal passage. Obviously you’re putting a
balloon in someone’s nose. So it’s not the most
comfortable feeling. I would equate it to being
having water kind of splashed up into your nose in the pool. JON PATRICK: Who’s up first? I’m going to have you scoot up
a little bit more for me, OK? Get the [BLEEP] out
of here [INAUDIBLE]. Hey you’re next. JON PATRICK: Scoot
a little more. Scoot your body up. Keep coming, keep coming. Oh man. Oh [BLEEP]. JON PATRICK: Done. Good. This is it. Ready, go big mouth. Close. Good. Good.
Don’t move. Don’t move. Dude, I don’t want
to do that again. [LAUGHTER] That did not hurt. It didn’t hurt. CORY GARBRANDT: Knowing
how bad it hurt I knew I had to have Uriyah go first. If he saw a bunch
of 170 pounders, you know, kicking and
screaming about the balloon up their nose, and
how painful it is, he wouldn’t have done it. You already got one done. CORY GARBRANDT: When
Uriyah sat back down and did the other nostril, and
was kicking his little feet, his little hobbit
feet just going. It was so funny. Holy [BLEEP]. JON PATRICK: Good. That’s it. Oh. [BLEEP] Oh man that hurt. [BLEEP]. JON PATRICK: Good. What are you afraid of? Not a [BLEEP] thing.
JON PATRICK: Nothing. Come on. Craniofacial release. I felt it expanded
in my sinuses. So it’s definitely something
that I’m going to do again. JON PATRICK: Now what was worse,
the buildup or the procedure? Probably the buildup. JON PATRICK: Yeah,
that’s what I thought. [BLEEP] [INAUDIBLE]. That’s what’s so great
about “The Ultimate Fighter.” You learn so much about
yourself mentally, physically, spiritually. And to be back for season 25
is an amazing opportunity. It’s an amazing blessing.

100 thoughts on “Cody Garbrandt introduces his team to a unique preparation technique | THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER

  1. Team Alpha Rat…… doing anything stupid to get the attention that mommas didn't give.


    Dad couldn't give for this Cody Gardouche

  2. Tj- “alright team, I’m gonna introduce you to a little thing called epo, just stick this needle in your arm right here.”

  3. Everybody thought this was cool until tj popped out of nowhere and was like hey guys let’s do some fucking steroids 😅💉💉

  4. I thought from the thumbnail that Cody was going to show that his technique was getting knocked the fuck out by TJ. Before I get the hate, I like them both. It's just jokes.

  5. Your nasal passage will go right back to it's normal shape the minute you remove the air from the balloon. Total waste.

  6. God i didnt know people actually bought this shit. Amazing how people make a living lying to retards like these guys

  7. Wow. Whoever invented this is retarded. Cant believe the coaches believed this shit. Your body not only can react and decide to cause inflammation, but it will also return to it's natural form shortly after.

  8. Where did they find this quack. As a ent medical professional, I would never recommend this to anyone. Firstly this would not do anything but temporarily open the nasal passage but with rebounding swelling due to the acute trauma to the nasal passages. In our work we do nasal ballooning when someone has restricted nasal passages. We use a endoscope to get the medical balloon into the passage that is affected. We are literally talking about maybe a few mm of dilation, which is pretty negligible in a person with a normal sinus cavity.

  9. I love how at the beginning when Cody is talking about how amazing this procedure is, he sounds so nasaly. Must be great.

  10. Could almost convince them to sit on a dildo just by saying it spreads the cheeks and Cody will be straight on it

  11. Cody, has the patience of a toddler and the maturity to match. the guy would not survive in a normal working environment.

  12. Haha what a load of rubbish.. but there’s a fool born every minute so there’s always money to be made

  13. Aww Look No chin teaching his Teammates how to knocked out 3 straight times and look like a moron with thoes goofy Koed eyes his IQ before getting rocked is around 75 after being Rocked it drops down to 50 and BECOMES legally disabled everytime.

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