Cooking Kebabs With Power Tools

– Now we’re cookin’ with power tools. – Let’s talk about that. (fun theme music) (fire blazing) Good Mythical Morning. – We asked you to ask us
questions on Facebook and Twitter and you did. Bryce Walburn asks, “I wanna
build a cabin in the woods. “Where should I start? “Don’t say in the woods.” – Okay, Bryce, well first of
all you’re gonna need to start in the woods. – Yes. – Second of all you’re
gonna need power tools. And remember that building a
cabin in the woods will build up quite an appetite. Which got us to thinking,
can you cook an entire meal with power tools? – Mm, good question. So it’s time to find
out, Can Two Fools Cook With Power Tools? Kebab Edition. – Alright, welcome to the
Mythical Workshop where everyone is always properly dressed. – Yeah.
– With protective gear. I’m not sure what the extra
denim square is on your chest. I’m not gonna ask any questions. – This is my woodworking shirt
and my kebab making shirt. It’s got an extra layer of denim to… – What is it protecting? – To protect my layer
of denim underneath it. (laughs)
– Okay. I understand. Okay, so we’re gonna be cooking kebabs. That is a great thing to cook
with power tools, at least our first attempt
– We’ve been told. – At it is what we’re gonna do. Of course, we’re gonna
start with the veggies. – Mhm. – This is a team job here, Link. If you’ll take the onion, I’m
gonna take one of the peppers. – So I’ve got a chisel here. It’s got a protector which I’ll lose that. – Link will handling sharp objects. It’s just something we’ve come to accept. Okay, we don’t feel good about it. – I’m gonna peel this
onion with the chisel. – And I’m just gonna take the
top of this pepper out with a box cutter. Pop that out. Seeds are bad, you don’t want that. Clean out a little of the
rest of the innards there. I’m gonna go with red and green here. – A chisel is a lot safer than a knife. I mean… (crew laughs) I think. – You okay over there? The man is chiseling an onion. That’s just what’s happening.
– So there we go. Look at that, there’s
plenty of kebabable pieces. – That’s great, Link. You may be thinking to
yourself, hey, those aren’t power tools. But we’re about to get to the power tools. – Well there’s one right here,
I think it’s obvious that there is one there.
– Okay. Now, safety first. I’m gonna put this zucchini in here. But I’m gonna guide it with
a piece of wood that is not my actual hand. ‘Cause I value these hands. (machine whirring) – Those are some nice
clean cuts you’re making. But the whole thing is
going on the ground! – You may have noticed something. All of my zucchinis are flying that way. – That’s what I was
trying to tell you but you couldn’t hear me. – But, no I knew it the whole time. But we’re gonna cook all of it. It’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be safe, it’s gonna be great. And you’re just gonna wanna get, whoop. Just wanna… – It’s gonna be safe. It’s gonna be great. I found a piece on the ground.
– Just put the nice pieces there. – [Link] I found another piece
there and then we got lots of onion pieces. – Oh, look I found a nice
piece you missed over here. – [Link] You gonna cut
the peppers as well? – Yeah I’m just gonna. I might get a little bit
of the wood with this one. (machine whirring) I’m gonna probably just cut
the stick with the pepper. I feel like that’s the safest thing. – Yeah. Oh, yeah! Hold. Alright. – Now, Link, why don’t
you separate the wood from the pepper. – I’m not putting my hand under there. So, okay. Is this typically how
peppers are cut for kebabs? – I’m not sure. (crew laughs) You want red pepper? – [Link] Yeah. – I got a problem now. – You know what, that’s enough red pepper. – Yeah, that’s enough red pepper. Who needs that much red pepper?
– Let’s move on to this. – Onion.
– We’ve got onions, pepper, put that whole pepper on there. – You didn’t chop the onion. – Well. – This is your idea of chopping the onion? – That’s the level of fidelity
I was able to achieve. – Let’s move on to the meat. – Okay, so. We’ve got a slab of kebab meat here. – Why don’t you set it right
there and I’ll clamp it down. – [Link] Yeah. – [Rhett] Safety first. – So, that goes there. Just like, give it a nice little pinch. (machine buzzing) I got this. (crew laughs) It’s a reciprocating saw. So I’m just gonna create some kebabable chunks.
– Please, please be careful. (machine buzzing) Oh, well, got a little wood in it. – [Link] A little meat, a little wood. There we go.
– There’s a lot of saw dust in that. (rumbling) – [Link] Oh, that’s a nice
little cross section there. – We’ll get the wood off of it. We’ll shake the wood off. Okay. I’m gonna unclamp the meat here. – Put the safety on. – We’ve eaten a lot of
weird stuff on this show. – Oh, that’s a good chunk right there. Look at that. – Yeah, you wanna get the
chunks down to a cookable piece. And this is untreated wood so
there’s no chemicals in it. (crew laughs) Because we are going to eat
a substantial amount of it. – Okay, so, just let
me cross section this. (rumbling)
(machine buzzing) I like how it shakes when you do that. (rumbling) Okay. – Okay. Now we’re gonna load up our skewer. And now you wanna do a
vegetable, meat, vegetable – Meat.
– System. Meat, meat, meat. – [Link] Oh, meat? Meat. – I want meat every other thing. – It’s like we’re not
even finishing sentences. I wanna do meat every other. – Break that in half. Yeah. Didn’t need a power tool for that, did we? – (laughs) No we didn’t. We used our powerful hand tools. – Okay, alright. Give me a second. Give me a second. This is the hardest thing. – [Link] Maybe we should just? – [Rhett] You wanna go,
okay, that’s a little… – [Link] Let’s be real about this. This is really what you want. – Another piece of meat. – This is like weaving. – Yeah, that’s exactly
what I was thinking. This is a lot like weaving. – Or knitting. – [Rhett] Come on, man. – [Link] Here we go. (crew member laughs) Okay. I mean, it’s not really
about the shapes as much as the colors. You know, from an artistic standpoint. Here’s another greener. Greeny one. – [Rhett] Okay. This is looking really tasty. – Look at that. Big piece of onion. – [Rhett] Yeah. – [Link] Boop. Right on there. – Now, I personally would
not have chosen such a large pepper or onion. (crew laughs) But you know there’s compromise involved in this relationship. – It shows us, man. It shows us. – So Link, why don’t you hold
that up ’cause before we cook this we’re gonna marinate it. And I have a power sprayer. Just get that right in
front of yourself there. Right there. Now you’ve got that protective thing. (buzzing) – Lower! It came out all over my face! – Okay.
(crew laughs) (buzzing) Can we get this thing to be louder? (crew laughs) (buzzing) Okay, nice and marinated. – There we go. You got it… – That’s why you got goggles on. – You got it on me. Okay, and now we gotta cook
this thing with the most powerful cooking device that we could
find which is basically a space heater. – Fire it up, Link. There’s the electricity. Here comes the gas. (machine roaring) – Full power. – Alright, cranking it up to full power. There we go. Well this thing’ll heat
a cold warehouse like you wouldn’t believe. – Now, you can see what’s
happening with your extra large piece of pepper. It’s not going with the system. – No, it’s not. – Oh, it’s definitely cooking. – Oh, yeah. – Look at that. – We’re getting a nice
rotisserie char on this thing. – I’m burning your pepper
’cause your pepper doesn’t turn ’cause it’s too large. – I know you don’t like the pepper. (crew laughs) How you feeling, you
getting some tension in your arms there? Feeling the burn? – Oh, look it’s getting
a little flame on that. – Aw, yeah, look at that. – That’s all part of it. – We meant to do that. – ‘Cause I just wanted this part for us. You see where it broke, don’t you? – But you see what’s still holding on. – Next to your big pepper. – The pepper is the only
reason the whole thing didn’t fall off. – Now, there you go. Now we got something nice. – Yeah. Oh, yeah. Look at that. – Alright. – Turn this off. – [Rhett] Unplug it. – Alright and the gas is off.
– Okay. We started with a
substantially larger kebab but sometimes that happens. The thing is you don’t wanna
experience or express any shame when this kind of thing happens. When you got a long kebab
that becomes a short kebab you just act like you meant to do it. That’s why you didn’t see
any of my facial expression change ’cause I was like,
“You know what, I meant “to do that.” – Yeah and I think the
kebab chose its own length, you know?
– Yeah. – I think that’s what happened. – Yeah, don’t be ashamed
if you get a short kebab. (laughs) – [Link] Why are you
pointing at it but not saying anything?
– ‘Cause that’s yours. That’s yours, man. – [Link] Okay. – It smells so good especially
there’s like a hickory smoke from the wood that Link put inside of the. – [Link] Yeah, that onion, that hammer. – [Rhett] You want the onion? – [Link] That’s a hand crafted onion. – I’ll take some of the zucchini. – Oh, it’s still smokin’. Dink it. Mm. Now that’s a powerful kebab. (crew laughs) By powerful I mean, well,
just made with power tools. – Man. Got a lot of fat in that piece of meat. Gonna take me a second. – Don’t feel shame. Don’t feel shame at this point either. – Okay, I got it. Alright, well there you go, Bryce. Enjoy building your cabin in the woods. – Okay, time for our next question. The Office of the Surgeon
General and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asks. – They asked us a question? – Yes they did. The question they asked was, “Can you shed some light
on the dangers of using “e-cigarettes for young people?” – Of course we can. E-cigarettes can contain nicotine and other harmful chemicals. And because we love you,
Mythical Beasts, and because we don’t wanna see you make
unhealthy choices that could threaten your well-being, we
gladly accepted the Surgeon General’s request that
we sit down and teach you a little somethin’ about why young people shouldn’t use e-cigarettes. – Mhm. – In our own way, of course. – It’s time for Amazingly Amazing Science.
– Amazingly Amazing Science. How does the nicotine in
e-cigarettes effect your brain? Until about age 25 the brain
is still growing and each time you create a new memory or
learn a new skill, you’re building stronger connections
or synapses between your brain cells. When nicotine is introduced
into your system, it changes the way synapses are formed which
can harm the parts of your brain that control attention and learning. – [Link] Think of it this way. Your brain is like a neighborhood
baseball team and your brain cells are like your teammates. With each ball thrown back and
forth your team gets stronger and stronger until one day
Nick, a new kid that just moved in down the street, decides
to come hang out with the team after practice. – [Rhett] Nick is a cool kid. He’s got a braided rat tail,
a permanent marker tattoo of a snake wrapped around an
anchor that says, snanchor. And he never wears a sock on
his right foot, just because. But Nick is bad, real
bad at playing baseball. – [Link] He convinces some
guys on the team that it’s not cool to play baseball so they
all get rat tails and snake anchor tattoos and they stop
throwing the ball altogether. Soon enough the whole team
is bad, real bad at baseball and their right feet smell. – [Rhett] They’re so bad
in fact that they’re cut from the league. In need of an extracurricular
activity they decide to do the only thing a rag-tag group
of preteen boys can do. They start a boy band. They call themselves LMNOP and
they cut their first track, I Like Like You. ♫ I like like you ♫ Baby – [Link] Shortly thereafter,
pop music mogul Stu Ruby stumbles upon the single
and likes what he hears. He like likes what he hears. Stu signs the lads to his
to record company and they make it big. Real big. Soon, millions of kids have
succumb to the charms of LMNOP. They too have grown rat tails
and forgone the socks on their right feet. – [Rhett] With sock purchases
cut in half, the sock market crashes causing panic and
chaos across the globe. Civilization must rebuild
itself from the ground up and humanity is sent back into a dark age. And an ice age. A dark ice age. – [Link] So the next time
you’re reaching for that e-cigarette, think about
how cold and dark the world will be. And don’t. – [Rhett] This has been Amazingly Amazing Science.
– Amazingly Amazing Science. – Now you know. – Thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Susanna. – And I’m Nathan. – And this is a lollipop drill. (drill whirring) And we’re from Dallas, Texas
and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – Thanks to the Office of
the Surgeon General and the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention for partnering with us on this episode. Get the facts about
e-cigarettes and young people by visiting the link below
and in the description. – And click through to Good
Mythical More where we will have a very special guest, the
actual Surgeon General of the United States of America, Dr Vivek Murthy. So click through for that. – Collect All Five. This is when we get you to
get five things and post them. This is, keep your eyes
peeled and collect all five of extra long curly fries. Can you get five of those
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being your mythical best.

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    Check this out if you want to be more informed of the actual harm vapeing does to you

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    First the cdc asked you to sit down and talk to us about e cigarettes randomly in cooking with power tools video

    How big was that check??

    This is complete mis information.
    In gmm video the “e cig” is made to look like a cigarette.

    Cigarettes (tobacco) are bad yes

    Nicotine is about as harmful as caffeine. On top of that there are many studies that show nicotine has benefits.

    As far as the “harmful chemicals” in e cigarettes. Vegetable Glycerin. Which is completely safe for consumption, who was that approved by?? The fda!
    Another is propylene glycol which is used in many foods and many other things

    Then nicotine and flavors.

    And as far as portraying people that use nicotine as smelly rat tail stupid tattoo people is offensive.

    Switching from cigarettes to my vape is the best thing I could have done. I started with a higher nicotine level ( you can get varying levels of nicotine in the e juice) to weaning down to almost no nicotine. With the goal of weaning to 0 nicotine.

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