Curvature Tool in Illustrator CC 2018

The Curvature Tool was introduced in CC
2017 but there are still a lot of Adobe users who are not familiar with it and
since it was now added into Photoshop CC 2018 it’s worth looking at it again and
make sure that we know that it’s consistent between these two
applications and once you learn it you will feel like it’s a more updated and
more user-friendly version of the original Pen Tool. So we find it here in
the toolbar and the best way of working with this tool is instead of trying to
force and draw over the curves we just hold down the Alt key which will force
this tool to draw in straight lines and just draw over the tips of details and
just to use our Properties panel I’m just going to remove the fill color in
this case and change the stroke color to red and maybe increase the size a little
bit. So holding down the Alt key or Option key I’m going to continue
clicking on the tips of these points and then close it up at the end and now all
we have to do is to start dragging these curved segments into place. The best
thing about using the Curvature Tool is that we can always decide which point is
the closest to what we need so I can click anywhere on this curve and even at
a later point I can decide where the anchor point actually needs to go so once again
I could click close to this point here but then I realize that it actually
needs to go more in the centre and then slightly to the left I can do that on
the go. So it really teaches us and helps us to define these curves in a
much more intuitive way than using the classic Pen Tool and then in case of
more complex shapes like this we might need to add two additional points on the
curve to get the right shape so once again click once and then click and drag
and notice how both of the curve segments will adjust when I move one
side the other side also adjusts because it tries to smooth this curve
out automatically. So that is the main advantage of using the Curvature Tool
compared to the Pen Tool that it will always try to create nice-looking, even
and smooth curves. And that really helps in most of the cases so we could very
quickly and easily recreate the Batman logo we chose that the Curvature Tool
can be useful even for seasoned professionals but for those who are new
to Illustrator and are unfamiliar with working with the Pen Tool this will be a
lifesaver. So this is something that has been available since CC 2017 but now we
have this feature both in Illustrator and Photoshop so if you haven’t checked
it out already this is the best time to do it

39 thoughts on “Curvature Tool in Illustrator CC 2018

  1. I think your translate to HIndi request is not necessary because your English is already so easy to understand.Thanks.

  2. The behavior of the curvature tool is very similar to how my embroidery digitizing software allows me to manipulate curves. I currently use Illustrator CS6,…is there any way to add that new curvature tool to my version? Just asking….ya never know.

  3. Great tool. Can you please make a video on how to use this same tool to trace a complicated artwork or reference art? Thanks

  4. Am I the only one thinking this tool is just stupid? i can make the same with the old one with less points in less time… don't really see why this should be better in any way. Already from the first point I draw I find this much worse than the old one because you can't decide a fix direction.
    thanks anyway for the tutorial.

  5. This tool is a revolution for me. I am using to straighten seams on patterns I am drawing from flattened 3d pieces imported from blender. It allows me to straighten the seams while maintaining the volume of the garment.

  6. small tip to those tracing: use two layers – the base layer contains the image(dimmed in the layer options) and the upper layer (in keyline mode) for tracing….to dim the image layer double click on the layer in the layers panel and set the dim image option in the resulting dialog; to set keyline in the tracing layer, hold control and click the (eye) icon on the relevant trace layer ( thereafter the image appears dimmed below a keyline version of your vectors whenever you trace…no need to worry about the fill or stroke until you finish editing the geometry)

  7. good job bro but i ve another way to sketch it check my this tutorial in this link

  8. Wow, I'm impressed! After watching countless tutorials on the Adobe Illustrator curvature pen tool, this is the one. Can't believe it doesn't have more views than it does. Give this guy some likes please and subscribe to his channel…

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