Customizing Your Turning Tools

Hi Jason with Tormach. We’re getting our
machine set up here for a project. I ran into a little snag, so I thought I’d do a
little quick tip video for you guys. My boring bar is too long. I only need to
stick it out of the turret about an inch and a half to bore the component we’re
making. And as you can see it sticks through the turret block itself. So we’re
just going to go ahead and chuck this thing into the lathe and shorten it up.
So I’m just going to go ahead and clamp this into three-jaw. It does have a
couple flats on the bar so we just need to make sure that we don’t get one of
the vise jaws or the chuck jaws on the flat itself. I just made a real light
little Sharpie mark on here for myself Let’s see there, and we look pretty good. We’re
not sitting on a flat.We’ll just snug it up, give it a spin. It’s running pretty
true. I’m just grabbing our parting tool here quick and cut this thing off so we
can use it. So I’m just gonna run it slow. We’re running about thousand RPM on this.
And then I’ll turn the coolant on, and this jog through this by hand. So I’m just
using the jog shuttle, trying to keep the feed rate about a 2,000 per revolution on
a parting operation. Here it gets a little aggressive on the initial cut because it
is an interrupted cut, but once it gets engaged and then it’s happy. So there’s a quick easy way to shorten up your boring bars. I hope you enjoyed this little
quick tip. Watch our other YouTube videos here, and please subscribe to our YouTube
channel here.

2 thoughts on “Customizing Your Turning Tools

  1. Don't be scared. The best part about owning machine tools is getting to make and modify things no one else would think of.

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