Cutaway Insights – Episode 11: SECU / Standard Electronics Control Unit – Sauber F1 Team

this time we’re going to talk about the CQ which is a standard electronic control units the CQ is positioned here on the floor underneath the driver the CQ is the heart of the car it takes all the information from the driver interface the steering wheel and then uses it to control the engine the gearbox and all the systems on the car it’s a very important part of the car if it stops working the car stops thank you for watching and please don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel you

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  1. We promised you a treat this week. Watch

    Cutaway Insights – Episode 11 – SECU

    In Episode 11 of our Cutaway Insights series Matt shows you the SECU or Standard Electronics Control Unit – which is basically the car's brain.

    For each of the 15 'shorties' of this series, we will pick one particular car part or subject and Matt Morris (Chief Designer for the C32), Nico H├╝lkenberg or Esteban Guti├ęrrez will give a brief explanation about how stuff works and what it does.

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  2. actual script for all sauber's cutaway videos:'s.very.important.subscribe!outro.outro.outro.outro.outro.outro.outro.
    (scale of parts are correct).
    Guys! You have such an opportunity! Brilliant work has been done of cutting the whole car! It's so amazing! And you can not utilize it! Your videos should have had hundreds of thousands of views. It's such a shame!

  3. Please immediately fire whoever edited these videos, I can't watch them and I am fascinated by this stuff, I just laugh hysterically every time you guys cut back to the same clip over and over and over again, did you let a retarded monkey edit this ? Fire the editor !

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