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keeping your device locked with a password
is good way to keep others from spying on your stuff but what happened when you drop the phone and break the screen well you can’t get your data out of the
phone without entering the password luckily, I have a solution for you today, as you can see or hear to be precise, the
phone boots up perfectly and you can even type but the screen is black and when you try to connect it to the computer
and recover your data you can see its being detected but unfortunately, it’s locked and ask you to enter the password on the device to gain access well in that case, what you need to do is
unplug it from the computer then get OTG cable like this one and any standard USB keyboard now plug the keyboard to the OTG then plug
it to the phone start by checking if the keyboard is working
and see if the Numpad LED is working make sure to use the numbers on the top not
the numbers on the Numpad then hold the backspace to delete any text
already entered before now enter the correct password and don’t
make any mistake or you have to start over again don’t forget to hit enter button to confirm
the password now remove the keyboard and connect it again
to the PC and voila
now you have access to all you data you can recover your pictures, you can see
your SMS and do whatever you like i have to say, i tested this method on different
devices (Samsung, one plus and Huawei) but only Samsung devices detected the keyboard in the end, make sure the hit that subscribe
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  1. Hi,
    My S7 screen is green and flickering so can't use it as well. When I connect it to Kies it just says "connecting" but nothing happens. Can you please help?

  2. Thanks for the USB connecter to computer keyboard idea.I find this video very useful to me and to others with a damaged phone screen.My S7 edge had a password it was impossible for me to get to access to my phone.

  3. Hello. I have the same problem with my Samsung S4 mini. But unlike your condition my screen so damaged that it does not vibrate. What solution can you offer for this case?

  4. Good advise. But this is no help for me. My SAMSUNG J320A requires me to press the approve button on my phone to share my files with my computer. Any ideas? I tried Kies (smart switch, same thing) any other way to bypass without pressing or swiping?

  5. I tried it but shows me that
    Unsupported device alert
    The connected device is supported through smartswitch.
    Can i help me with it?

  6. Thanks!!! This worked for me 🙂 I tried several other methods and it did not work. Be sure to follow instructions very carefully as it will not work if done in exactly same way as video.

  7. I tried it but it said that the connection needs to change to MTP before I continue. Is there a way to change to MTP without being able to see it?

  8. I have a broken Samsung Galaxy S8 with a 4 digit pass code locking it. Screen is black. Phone is otherwise functional. I even took a call on it with a black screen by blindly swiping and getting it right. Cell phone repair places told me that when they replaced the screen it went black again after a couple seconds so they couldnt help me. Data recovery labs told me over the phone it will cost $2,000 to have a 70% chance of recovering my photos. So – will this work? I just spent $84 on Dr Fone which was waste…… Thank you

  9. i have an s7 that has a broken screen with no password on. I can connect to my pc but it only charges and does'nt appear on my devices. ???

  10. ok but what if i have a pattern then what shud i do my touch also gone but phone is working also display black too … so my ques is there any way to unlock pattern if display is black and no touch response ??? i have samsung note 4.. plz i need help to recover my photos…

  11. it worked on my s8 plus….got pictures off of it ty!!.sim card is in loaner phone now and contacts are half of what i worked great .can i get contacts off of it that wasnt saved to sim?Thanks in adavance:)

  12. Great video great help it worked for me I was able to use a usb data transfer adapter to connect the keyboard to my phone thanks much

  13. ive been doing tech along time this is smart but some questions un answered and also why use a pattern and fingerprint anyways…now we know why..
    again solution for these not found? unless you can see mouse gestures move on phone???i will monitor this thx
    sometimes being too paranoid will lock you out of your own device…think think think when you buy a new phone..location enabled..why would you not keep stupid apps off your phone. you need to find your phone and lock it down….

  14. i got to edit my previous response so i dont leave anything out. first off this worked like a charm ive been doing this 40 yrs and i have to say i wish you tube was around years ago..
    my phone had a cracked edge (out of the box at verizon) of course they would not take it it has progressed but worked..then one day at work i ran a seat belt from one the large machines we build wont say who.. and got a split screen and of course ran till battery screen access. so it has sat for 3 months ..low and behold screen finally came up but cant type last two digits of screen lock..i can emphasize to people to not use patterns or fingerprints as you may be i plugged in my phone with the adapter that came with it mini usb for s8 its like the iphone universal works right side up or upside down.
    plugged in keyboard by the way phone on 10% it ran for 15 mins powered the keyboard amazing..anyways here are some tips for those who want to try and my screen was somewhat accessible
    use the tab on keyboard to navigate phone screen and use enter to select and enter to turn features on and off like wifi brightness etc.. and to turn it off its tabs too!!!
    again dar tech great job my phone was 4/17 so i could get the free gear vr..that is what i miss most..
    so now i am charging to do the samsung transfer app which i used before to get all my apps back and use verizon cloud to do the rest
    crossing fingers..
    and yes it works for s8 and s8+
    use top row of numbers to use works great.
    forget facial recognition,forget patterns, go old school and be responsible with your phone..a crack is a crack but i did have to buy a screen to fix this because i just bought a universal s8 for any carrier for less.
    dr fone is a off i didnt even read the rest of his crap..
    sorry for rambling but you gotta think outside the box this was genius
    you dont need usb debugging..rooting etc..again how bad is your may need the hdmi usb tv adapter i did not..but again OTG…TIME FOR UPGRADE LOL

  15. It is not working for me 🙁 I have a OTG cable and keybord. When my external keybord is in laptop, it is working (when pressing Num Lock button the blue light is on) but when I connect my smartphone to keyboard, the light is not on on keyborrd .. After typing my password the mobile is still locked. Could you
    you please advise on it?

  16. t is not working for me 🙁 I have a OTG cable and keybord. When my external keybord is in laptop, it is working (when pressing Num Lock button the blue light is on) but when I connect my smartphone to keyboard, the light is not on on keyborrd .. After typing my password the mobile is still locked. Could you you please advise on it?

  17. Hey man, need a little help here. So I shattered my S7 and the LCD display does not work at all anymore, like most situations relating to this solution. The thing is, I unlocked my phone using the OTB cable hooked up to an external keyboard, but then Samsung Switch on my Mac says the USB transfer is not allowed. Meaning I would have to change my settings to allow USB debugging on my device to connect to my Mac. How do I go about changing the settings for the USB file transfer on my phone that is completely unaccessible due to the shattered screen. There must be a way using a software program right?

  18. Can you help me please.. My phone touch screen is broken and cant be started.. But doesn't have password.. When i connect to pc i will have to choose usb debugging to transfer media..while i can't touch the phone… Do you know apps that can open my file… I really need it.. Please help me

  19. Hi bro how are you
    My Samsung A3 mobile broken screen glass and screen is located so how recover my data plzzzzz reply me

  20. Can't find a site that will match the Galaxy Express Prime SMJ320A to down load my broken phones data. SOMEONE Please help

  21. Sadly, it didn't work for me. I have a samsung galaxy A5 2017 and i did exactly the same steps like in the video. But the phone is still locked :'(
    Malheureusement ça ne fonctionne pas pour moi. J'ai un samsung galaxy A5 2017 et j'ai fait exactement ce qui est dit dans la vidéo. Mais mon téléphone est toujours verrouillé :'(

  22. I do it with fingerprint. I think it works because the 2 buttons next to HOME button give light. But then it ask for permission. So I guess plugging your mouse and trying to hit 'yes' would work. But I have 1 question: does the phone ask permission so that you can use a keyboard or a mouse for your phone?

  23. только что

    I got a screen borken on my samsung s7 i dont have password on it! the problem once i conect to my PC it asking to press on the phone allow or deny excess to the phone! and i can not press anything because my screen is dead!

    that OTG cable gonna work to in my case?


  24. I can't tell if my screen is up or not. I'm trying the pin I last remember and all variants of it, doesn't seem to be unlocking.

  25. Hello, I was able to unlock the phone with the keyboard, I know because I asked google to open youtube and it didn't ask me to unlock the phone. But when I plug it back to the PC I still get the message " the connected device is locked". Have this ever happened to you?

  26. Hi, does it work if my phone is locked with 'find my device' lock feature? I tried it to see if it works and when i type in the password, it has a limit while my password is more than the limit! Do you think i can unlock it that way?

  27. bonjour,j'ai essaye le clavier …il s'allume mais sa ne marche pas!!!!!cela fais un mois que jessaye de resoudre mon probleme,le clavier sumsung j5 est arretè!!!je ne sais plus quoi faire??

  28. This didn't work for me but I had to give it a like as I can see this working for alot of people makes sense

  29. What if you don't remember if its pattern or ABC/numbers code. The smart switch on my laptop tells me my note 5 is locked but I don't remember which one is on the phone

  30. hi.My screen works but my keyboard isn't showing up.Ive tried apps like drfone..but they dont recognize my samsung galaxy j1 mini prime.pls help.its been three weeks already.

  31. Is there any solution if you don't have USB tethering enabled. In my case it reply "Allow USB debugging" prompt? Any help will be highly appreciable, Thanks in anticipation

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