18 thoughts on “DEF CON 22 – Chris Littlebury – Home Alone with localhost: Automating Home Defense

  1. I watched home alone, SO frying someone with microwave transformer is gonna get you into trouble i guess??? what do you suggest, using DC or AC (removing HV rectifier)…

  2. sad twist: he was an alcoholic and that was his first drink in 10 years sending him on a downward spiral of which he still hasn't reached the bottom 🙁

  3. I can truthfully report that an intruder who had before the lock on the door over the ladder to my basement left peacefully after I turned on the terrible harsh lighting in what should have been a stairwell.

    I am uncertain if his disorientation was a result of the fall, or the disorientation everyone has the first time they have that stupid floodlight in their face. But he definitely wasn't moving until I turned that light on.

    And no, I don't know what the previous owners of the house were thinking when they put a ladder-well behind an entry door.

  4. I used to make my own fireworks when I was younger and didn't need my fingers to earn a living. I made some pretty amazing stuff but I never found anything that said what I was doing was illegal as long as I was making them for my own use on my own property. If I were to transport them, sell them, or do just about anything else with them, then it became a crime. Do you have a source for your statement about making your own fireworks being a federal crime? When I retire and could spare a few fingers I might screw around with explosives again but if the law has changed I'd like to know!

  5. Philips hue now has better light reproduction more types of bulbs more ways to control and accessories and lots of software support and open api.

  6. The movie being made by a false image or satirical device which was not it but they erased the real devices for the evil to not trace back and erase the movie due to life not existing without a phase or test commercial shown.

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