Definition of SEER

“Make a precision decision with
Precision Air. Trained professionals with integrity. Call 602FIXMYAC. Make a precision
decision with Precision Air.” Hello everybody. Erik Bryan here, owner of Precision Air & Heating.
Since 1995, we have performed well over 250,000 service calls across the valley. We thought,
what better way to share our experience and know-how than answering some common homeowner
questions. Derek from Florence asks, “I am shopping for a new A/C system, and I’m confused
as to what the term SEER stands for.” Derek that is actually a great question, and completely
honest with you, most people don’t know what that stands for. The term SEER stands for
your “System, Energy Efficiency Rating” or in short, how we efficiently does the air
conditioning run. How much electricity does it use when it runs? Obviously the higher
the efficiency rating, the more efficient it is. So a 15 SEER unit is more effective
than and more efficient than an 8 SEER unit. Hopefully that answers your question Derek.
I hope this helps shed some light on keeping your home operating properly and as efficiently
as possible. If you have questions regarding your A/C, heating, plumbing, or home performance
needs, post your questions on our Facebook page and check back for additional videos.
Who knows, we might just answer your question next.“Make a precision decision
with Precision Air.”

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  1. “Most people don’t know what it stands for”. Then proceeds to give the wrong answer. Hopefully nobody uses these guys!

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