Digital Drums 400 Compact Electronic Drum Kit by Gear4music

Hello and welcome to Gear4music. I’m Clark and today I’m taking a look at the most compact kit in Gear4music’s electronic drum range – the DD 400. This lightweight and portable kit is
perfect for anyone who has limited practice space or who likes to pack up
their kit and take it to lessons or jam sessions. Assembly is easy just expand the frame connect the pads to the clamps plug it in and you’re ready to rock. Let’s take a look around the kit. We’ve got three toms, a snare, crash ride
and hi-hat cymbal, we’ve also got a high-hat pedal and bass
drum pedal so you’ve got a complete kit that can kick out some huge beats straight away. The bass drum trigger is ideal for late night practice as it’s much quieter than a traditional pedal and pad set up. The heads are made from soft rubber in a
tough plastic casing so they’re quiet and steady with a natural response that
replicates the feel of an acoustic drum set. The module is positioned right in the centre of the kit so it’s easy to see and access quickly there’s ten preset kits programmed in
so you can quickly find the sound to suit any style including rock, funk, jazz and house. If you prefer to create your own kits there’s a hundred and eight individual
drum and percussion voices to choose from. There’s also forty patterns of varying
difficulties and styles that you can play along with. A click function is included to help
keep time and work on practice drills, round the back is a range of connectivity options USB and midi allow you to connect this kit to a computer for recording or to use it as a midi controller controller which opens up possibilities
for expansion and accessing new sounds. The stereo output can go straight into a
drum monitor or amplifier if you want more volume while the headphone jack can
be used for silent practice sessions, finally the AUX-in allows connection of an MP3 player so you can dream along to your favourite tracks. The DD 400 is a super compact kit with a lot of attitude whatever your ability level a wide range
of sounds and connectivity options will keep this kit fresh and up to date. To learn more head over to the Gear4music website. Thanks for watching and happy drumming.

38 thoughts on “Digital Drums 400 Compact Electronic Drum Kit by Gear4music

  1. hi, if you use headphones, do they come with it and also, when you use headphones will it still make sound outside the headphones, for example if I wanted to practice really late at night, will it disturb anyone?

  2. How loud will it be for other people when I'm wearing headphones? I really want one of these but I live in uni halls and I can't disturb my neighbours with loud tapping or banging.

  3. Just ordered the package deal from Amazon, can't wait for these to arrive! I've been dying to get into drums for 7 years, back when I played them a little bit in school.

  4. My dd400 drum set does make a terrible sound that hurts my ears, it kinda sounds like a radio disturbance sound. But it does only happen when i dont play. And i also have to twist the headphone plug to get the right amount of volume, beacuse i have it on half the volume but i need to twist it so it doesn't sound isolated and like it a quarter of the volume!

  5. Is there a video that shows how it sounds without the amp/headphones? I am very interested in this model but I am getting mixed signals regarding how silent it actually is…

  6. Hello, I'm thinking of buying this kit but first I just need to know wether the drum pads have any variation (as in lighter hits/where you actually hit the pad like on the 'rim' or middle etc) Thanks for reading this a response would be awesome

  7. I got this drum set but plus for christmas and i recommend this than the roland expensive drumset, has amazing sound and is really good for being cheap!

    Recommended by me!

  8. can anyone please tell me if there is a factory reset button or a way to reset the drum kit to what it originally was like

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