Digital First – Aviva’s digital strategy

Inc way Digital is absolutely crucial to our future success for one simple reason: our customers are
using digital. Only seventeen percent of motor
customers do not use digital as a critical part
of the journey My name is Chris Wei and I’ve recently been appointed as the global
chairman for Aviva Digital which is a new organization intended to
promote all things digital in the group and I
also am the Executive Chairman for Aviva Asia. Well Aviva decided to create
a new digital structure frankly that’s just how customers want
to interact with us We are calling it UK Digital because
starting in our home market UK it’s where we have the greatest
capabilities Where we have the biggest immediate
opportunity. It’s a fairly generic term frankly. We could have chosen different language. We could have called it Aviva Direct. but we wanted to be very specific given that
Digital First is part of a strategic anchor. In a
nutshell the strategy is My Aviva, anytime any need, anywhere. There are three components to
that First of all deliver an outstanding
customer experience. We need our customers to be able to do
everything they want to do across research, buy, use and service the propositions that they have from us.
Second is build deeper customer relationships and
frankly more customer relationships The third element is to create
distinctive propositions Propositions tailored specifically for the
needs of our direct consumers and of course particularly propositions that are composite. that go right across our business. The
inaugural board of Aviva digital will be myself as
chair, Andrew Brem certainly key role as a director given
that he’s chief digital officer but also we wanted to ensure all the
business unit heads the global business unit heads where actively involved so that we could
bring the concept of total customer composite to life. We often talk about True Customer Composite or TCC and digital together and there is a really good
reason for that not only that they are two of our three
strategic anchors In digital we can be TCC in a way that’s often more difficult
to be composite in our other intermediated channels Often a broker or a banker relationship will just be for a mono product whereas digital and in direct more broadly it is within our gift to be totally
composite and that’s why in effect we are using digital to drive direct and digital and direct to
drive TCC overall. So My Aviva is critical to our digital strategy. We’re using the term My Aviva to mean our entire suite of websites and apps whether you’re a potential customer or
an existing customer. We’ve had 1.6 million or so customers register
on My Aviva We have thirty four million customers
globally there is a huge opportunity to encourage
customers to register and use My Aviva. Every single employee hopefully within Aviva has a role to play and we will only be
successful as a digital business if we can tap the best services that are provided as products that are created by all of Aviva. It is not 60 to 100 people that can do the job
of 31,000 Digital’s but one small bit. It’s an important
bit and hopefully it’s a growing bit of what Aviva as a group will be.

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