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  1. Sir could u mention me plz wht would i change when edit the ds 260 form single to married,and process,

  2. Hi @Virtual Nepali I have few questions:
    – do we have to pay a fee for submitting the form and for the interview for DV or it is for free?
    – in case you cannot get some of your police records is there a template of a letter you need to write to the Embassy?
    – If we are a resident of another country can we apply for the DS 260 form in the city we are in or there is a different process for that?

  3. please can you help me i have some problem in my ds 260

    can you give any personal account to contact with you

    this my whats app number 0097433475733


  4. Hi Sir, at the section of filling the address of the person living in USA, does the person have to be US citizen ?. Besides, if the person lives permanently there but was not yet issued the citizenship, can i give his/her address?. Thanks in advance

  5. Hi,
    I filled out form for my children but in the last part sign and submit form for them it is not accepted their passport number and code number in bellow of that part is not accepted so I need your assistance in the issue. Thanks,

  6. Im resiving an error

    On the main page "Add applicant" Im getting an error
    Please correct the following error(s):
    Proof of Relationship Document: Webservice encountered a database error.
    I cant upload a document. Does anybody else having the same problem?

  7. dear sir..
    I living an USA right now..and still processing for my wife so I've some misunderstanding about this form.
    SO , I want to take one question for me..
    these all stapes information fill about my spouse..?
    if she did not have any work records ,how to fill this form..?
    after 2nd stape whose information fill up, me or my wife..?because i saw your video this stapes about USA SO I'M CONFUSED..
    and at last …she is still in NEPAL..so how can i put her SSN number..? so, if possible plz clarify ..for me.thanks

  8. I'm green card holder..and applying to my wife..so my wife should fill this form right.?so ,how to fill present spouse section bcaz she is spouse by self..

  9. Help please. Im getting ready to do the Form DS-260 online. The first part Personal Information ask …Have you ever used other names (i.e., maiden, religious, professional, aliases, etc.)?" My question is do i answer YES or NO for my applicant? My spouse the applicant had her birth maiden name, and was married had his last name but had an annulity, she changed her name back to her birth name, then we married and she has my name. Sorry Im so confused. thanks for any help here. On her passport she has her given name, middle name, and my last name. Thanks for any help here.

  10. attention rasa,dont pay a lawyer thousands of dollars ,take your time and stay focused on filling out thee papers ,this video showed you ,it can be done

  11. i want to know if i can fulfill the form DS-260 I would like to know, when it comes to fulfill the form DS-260, regarding the institute attended starting secondary.

    Should I mention also secondary stitute that I have attended but I didn't complete a degree?.

    Or only secondary stituts I completed with degree

  12. Hi sir,when my father was died my mother got a papers from him.he has an(notice of approval of relative immigrant visa petition)thats he hide.so my mother tell me if the papers that she got is transferable.date petition file. 05-26-78 and date of appoval of petition 11-13-78.thank you and can u help me regarding this case.

  13. Hi virtula nepal. I'm fill up ds260 form i fill by citizenship card it is necessary to fill up by passport or i can show passport in interview time it i suppose to get second letter.

  14. hlw virtual nepal is it possible to fill ds 260 by citizenship card or not and after in interview time can we take passport

  15. Hajur mailey ds260 nepali nagarikta bata bareko chu so 2nd letter aaucha ki nai mero. Interview ko time ma passport liyera jada huncha pachi

  16. Happy to got your message. Well nagirikta bata fill gareko chu so 2nd letter ta aucha hola ni mero. Mero case number 3000 bitra cha.

  17. Hello Virtual Nepali, i submitted all the paper work years back when my doughter was 13 years old and now she's 30 years old and has one son. In the in the family part, do I put that she wants him to immigrate too? or do I have to fill a separate paperwork for him too? Thanks!

  18. What happens if the spelling mistake found in your selected application form, like spelling of your birth place , family name etc

  19. Hi @virtual Nepali. I have a question. My ds-260 form have three parts I as the principal applicant, my spouse and my kid as the accompanying applicants. what happens if i fill in their part and i would like to immigrate first and then they follow me later?

  20. Hi,
    I applied my DS-260 form yesterday, however I didn't receive any confirmation email, is it fine? and what will be the status?

  21. Should I write school leaving certificate and should I mention school first or +2 in institutions name 1 plz reply

  22. Incase of Nepal in province of birth should I write zone? I wrote my district name in both province and city like lalitpur in both option ….also while mentioning school should I write slc or high school no degree… in degree and diploma option? plz reply

  23. Hi @Virtual nepal iam just selected for edv 2019 randomely and then I fill up my ds -260 form in 2/3 days ago and now iam confused what can I do next after fillin the ds-260 form what is next process should I do more extra activity or just wait for second letter to come please give me your feedback and thank u in advance

  24. My dear bro i have not filled ds260 form because luck of passport can i use my id card/citizenship card to fill instead of passport thanks please reply

  25. Hi. I'm the petitioner and petitioning to bring my mother to the U.S. Can I fill out form DS260 and signed it for her or not?

  26. Hi
    The visa lottery is aimed at diversity in the United States. But in case you do not know anyone in usa, people can not participate? I doubt that the people who sign up have a patronage in usa. In my opinion this is badly explained, most people who write in the lottery do not have anyone in usa
    in the requirements to register in the diversity lottery, do not ask for a sponsor in usa, you should not ask.

  27. Hlo dai, mero ds260 ko form nai khule na ke garne?
    Ek choti aasti khuleko theo ra details save matra bha xa. Submit bhako xaina.
    Plz help

  28. Hello everyone
    I'm selected for further processing on DV 2019 I didn't summit the dv260 yet can I delay till December .? Is there a limited time to submit? Thank you waiting your answer

  29. Hey ..I wrote district name in state/ province option .. i printed ds260 confirmation when form was done , I didn’t get any Emails .. tanab vayo ta brother form process hunchha hola ???


  30. A petitioner (Who applied while as a permanent resident) petitioned for the applicant (son) while he was unmarried (Single) and 24 years old, back in 2012. The petition has since been approved (in 2018) but the applicants status has since changed from single to married. How do they go about it

  31. hlw sir i want to ask your 1 question sir .I got a job offer as a gardener in usa he send me immigration office email when I email to immigration they email me to pay 350 dollar and send me a long form in that form we have to add passport no but I don't have sir when I told him he told me that we can add passport no after processing also is that right sir we can add no after processing sir

  32. hi, it is mandatory to present the middle school certificate, or only high school or above???
    that would be in the part that says degree, diploma or certificated recived??? at 7:59

  33. First thank you for your video, real helpful. May I ask a question about signing sd-260 form. I am a petitioner and fill out this form. Is it okay for me to sign this form?

  34. Hi, I am a petitioner for my sister. she's not here and doesn't have computer. I am the petitioner. Is it ok that I fill out the D260 form on her behalf? that is the only way we can do it. If yes, do I need to clear this somewhere on the form that I am filling out the form as the petitioner and not the applicant? Thank you

  35. please, sir, answer me.I am in problem. My petitioner has told me, he has logged into the account using invoice and case number but he is not getting any instruction in that page. My question is that after logging will we get immediate instruction to choose an agent or we have to wait to get an instruction to do so on that page??

  36. please, sir, answer me.I am in problem. My petitioner has told me, he has logged into the account using invoice and case number but he is not getting any instruction in that page. My question is that after logging will we get immediate instruction to choose an agent or we have to wait to get an instruction to do so on that page??

  37. May I ask one more question please. There is one question: Do you have documentation to establish that you have received vaccinations in accordance with U.S. law? I have to answer "no" because I have never vaccines before, am I correct?

  38. Hi Virtual Nepali I have a question about the dv lottery
    It is possible to submit a dv lottery entry form with pressing the “submit” bottom or is the system designed to only send entry once the “submit” button has been pressed.

  39. Sir I am married with US citizens and she allied for me I had interview and everything was going good but he put my case into 221G and ask more evidence so I have collected all the evidence I have they asked me for explain about how you two meets and get married “:so sir can you help me how to write an marriage latter I mean I can explain but I don’t know itssjoukd long and each thing I should write or I can do it in short and how to start like these kind of things I need to know sir hope you will help me 🙏🏻🤘🏻

  40. Hi Virtual Nepali, thanks for such a great video and the useful explanation. I have a question: I have double citizen but the country I was born is not eligible for the DV. Can I apply with my other Citizenship which is eligible? Thanks and all the best

  41. Thank you so much for the informative content for filling out the DS-260 form.
    I have a question which might be slightly offsetting than the content. My question is about the F4 Family sponsorship category.
    I am having the doubt about when to start paying the fees and then filling out the form ? I am confused about my case being current and when to do what kind of tasks ?

  42. Hello Its me again with different query.
    I have a short query about correcting the name or Date of birth before submitting the form. We have some wrong name filled during petition hence, the ceac website is viewing the wrong information such as, missing middle name and missing of surname of my mother after marriage. How can it be corrected ?

    Can you please address to this problem. Thank you in advance.

  43. I love the video. Good steps, praying hard luck to be on my side I'll follow the procedure this year. God willing

  44. Hey Bro,
    Have you noticed For FEMALE applicant there is no “Previous” Sub Category on Work/Education/Training.
    While for MALE applicant there is.
    Do you why ?

  45. Hello!Virtual Nepali:
    "I have no passport,so what and how to fill out the DS-260 application form on personal information 2(Document type,Document ID,Issuence date, and Expiration date) for DV lottery."

  46. Do you have documentation to establish that you have received vaccinations in accordance with U.S. law". How can i explain this if i clicked No

  47. Anyone can tell me how come that I try since few days to fill up my DS260, my problem when I start to register all the dresses where I lived inc my phone no and email I been kicked out and it show that there is one error ? why ? Im using Mac Pro as a computer is that one obstacle? thx


  49. what if u dont have someone there yet to accept you and to have your green card to arrive there , help please and thank ypu

  50. what should i do if the passport number that i put wasn't approved but it was the right number in the sign and submit part?

  51. If home address or person name spelling are different between Passport spelling and birth certificate translation spelling. And birth certificate is translated by an authorized institution or company. So I would like to ask you that which one is the correct one to use for filling up on DS-260 form? Passport or authorize company?

  52. Why did you choose "Yes" for security background section on the question of Do you have documentation to establish that you receive a vaccination to align with US law?
    I don't have it but they will require us to do it before interview.

  53. I have a question for u? Plz help me, my gf is in USA. So her citizenship is about to come.she wants me in usa, So what are the procedures should we have to do?? Like documenting and processing time

  54. Hello virtual Nepali ,when i submited ds-260 they didnt ask me for photos to submit ,it was same as in your video,when I should show them photos or at the embassy interview? Thanks

  55. Hello, thanks a lot. By watching this video I saved my 15000 rupees asked by the consultancy. Now please tell me about steps after this submission ..
    What documents should we make and where to uplaod birth certificate police ,reports. And how..

  56. hi virtual nepali at DS-260 form for from which date are u living( for present address) should we write after age of 16?

  57. Hello
    I have a question, in the part where you ask for information that you have ever been to United States. My parents were illegally when I was born, they no longer live here. should I put this? Does this mean that they have already visited the country?

  58. thanks for your help iam selected i dont have passapot yet

    how many time we have to complet ds 260 complete ds to finsh

  59. thanks for your help iam selected i dont have passapot yet

    how many time we have to complet ds 260 complete ds to finsh

  60. Does age matter for Dv lottery? my father is over 60 yars old and he has been selected as a dv lottery winner. Should he fill ds-260 form or people over 60 can not get green card? Please reply to my comment as soon as possible.

  61. Can you tell me that…my age will be 22 in the next 3 months and the question is that what would happen if i just filling the form / or not yet and turned 22.can you explain in detail about age pls

  62. My gf is a US citizen and within 1 ya 2 month her US passport will come, she will be coming in march of 2020, so what are the documents should we have to make to apply my documents,what are the process, kasto kasto form varnu parca hamile for spouse visa,

  63. Is the first part I need to fill up for my wife info I’m a us resident and I’m petition my wife ty sir

  64. hi
    my question is how long did u take to recieve notification from kcc for civil document attachements befoe 2nd letter? i didnt see you mention in this video. thank

  65. On 5:04, what if we don't know anyone at all in USA, is it okay to write an address from internet and whenever you get there, you change your address to your current address!?

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