Dying Light Developer Tools Tutorial – Downloading Tools and Sharing Projects

Welcome to the special episode, where we’ll show you how to download the Developer Tools and share your project on Steam Workshop. To use the Developer Tools you need to have Steam, and have Dying Light installed on your Steam account. After installing Dying Light, in Library>Tools you will be able to find ‘Dying Light Developer Tools’, which we’ll install the same way we install any game in our Steam library. We now have Dying Light Developer Tools in our system. Ok, so how do we share a finished map? You can upload it to the Steam Workshop by going to ‘Document’ menu and selecting ‘share’. From the list, we select ‘create new item’ add a name for our project, set its visibility for other users on Steam Workshop, prepare a screenshot, and send it onto Steam Workshop by clicking Submit.

22 thoughts on “Dying Light Developer Tools Tutorial – Downloading Tools and Sharing Projects

  1. Will mods ever come to Xbox One? I only wonder because mods will be available on XBone in Fallout 4.

  2. Hello,
    Is possible to set saving checkpoints on maps? Or add custom safezone?
    This game is awesome and dev tools are taking it to the best!

  3. Do I HAVE to download dying light only to create a custom map? could I still do it without that? if I do, do I also need to get dying light from steam? they only have the version that  is $60 and not the original…

  4. nevermind about my question before…but the thing is, I can't find dying light (the 1st one) in steam. only dying light the following

  5. Dying lights teams please help;; i korean and i need to read eng subtitles hard; so please make korean subtitles on tutorial videos and add korean language to dev-tools please… i was thought make awesome city with missions 😛

  6. please add those tools for concoles please im n big fan of this game (no one will see this comment but i have to say it)

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