Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Analytical demo | Business Applications April 2019 Release

>>[MUSIC] In this demonstration, we’re going to explore
how we have extended the analytical work spaces within Dynamics 365 for
Finance and Operations. Now, the feedback from a focus group, that we’ve had around the expense
claim entry has been excellent. The focus group is highlighted to us that has helped their users be focused but also be efficient and improve the speed of entry
for their expense claims. Now, changing tack, let’s come back a moment and let’s think
about the broader application. Now, we’re often using reporting. We’re often using analytics. We’ve extended the analytical
work space is even fervor. Historically, we would
have had to have gone across to Power BI to make changes. When we are shipping Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and
our analytical work spaces, we’re shipping with a host of
standard default dashboards. Going forward, we’re now
going to be able to edit those within the user experience
of the application. Here for instance I’ve got
the credit controllers, analytical dashboard
and here I’ve got the opportunity to go directly
through an edit my work space. Once I click the edit, I can see I’ve now got
which I didn’t have before the visualizations as if
I was within Power BI. I’ve got the fields as if
I was in Power BI and as an individual I can start to
make changes to the dashboards, the commas standard,
start creating my own and starts sharing those with
other users of the application. So for instance, as
a simple example if I wanted to go and change
the payment details here in terms of the visualization
because I’m not happy with it being
shown as a pie chart, I can change it across to something different that fitted me as
an individual or fitted us as an organization that I’d
like to share across the group because I felt it was
a more representative view. Now, let’s pause. We’ve looked across
a whole host of some of the key investment areas and
some of the functionality. What I would encourage
you-all to do is go and look at the Release Notes
on our website and explore the wider range
of functionality that has been included
within this release. Thank you. [MUSIC]

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