Effortless “Watercolor” – My Favorite Inky Technique!

– [Jennifer] Hi there, this is Jennifer and welcome to another video. Today, I was going to try my
first Made in Minutes video where I do a video under
10 minutes and I failed. That’s okay, I’m gonna share it anyway, so it ended up 15 minutes, which is close, but I’ll keep trying. I am sharing, however, my
favorite technique from years ago when I used to travel
teaching, and it is so much fun and it is an effortless
watercolor with lots of shimmer. You can do it with inks
that you likely have and many stamps that you have. And I’ll tell you, this is so easy, you’ll let the water do the work for you. So let’s go ahead and get started. This is Festive Flowers, which
is a large 6 x 8 stamp set designed by Gina K Designs
for Simon Says Stamp as a collaboration for STAMPtember. So, you can only get
this at Simon Says Stamp and for a limited time. I love that large floral image and thought it would be
perfect for today’s technique. So I’m gonna start a timer and I’ll stop and start
it as I work today. I have the large image here that I’ve put into my MISTI Stamping Tool. I’m just used to using that, but you could definitely
use an acrylic block. I’m putting my anti-static powder tool across a piece of watercolor paper. I’m using Tim Holtz Watercolor Paper because it’s bright white. And now, I’m inking up
that large flower image with VersaMark Ink. And then I’ll add Hero
Arts White Embossing Powder and heat set it. You won’t be able to see the image unless you tilt it in the
light, but that’s okay. And I went ahead and I did this on four pieces of watercolor paper. Now, I’m also going to
stamp the large image towards the center of a bigger
piece of watercolor paper because this will be the background and I’m not really sure
how I want to trim it down. So, I’m white heat
embossing it in the center, and I’m doing this for two backgrounds. After I put the powder
on all of those pieces, I’ll heat set them all at once. That’s a great way to save time ’cause your gun will be good
and hot and ready to go. The next thing you need to do is to create some pearlized water. Now, pearlized water, I make by filling any kind of mist or
spray bottle with water. And then I put about a half a teaspoon of Perfect Pearls in it. That’s a pigment powder. Very inexpensive, a
little goes a long way, and it makes your water this pearly shine. It’s shimmery and just gorgeous. You wanna shake it before you use it, but I store my bottle
like this for a long time and I’ve never had any problems. So, that’s why my bottle’s
already ready to go. Next, I’m taking those white
heat embossed watercolor pieces and just taping them onto a board. This will help me to keep ’em flat as we do our fill watercolor. And then I can pick it up and
move it aside while it dries. For this technique, I’m
using Tim Holtz Distress Ink. You could use a variety of
dye inks that react with water but I find that Tim Holtz
Distress Inks are the best. Now this is the fun part. We’re just gonna put ink down on the paper as much as we can direct to paper, not caring what it looks like. We just want to cover all
of the flower with this ink, and I used Abandoned Coral first. Then towards the center,
I use Festive Berries. And then right at the center,
I put the dark Fired Brick. Okay, so now I’m going to
spray this very generously with that pearlized water that we made. Now, I had a little goober
on the end of my mist bottle. I ended up removing it and
it sprayed better later, but it doesn’t matter, I just wanna put a lot of this
pearlized water onto that. It would look like a hot mess, but that’s okay, it will dry nicely. On the one on the left, I’m using greens and making sure to cover
the leaves of the image. I’m using Mowed Lawn, and then a little bit of
the darker Forest Moss. It doesn’t matter how well you do here, you just wanna get that color down. Then, once again, we’re gonna
spray it very generously with that pearlized water. You want so much water
on here that it pools up. I find that the more water you put down, the better the blending you’ll get and it just makes it look good in the end and does all the work for you. So you can see we have two,
very messy images here. All I’m gonna do is set them aside and let them dry on their own. This is the hardest part,
but I promise, it’s worth it. So let’s do another example. This time, I’m going to do softer colors. On the right, I have Tumbled Glass, and then I’m going to add a little Peacock Feather
and Mermaid Lagoon. This time, instead of
spraying with pearlized water, I’m just going to spray with regular water to show you that if you
don’t want the shiny, shimmery effect of the pearlized water, you can just do this with regular water and get a typical watercolor look. Okay, so I’ve put that ink down there. You could see it took no time at all. And now, this is a regular water bottle and I’m just spraying it generously. You can see how the water puddles up between the embossed areas. Okay, on the left-hand side, I’m going to use Shabby Shutters. I wanted to go lighter this time. And then a little bit of Mowed Lawn. Once I’m done, I’ll spray that generously and set both of these aside
to dry along with the others. Next, it’s time for the backgrounds. I want this to be super soft, just a little glow of
blue around our images. So towards the outside of that image, I’m using an ink blending tool this time with Tumbled Glass ink, so I could make it like a cloud of color. Then, once again, I’m going
to spray that generously with the pearlized water on one
and with water on the other. So, I set those aside
to dry for some time. Once they were dry, I came back and it’s time to cut up our pieces. But here’s a trick for you. I wanted dimension behind
all of my stamping, so I’m gonna go ahead and put
craft foam on the back of it before we cut it out. This is white craft foam and I’m putting double-sided
adhesive on the back of it before we do our cutting. I’ll remove the release
paper from the adhesive and press that to the back of our stamped and watercolored piece. Now, I’m using my
scissors to cut this out. The craft foam is stuck to the back, so we’re cutting the craft foam at the same time that we’re
cutting out our image. So on the green piece, I’m cutting along the
outside edge of the leaves. When I’m done with that, I’ll put craft foam on
the back of the blue piece and cut that out along the
outside edge of the flower. I’m cutting at a slight angle so that the craft foam is cut angled in, so you don’t see it peeking out from the edge of the stamped flower. So now we have these two pieces
with craft foam behind it and we can glue them together
and get great dimension. And now, they look nice and clean ’cause we cut off the extra and we have a beautiful watercolor look that took no time at all. So I’m just putting my phone on that to give it some time to dry. Now, the background piece
with the soft, blue ink, I trim that down to a 4 x 5-1/4, and now, we can glue our
flower on top of that. So, I’m lining up everything. So this was one image, but we
gave it a ton of dimension. The sentiment I used is from the Gina K On My Mind Stamp Set. I stamped that with blank ink
on a white cardstock strip and added it right across our flower. I then added pearl effects with dimension using the Tonic Seashell Nuvo Drops, and I did that to the
background little berry images and to the center of our flower. I put all of that onto
a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2-inch Simon Says Stamp Fog notecard. I made that from the Fog cardstock. And there you can see the
beautiful watercolory look that we get, and then how
we layered everything up to give dimension to that large image. Now, I didn’t use the shimmer on this. Remember, I did not use
pearlized water on this one, so it doesn’t have the shimmer,
but our next example will, ’cause I’m gonna go back and
use the red and the green. The reason I like this technique is I struggle with watercolor, so this gives me the look of it, kind of, without the effort. Definitely the most
time-consuming part of this is cutting out the flowers, but it really only takes a few minutes. Okay, now it’s time for
our red and green pieces. So once these dry, you’ll
see these look like a mess, especially because it’s
got that shimmer to it. You can see I had put
a lot of water on it. It’s not completely dry, so I’m just gonna dab some of it away. If you have areas with too much shimmer where you can’t see
much of the color below, just use a baby wipe or wet cloth to wipe away some of the shimmer, or you can leave it
all for a lot of shine. I glued those pieces onto craft foam and cut them out just like I did before. From the green, I cut out the leaves. From the red, I cut out
the flower in the center. So, they have craft
foam on the back of them and are ready to go. Now, our background piece,
it’s time to trim this down. So, this is the one where
I use the ink blending tool to apply the Tumbled Glass Distress Ink and then sprayed the
pearlized water on top. Now, I added my flower in place, lining up with the
image on the background. And then I have this Joyful
Die cut from Simon Says Stamp. I cut the shadow from white cardstock, and then the joyful word from
Lawn Fawn red glitter paper and added it right on top of the white. And then added that to our background. Below joyful, I want to
stamp Holiday Blessings from the Simon Says Stamp Inside Christmas Greetings Stamp Set. I just stamp that with black ink and then added everything
to a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2-inch card and then added a few
pearls in the background. Now, unlike our blue flower card, this one has a ton of shimmer to it because we sprayed it
with the pearlized water, which I absolutely love. So for me, I can get really quick watercolory results this way. If you don’t want to hand cut, you could always use coordinating dies to cut out pieces that you do this way. But I like to cut out right up against the white embossed edge. And by the way, I heat
embossed Merry Christmas on the matching envelope and that’s from the same
Festive Flower Stamp Set. Okay, next, I wanted to show
you how great this technique is for making fast backgrounds
that are just beautiful. For both of my examples, I’m using the new, beautiful Simon
Says Stamp Flora Stamp. Now this, I went ahead
and white heat embossed on watercolor paper just as I did before. I want a softer background, so instead of going direct
to paper with Ink Pad, I’m using an ink blending tool to just roughly apply Tumbled Glass ink. Not taking any effort to blend. You can see this is looking
pretty bad, but it’s okay. We’re going to add that water
to it and will blend it. I also used Mermaid Lagoon
and a little Blueprint Sketch. Er, no, I’m sorry, Salty Ocean. So there we have our messy background. And now, I’m going to spray it generously with the pearlized water, so
we end up with that shine. You’ll see that the water,
the pearlized water, puddles up on it, that’s okay. Set it aside to dry
and when you come back, look at this beautiful result you get. So, I actually changed my mind and wanted this background
to be more vibrant. Instead of starting over,
you can just add more color. I’m going in direct to paper. You can see it’s a hot mess. Just putting more Distress Ink down and then adding more
of the pearlized water. You can heat set this if you want, but I do find you get better results if you just let it dry on its own. That allows the color to move more and you don’t mess up the heat embossing. Okay, so after I let that
sit aside for a while, I came back and I had a
background that I trimmed down and put onto a 4 1/4
x 5 1/2-inch notecard. For the center of this, I used the Simon Says Stamp
Thinking of You Heart Die. So I die cut the solid
heart from white cardstock, then I die cut the Thinking of You Heart three times from white cardstock, and glued those on top of
each other for dimension. Notice how the top layer
of the Thinking of You is like a light, shimmery blue that perfectly matches the envelope? That’s because I used one
of those Metallic Envelopes from Simon Says Stamp. That’s that light blue envelope. And I die cut from that
and glued that on the top. So now, my Thinking of You
matches the envelope perfectly, and I’ll show you that in
action on this next card. Okay, so here’s another background. Again, using the Simon Says Stamp Flora, white heat embossed in a watercolor paper. Applied some Shabby Shutters Distress Ink and also some Mowed Lawn Distress Ink and a little bit of Peacock
Feathers here and there. I sprayed that very generously
with the pearlized water. I prefer the pearlized water
over the regular water. Set that aside to dry
and when I come back, I have this beautiful, soft background. I finished off the card with
some simple die cutting. I wanted the top layer of the flowers to be that soft, shimmery blue
that matches the envelope. So, this is one of the Simon
Says Stamp Metallic Envelopes. The shimmer on it matches the background
of our card very nicely. I die cut a flower from an envelope, and I’ll save the scraps for another card. Then I glue that die cut flower on the top of this stacked die cut. So, that’s three white
die cuts stacked together with the blue one on top. I then created a stitched rectangle from the Simon Says Stamp
Stitched Banners die set. And then I silver heat
embossed a happy hello on the bottom of that die cut. On the back of the die cut, I’m putting some Lawn
Fawn double-sided tape. And then I will add a
piece of white craft foam and trim off the excess. This will give nice, even raised dimension to this rectangle panel, but you could use craft foam
tape, if you’d prefer instead. Okay, so now I’m going to glue that right onto our background. That background is the
one that we created, added on to a 4 1/4 x 5
1/2-inch white notecard. Okay, so I’m gonna go
ahead and glue this down. I’m just kind of putting my die cut there to make sure I like the positioning. Put in some liquid adhesive on the back of our stacked die cut and adding that right on top. Now, I was aiming to do all this in under an hour, and look at that. So close. I promise I’ll do a Made
in Minutes video soon, but I got carried away with this technique and ended up making my
video a little bit longer, but not too long. Okay, so here’s the final card. You can see how the top of our die cut matches our Metallic Envelope perfectly. Then you have this
shimmer in the background thanks to the pearlized water technique. I also have the faux stitching thanks to the Simon Says Stamp
Stitched Banner die cuts. And then the silver heat
embossed a happy hello. By the way, that is from this Gina K A Happy Hello Stamp Set. I like the small size of that greeting because it fits into tight, little places. Okay, there you have an
almost Made in Minutes video. I promise I’ll work on that. Anyways, this is a great,
effortless watercolor technique. I hope you’ll give it a try. I will link the supplies that I’ve used in my description below and on my blog. In the middle are a couple
other videos you might like, including another video
showing this technique that I did about five years ago. Thanks for the time you
spent with me today, I really appreciate it, and I hope you have a wonderful week.

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