Electric Range – Testing coil surface elements with limiter switches

In 2019, Frigidaire, GE and Kenmore ranges
started using coil surface elements with limiter switches that cycle power off and on to lower
the risk of fire. If the limiter switch fails, the surface element
won’t heat. If your range has this type of element and
isn’t heating, you can test the limiter switch. Unplug the range to disconnect electrical
power. Or shut off the house circuit breakers for
the range if the power cord is hard to reach. With the burner cool to the touch, pull it
out of the cooktop. Using a multimeter, measure the resistance
through these element prongs. The meter should measure between 20 and 40
ohms if the element and its limiter switch are good. Replace the element if the meter measures
infinite resistance. If the element wasn’t the problem, then
a broken infinite burner switch or bad wire could be keeping the element from heating. Watch our video to see how to diagnose those
types of problems.

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