Electronic Modules for Industrial Applications using Op-Amps Intro

Hi! Welcome to this course. This course is on designing electronic modules
for industrial applications using operational amplifier. Myself Dr. Hardik Pandya. I am from Departments of Electronic System
Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. So, what this course consists of and what
is the course object here, the course is focused on how to use operation amplifiers to design
several electronic modules and systems that can be used for projects related to industrial
domain. And we will be talking about several electronic
systems uhh that can be used for biomedical applications as well. We will also talk about littler bit on circuit
design operational amplifiers because there is a integral part of this particular course. And we will see how you can build an analog
systems uhh using integrated circuits and study their micro models. So, if we talk about few outcomes of this
particular course uhh this students will get exposure on the basic building blocks, we
will analyze the operational amplifiers, I will help you through the course to build
a skill and troubleshoot problems in analog domain. We will also at the end of the course, see
that how you can add the skills to build complete system using analog circuits. So, when you talk about an analog circuits
is designed, I will take you to the laboratory, we will do several experiments, uhh you can
just see photographs of me with working with some students in the laboratory, uhh we will
see several equipment, few of those are just listed here, uhh it is the instructional laboratories
in my department and there are lot of electronic uhh modules and components, uhh whether it
is digital scopes, or a frequency generator, or a impudence analyzer or we have our beautiful
platform from TI so we will talk about lot of things in details when we go to the course
component. And the laboratory component or the laboratory
component is an integral part of this particular course where we will be focusing on how to
build a system for several applications, so when I say several applications what does
that application means, right. So, this is a twenty hours course, so it is
more focused on designing uhh the electronic system and that is basically using the knowledge
of electronics as well as the operational amplifier. So, we will start with Understanding the Datasheet
of operational amplifiers. We will, we will build a speed control for
a DEBIT CARD motor using operational amplifier. We will also design and build an op-amp based
ECG signal acquisition system and Bits Per Minute monitoring system. We will also understand the EEG and design
a signal conditioning circuit to acquire EEG signal. We will focus on pulse oximeter and implementation
of pulse oximeter. Again the focus will be to use operational
amplifier. We will also design a signal conditioning
circuit for gas sensor, we will be looking at how the electronic module for printing
press machine work. We will also focus on how to design electronic
module for heating PT 100 and operating as a hot-wire anemometer and finally we will
see how can we design electronic module to delineate signal from background noise. Right, so, if I talk about this particular
subject or introduction to this subject, this subject is more focused on how to use your
theoretical knowledge in real life situation, right? So, because operational amplifiers uhh we
all learn, right. We all learn what are passive component, active
components, where to use it, how to use it and what kind of electronic systems you can
build with the pre-requisite knowledge of basic electronics, right that is the idea. So, of course we will look at the theory,
how the ECG signals are generated or how the PT 100 works, how the DC motor in a industry,
we can control the speed of that. HOw can we design controller circuit, but
everything we will be focusing on the operational amplifier and air lock circuits, right? So, uhh you can consider that out of the uhh
8 weeks or 20 hour course we will be focusing at least half of it for designing this circuits,
and I will take you to the laboratory, or we will do the experiment right over here,
and we will show it to you how can you use the basic knowledge to design the electronic
systems for data acquisition, whether we talk about EEG or ECG or something else. So, I hope that once you register for this
course, you enroll for this course, uhh you learn lot of things, we share the knowledge
across this particular platform or through this platform and there is a forum uhh that
will be provided to you for your feedback, for your question answers and that is how
we can get connected to each other after my classes, and I will try to answer most of
the questions, that you have so that there is a clear cut idea of how to apply the knowledge
of electronics for designing such system, right? I hope you will enjoy this course once you
enroll, till then you take care, have fun, bye.

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