Electronic Music Composer Richard Devine Studio Interview | Genelec 8331

I do a lot of sound design and music for
different clients and for different projects. Sometimes it’ll be electronic music composition,
or music trailers. With those projects I try to just figure out
the solution with sound. Usually that’s my job. I have to figure out how
to make the project I’m working on come to life with sound in a way
where it captivates the listener. My name is Richard Devine. I am an electronic composer
and sound designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Well, I’d say if we go all the way back to the beginning,
I started making electronic music when I was 17 years old. I became more intrigued with people who were kind of doing
sort of left field experimental electronic stuff. The simplest way is that music spoke to me the most.
It’s kind of where I’ve been ever since. I’ve worked with everyone from Sony Media to Apple to BMW,
multiple different car companies doing sound design for an electric car. And then just last year I did a really cool
sound design project with Google doing virtual reality 360 audio for
Google Earth and some of their VR apps. I’ve always felt that you should have an inspiring workspace
to create really inspiring things. This system behind me is
my Eurorack modular system. I have many of them, but this is my
main system I work on day-to-day for creating sounds and sound effects
and also I make music with it as well. It’s my primary instrument, that I’ve been
focusing on for the past seven years. I spend a lot of my days working on sound design projects
so it’s nice at the end of the day to kind of turn the screen off and just focus on twisting knobs and patching cables and just using your ears. It’s kind of like molding clay. My impressions of the Genelec 8331s have been really…
I’ve been blown away to be honest. I wanted a speaker that would give
a consistent result no matter where I was. So I might be in different rooms
or in different places but the speaker is going to give me consistent
performance no matter where I’m at. It’s interesting, I just finished a project
to release a sample library with Splice. It was my first project from the very beginning to the end,
that I did with the Genelec 8331s. So, it was a really great test. To put them through, really putting through the gamut
of like really heavy low bass sounds to super high-end detailed sounds
and multi layered sound effects. So they gave me a good impression
of what they were capable of doing. When I initially set up the GLM software,
it was really easy to set up. The software was straightforward. They list each step out for you
so there’s no confusion on what you need to do. I’ve always used Genelec subs with all my Genelec
systems, that I have here in the studio. With my new 8331s set up I got
the 7350 digital sub as well. One of the hardest things to get right is low end. For me a big benefit to the SAM software and
technology is the auto phase align technology which can be one of the most difficult things to get right when you’re using a subwoofer,
so I found that to be a big advantage. I work generally 12 to 14 hour days on these speakers and the really interesting
thing for me was that I didn’t get any ear fatigue and that was one thing that I noticed I didn’t
get at all and that’s pretty remarkable. I would say Genelec has been an incredible company for me
as far as creating products that have been very consistent and that’s big, I say that word consistency. I found that to be real interesting no matter the model
I bought whether it was the 6010A or the 8050s you have this consistent performance going from
the small speaker up to the very biggest speaker. I felt it was much easier to work with
you know, as far as how my workflow goes. So the Genelec 8331s passed the test for me. I don’t know how to explain it but it passed all the tests, all my tests
and my hat’s off to you guys for making my job easier.

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  1. This guy should do asmr videos, talk about his setup or music. He has such a relaxing voice. And he could even make the background music.

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