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(locking and banging) (mellow guitar music) – One of the most popular safes sold today is the Sentry Fire Safe,
the electronic version. This one is really really popular and we get lots and lots of calls, people have forgotten their combination, or it doesn’t work anymore,
all sorts of problems. There’s several ways of opening it, if you look at the videos you’ll see we can drill the solenoid,
we can use a magnet. However, when we open it, the customer still usually doesn’t have
a code to open up the safe. So you open it, fine. But then they’re stuck with just this box, they have to leave it open because they no longer have a key for it. Or a code for it. What I have here, I call
it the dumb electronic box, it’s meant specifically for S series, so this is the newer Sentry Fire Safe with the electronic keypad and it works really simple, the dumb box is powered by four AAA batteries. Very simple. You don’t have to have power on the safe, but I’ll just show you for now. The safe is working, it’s 304, what is it, 30436, so it is a functioning safe. Sometimes if the safe has malfunctioned, it’ll be showing red,
sometimes the box will open it, sometimes it won’t, then you
have to go to other methods to open the safe. So it’s a functioning safe. But let’s just say, we
don’t need the power. There’s a little screw
here, we remove that. I’ve already removed it,
so we just take off this. This is also the four wire system. You can leave the little
two wire for the LED, but there’s four wires here, just remove that from the keypad. Which is quite simple, just pull it out. Just plug it in to the dumb box. Now, what you do is you power it on. The light will turn red
when it’s communicating. It’s communicating. Punch in a five digit code. For now I’m just gonna go 1,
2, 3, 4, 5, hit the pound. (click) It’s open, the safe is now open. So it’s very simple. And then, you can leave
it open, turn it off. What’s really interesting is when we put the safe back together again. And again we would install
the screw on there. And I give it power with fresh batteries, it’s glowing green, and
the new code is (beeps). And it opens. So again, very very simple. As well as, if the customer
was able to find the old number or you call up Sentry and
get the number (beeps). The factory code still works. So all we’re really
doing is opening the safe and putting in our own code and then the safe will open. Again this is not malfunctioning, the customer has just lost the code. Or for some reason the code won’t work. We can pop it open with this. If for some reason the
solenoid’s malfunctioned or the electronics have malfunctioned, you just go the more traditional
methods, the magnets, drilling, forcing open the safe. They’re very very easy to open, but this keeps your customer happy. You’ve gone out, you’ve
not only opened the safe, you’ve given them a code they can use. Go to the website, Mr.
Locksmith training dot com, order your dumb electronic box today. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel. Also visit my website and you can see what online locksmith
training I have for beginners, intermediate and advanced
as well as my covert methods of entry and my nondestructive
methods of entry.

34 thoughts on “Electronic Safe Opened in 10 seconds with Black Box | Mr. Locksmith Video

  1. Hi, I entered your website to buy the black box and there are no available, how much time do you think is available ?, it needs to be as soon as possible

  2. Hi, good morning. a week ago i bought your product (black box) and i didn´t receive a mail about the tracking number. how long will it take arrive?, i need it.

  3. Mr. Locksmith. I'm waiting for my order, 2 weeks ago I did it and you dont confirm anything, you dont answer the messages, what happens?

  4. Will you keep me posted? If it does work I'll order a black box. Would like to get these safes open asap. Thanks

  5. Dear Mr locksmith

    I desperately need to get into my safe….
    DSW3607….. BK220960….. IT'S LITERALLY A serious problem. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Loyally yours
    Det…….Kurtis Cullen

  6. Hello ordered black box what is the lead time to receive it also how do you register on your website cannot find registration information.

  7. Wow this is pretty ridiculous, so I guess the point of this videoIs to show anybody how to get this box to break into other peoples livesThis should be totally illegal!.

    Also by the way I do not own this safe and will never purchase something this small I have a few comments thinking that I purchased this which I did not i stumbled on this video by accident looking for much larger safe. 🙂

  8. I have a 3059 Honeywell gun safe they sent keys that don't work and do not know the combination on the front of the digital it says program but I don't have any information to program it will that box work the Honeywell 3059

  9. Let's not forget that a sledgehammer opens up Century Safes very easily it's the master key to these things

  10. Another great video warning consumers to quit buying cheap junk safes and lock sets just because they can acquire it at wal mart or costco…. If it's important you buy a REAL safe!

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