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My name is Andrew Elhajj, I’m studying Mechanical
Engineering. I’m in my first year at Kingston University. I chose Kingston University because I like
to get my hands dirty as you can see and got the opportunity to work on something like
the Caterham behind me. I enjoy my course because I get to apply what
I learn in the classroom in real live situations here in the labs. I enjoy the practical projects because we
get to work with our technicians who are invaluable and guide us through our projects. My name is Umar Mansoor. I’m in the final
year of Aerospace Engineering at Kingston University. I really enjoyed the course because of the
fact that we are provided with excellent facilities at this campus, such as the fluid dynamics
lab where we have the wind tunnel and the materials lab where we can test and manufacture
different items and the Lear jet which is behind me. I particularly enjoyed the practical elements
of the course where by we were put into groups of five and six and given independence to design,
manufacture and test our own versions of a glider made out of balsa wood and that was
tested in the field outside. My name is Aldus Van De Berg and I’m studying
Automotive Engineering and I’m a final year student at Kingston University. I enjoy the practical projects because of
the hands on approach, the challenges faced, the experiences that you get. After university I’ll be joining a start up
company in Copenhagen developing an electric vehicle. It’s going to be an industry game
changer. My advice to any students wanting to come
and pursue Aerospace Engineering at Kingston University would be that you have to be very
very good in maths and physics and you have to have a very good background knowledge in
aerospace and the airline industry in particular. If you’re like me and you like getting your
hands dirty and you’re looking for a future in mechanical engineering, this course is
for you.

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