Engineering Big Ideas – Bonus Feature 2: Nikola PowerSports

The Powersports Division is a passion business
of Nikola Motor Company that encompasses off-road vehicles for consumer, a militarized variant of that off-road vehicle, and electrified personal watercraft. So, what was the origin of the Powersports
division? Well Grant, that’s interesting. Trevor, the founder and the CEO, he’s a
visionary guy, he’s a passionate guy and he loves the off-road
environment. The story be told, he was out riding in an
off-road experience. He actually broke a belt, and while he was working in the Nikola environment
and this technology, he basically said I want to electrify this
vehicle so I can have a direct drive experience and won’t be stranded out in an austere
environment. This is the full-scale prototype of our Nikola
NZT. So, what’s inside of it? Give me a rundown of the tech. So, if we’re going to talk about tech, we need to start with the battery pack. It’s a modularly designed battery pack that’s delivering 125 kilowatt hours of
output delivering 590 horsepower. Then we talk about our integrated e-axle. It’s compact and it’s highly efficient,
delivering near-instant torque. And a couple other key performance features
are 35-inch tires, 17-inch wheels and Fox 3.0 internal bypass
shocks. When you look at the Nikola Reckless Vehicle, it’s a 100% all-electric vehicle. What other features and advantages does the
Reckless have? Thermally, this vehicle has thermal signature
that is greatly reduced compared to a conventional internal combustion
engine. So, is it true the Reckless has remote driving
capability? That’s true. It has remote control functionality. It’s also autonomous capable. We’re reducing risk on the battlefield. And that’s what Nikola’s most proud of. There’s a lot of sharing of technology and
information between our semi-truck and this vehicle. So, our CEO understands that this platform can be kind of a test bed for our technologies. And we can export that technology up to the

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