Engineering Excellence in Katy

We want to establish and grow the UH brand in KatyUH has grown so much in the last 10 yearsUH engineering has as wellWe draw lots of students from the wonderful schools in the suburbsand particularly from the southwest to the northwest.The way Houston is expanding in all directionswe have to provide local centers where we can achievenot only financial growth but also the educational growththat is required by the local communities out there as well.The location is truly wonderfuland we believe that is a big win for us.This campus is located right in the heart of the Energy Corridor.This campus allows people, particularly those who workin the Energy Corridor and want an advanced degreeto be able to get their degree. It’s a win-win for everybody.We already have a lot collaboration, courses and interactionswith the industries in the Energy Corridor.This campus is now going to allow us to offerindustry specific, tailored, very relevant programsThe way we view UH at Katy is it’s a 40 mile extensionIt’s part of this campus, the courses and degrees are part ofthe Cullen College of Engineering taught by us,the same faculty members.It is wonderful for the Cullen College of Engineeringbecause it allows us to growin a very high demand area,it gives access to our Tier One engineering programsto a much bigger audience.Between industry and the educational institutionsespecially here at the Cullen CollegeI’m very hopeful that this is going to bea very unique setup for Houston and for Katy city,It’s new students. A new program.A totally new level of engagementin a very important part of our metro area.All of that makes it very exciting.

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