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The Engineering Institute of Technology
is a higher education provider in Australia. We specialize in engineering
and have two modes of delivery. Our online delivery and our on-campus delivery. EIT is based in Perth, the capital city of Western Australia and we’re also
based in Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria. We have an awesome campus in
both locations, right in the centre of everything.
EIT offers four bachelor program and for master program in the field of
electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil and structural and
industrial automation. Our programs are industry driven so they’re designed and
delivered by industry experts currently working in the field and with panels of
experts and people who are doing this in their everyday lives.
EIT’s lecturers are absolutely fantastic was they all come from
industry. They are real working professionals with years of experience
meaning students sitting in a class will get content delivered by people who know
what they’re talking about. The way we deliver is utilizing the industry
experts and when I say industry experts we are not actually tied down to any one
specific geographical location. We use the Internet of Things to actually
source lecturers from all over the world and they are able to stream in through a
webinar platform and actually teach the students from wherever they are in the
world. EIT is unique in a sense that it delivers content online to students
and it does it in a blended format. Now it’s engineering courses and
engineering courses require some kind of hands-on practical aspect to them as
well and EIT does that via online tools with remote labs embedded into the
online delivery. EIT is dedicated to the lifelong learning of students so we
want to be there to accompany them on their journey from their advanced
diplomas or workplace studies all the way through to their masters and further
education. My name is Anmolpreet Singh and I am from
India. I do here Bachelor of Science (Civil and Structural Engineering). When I first arrived I was a little bit nervous about my transition to studies but the EIT provide me a very
friendly and good environment. We have learning support officers and the job of
the learning support officers is to act as the glue between the students, the
content and the academic stuff. The LSO’s are very helpful, whenever I need to
study they always help me it’s no matter what time or what they’re
doing, they will always reply to my email and they always ready to help. At the
core of our design of our courses, from the beginning we put students at the centre.
We are thinking about what their job outcome and what they are going to
gain after they graduate from us. So once students have done remote labs and
worked with real lecturers from industry teaching them by the time they get into
their workplace they feel comfortable with the environment,
no surprises because the equipment they see in the real world is what they did
and used in their classes. The most thing I like about EIT is online study. Whenever
we do online study is very comfortable for us we can learn how they work and how we
will work after we study. Our programs are catered for
both people working in the industry as well as for students are coming and studying
with us on campus. We pour all of our resources into making the best possible
programs for our students. Education should be a right not a privilege. EIT’s treats like a family for every student. And that’s what makes EIT
different. (Background Music)

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