Engineering serendipity

Tori’s the third young lady we adopted.
Again, I’m ready to stop after two and then Mary sees a picture and she says, “Oh Doug look at this video! Look at this,” you know. We started to think after a while “do we
need to get prosthetics for her?” You get into the current day if you think about 3D stuff
so we started thinking about that a little bit. A junior studying mechanical
engineering is in our group and he was in a Uber one day talking with his
Uber driver and got to talking about how he was involved in E-NABLE and the driver
happened to be Doug. He happened mention that he’s an engineering student
and that they got a program there E-NABLE at Notre Dame that and they’re looking
for people that maybe would like to check into some 3D printed hands. We started by taking pictures of Tori’s hands so that we would have the appropriate sizing for the hands that we would make for her and based on this
sizing we were able to take the models that are on E-NABLE’s website. We had to make some modifications to the hands in order to make room for her digit on the outside. Our group got together as a whole once we had all the parts printed so that we could put it together. This version of the hand is wrist driven, which
means that Tori is able to close the fingers in the hand by flexing her wrist
which means that all the fingers will come together she’ll be able to pick
things up like softballs. This is going to take some time and some maybe some
modifications and stuff but I really think that at some point in time she’s
really gonna utilize these 3D hands. I hope to continue to work with a lot of
great kids like Tori. Hopefully we can continue to learn a lot from the
projects that we’ve done in the past so that we can make our future projects
better and then also extend into just educating people about what engineering
is at Notre Dame.

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