Engineering Summer Camps

Hi, I’m Elyse Bozsik, the K-12 outreach coordinator for the College of Engineering. Our engineering summer camp programs are an exciting way for students ages 12 to 17 to engage with our faculty and staff, participate in hands-on activities and learn valuable engineering concepts. We currently offer over seven different camps in the College of Engineering. We have everything from an introduction to engineering camp to more specific camps in computer science, UAS and robotics, and even mechanical engineering. We’re always adding new camps, so check our website often for new and exciting opportunities. In the camps the students can expect to participate in lessons like building and blasting off bottle rockets, hands-on chemical engineering experiments, and even flying their own drones. We feel that by giving students a hands-on experience with our faculty and staff, we’ll help them to see themselves in a university environment and will spark their interest in engineering. We hope to see you in our future camps. Dor more information, visit our website.

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