Engineer’s Best Weapon

(Cool Music) Sounds like one of the instruments is a guy cracking his knuckles over and over again (Cool Music) The Wrangler isn’t really a weapon it’s more of a tool then anything really but we’re going to call it a weapon any way. It doesn’t actually do any damage to players rather It enables your sentry gun to be really, really good. It allows you to become the sentry, and not in the same way that a Brass beast heavy becomes a sentry you become an Unstoppable force that is unbelievably overpowered and I think it should be nerfed but before we get into that, we’ll start off with the more balanced end of the Wrangler stats being able to override the auto-aim function, and giving yourself control of what your sentry fires at. In classic TF2 flavor text fashion, the sentence “take manual control of your sentry gun” means so much more than it actually suggests. First of all, when you’re using the Wrangler to shoot bullets, the firing speed of your gun is doubled effectively making one of the most powerful damage-dealers in the game twice as deadly. In fact, using the Wrangler with the mini sentry increases its DPS even hIgHeR (just like your voice) higher than an unwrangled Level One sentry. When manually controlling a Level Three, the rockets also refresh slightly faster as well, making a fully upgraded Wrangled sentry gun able to put out some serious damage when focusing things down which is basically what this feature is all about: targeting down singular enemies with twice as much DPS. And sure, you can use it to pester a few people outside of the sentries auto-aim range, but damage falloff still applies, making using the Wrangler at long distances more of a pressure tactic to try and get an annoying Sniper in the distance to quit looking at you. However, the damage falloff doesn’t actually apply to the distance between the sentry gun and the target, but rather the distance between YOU and the arget, so when focusing someone down with your laser pointer, it can often be beneficial to close the distance between you and your enemy if possible. Just remember that pressing W at an enemy is riskier than holding back, most players’ instinct is to shoot at the Wrangled gun rather than the Engineer controlling it, which actually happens to be the major counter to this unlock entirely. (but let’s just keep that between you and me) Now, you might be saying, “But wouldn’t it be better to just allow your sentry gun to aim for you since it’s going to have perfect tracking, and I am not a godlike aiming machine like my sentry gun?” Well, you’d have a good point there if there wasn’t a simpler form of auto-aim on the Wrangler as well. That’s right, almost as if you were back to playing on the Xbox 360, the Wrangler comes with aim assist. Nothing too crazy, but enough to make it viable at medium to long ranges. This feature pretty much ensures that the manual control isn’t completely useless outside of your sentries default bubble, but also makes it relatively difficult to aim your rockets; specifically to pop opponents up in the air since it always seems to lock on to the center of their hitbox. Which can be frusturating, cuz I don’t know I just wanna combo somebody as Engineer goddamn it THERE we go!
(Good job) However, since it won’t auto-lock onto disguised Spies, you can do hilarious stuff like this. ʏ̸̘̞̰̪͕͓̚ᴇ̶̦̈̓ş̵͕̭̱̿ ̴͖͎͌̍͘͜͝s̴̖̀͘ᴄ̷͉̰̹͓͉̒̀̈͌́̆ʀ̷̧̖̺͒̈̚ͅᴇ̷̥͗ᴇ̸̘̝͕͛͐̀̈́͠ᴍ̸̗̪̎́̍̈́̕ ̶̡̹̮̘͓͛ɪ̸͇̲͈̿̉́̂̕͝ɴ̴͓͔̉͆́ ̷̻̪̭͔̟̆́͑̍̇ᴘ̴̤̠̇͗̉̃̈͝ᴀ̴̮̠̯̄ɪ̵̬̩̐ɴ̷̡̫̺̎̀͝ And you can use the rockets to move stickybombs out from under your sentry gun when you got someone trying to stack ‘em. You can also use the bullets to destroy them, but that takes a lot more precision than just blowing them away. Speaking of getting blown away, did you know you can fly as Engineer? Nice Shot m8 Sentry Jumping is an extremely niche thing you can do with the Wrangler, and it’s a shame how unviable it is in typical balanced games, because it’s a lot of fun, takes skill to get good at, and allows Engies to shake up the relatively stale sentry spot metagame. But because of the unavoidable reality that it requires you to set up a Level Three sentry gun, and the unfortunate reality that damaging yourself with rockets puts you at a huge disadvantage when making an offensive play, sentry jumping is more of a gimmick than an actual strategy. You’d probably only see an Engineer sentry jumping in a serious game in order to get out of an unfavorable situation, which is basically just as risky as standing your ground because of the health it costs or you’d see someone doing it just messing around trying to land a Market Pardner. But because of the time it takes to set up a level three, the damage you take from the rockets and likely fall damage after landing, sentry jumping just isn’t something worth practicing. In my opinion, the most viable mobility technique to use with the Wrangler is actually bullet jumping, which is a lot more limiting than jumping with rockets, but ends up being way faster especially when pairing it with a Mini or a Level One sentry. This technique is pretty much only useful when trying to clear short distances or access areas that are slightly out of the Engineer’s reach, but is still handy enough to include in the flank Engineer player’s skill set. Unfortunately, you still have to take into account the damage penalty when shooting yourself with bullets. Perhaps the coolest thing about sentry jumping is the entire world (eh) can open up to people who enjoy doing community things like jump maps. Now there may not be a whole lot of Engineer-specific jump maps out there, but believe it or not, the Engineer can often complete most jump maps that were designed for Soldiers or Demomen, even the pogo and rocket sync sections. The reason for this is because the sentry gun actually shoots 4 rockets rather than one, and despite doing less damage than a Soldier’s rocket for example, they still give a larger amount of knockback, enabling the Engineer to fly much much further with one jump than a Soldier or Demoman can. Sentry jumping for the fun of it is something that I like to do in my spare time just because it’s a challenge to try and see how far I can get on a jump map intended for other classes, but in your typical TF2 match, the skill hardly ever comes into play. But despite all that, I highly recommend you try it out. Jump Dot TF’s Beginners server is a good place to start, and you can actually complete the first section with just a Mini Sentry if you’re good enough at bullet jumping. If any of you guys want me to make a Sentry Jumping and Bullet Jumping tutorial in the future, let me know if that’s something you’d like to see in the comments I’m sure I can throw a separate video together if that’s something people would like to see. But in the meantime, it’s time for Uncle Dane to stop gushing over how awesome the good part of the Wrangler is and get to the dumb part. And it’s been right in front of us the entire time: this thing. This… big… bright… translucent… sphere is what tips the Wrangler over the edge from a fun tool to make your Sentry Gun situationally stronger at the cost of relying on your own skill… into a braindead damage sponge that takes no effort to abuse, and way too much comparative effort to counter: The Wrangler’s shield blocks a whopping 66% of incoming damage, with the downside of also blocking 66% of incoming heals. Now, already – a sentry gun on its own, is a very powerful defensive tool. It’s literally the best area denial thing in the entire game, and a lot of the reason why it’s so powerful at keeping people away from stuff isn’t because it puts out a lot of damage. It’s because the mere existence of a sentry gun delays pushes. A bad player will walk into the sentry gun and die, which wastes time. A good player will avoid the sentry gun, and instead of trying to compleat the objective, attempt to destroy it, which wastes time. Now keep that in mind, because we’ll come back to it in second. But first I want to explain the concept of effective health. Effective health is not the literal health number that someone or something has, but rather the amount of damage required to reduce that number to zero. For example, the Battalion’s Backup increases your actual health by 2̶2̶0̶ 20*. But blowing the banner increases your effective health to around 300. Buffing someone with the Medigun increases their actual health by 50%, and popping Ubercharge on them makes their effective health well infinite. Pulling out the Wrangler increases the effective health of your gun by 3̲0̲0̲% (Uncle had a brain fart), which means you can basically force your opponent to do at least three times as much damage to your sentry gun in order to take it down. Level Three sentry guns have 216 health. Pressing two on your keyboard makes it have 648. Think Mini Sentries are annoying?
[Yes] Well that 100 health can turn into 300 when the Engineer presses 2 on their keyboard. Now, the unlisted downside of only being able to heal your sentry gun a third of the normal amount per swing might seem like a good thing, but against one or two players, that downside doesn’t really matter that much when it’s much easier to outlast an opponent who has to reload and no, not even 5 Direct Hit Rockets are enough to destroy a Wrangled sentry gun. [Whats that sniper doing?]
and no, not even 5 Direct Hit Rockets are enough to destroy a Wrangled sentry gun. In fact, it’s literally impossible to destroy a Wrangled sentry gun with the Direct Hit while it’s being tanked, even when using the Jag: the worst wrench for tanking your sentry gun. It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of how easy it is to tank a sentry gun just by sitting behind it and whacking it with your wrench, but that’s just something that’s in the game at this point, and while it’s pretty annoying when you’re the only one shooting it, it’s nowhere near as frustrating as multiplying the effort required by three fold just because the Engineer did something as simple as pressing 2… on their keyboard. [RIP Uncle Dane, hope that the croket killed you fast]
just because the Engineer did something as simple as pressing 2… on their keyboard. And really that’s where the entire reason for the imbalance of the Wrangler’s shield comes from: it’s all about the minimum amount of required effort each player or team has to give. If a team is trying to take down a single heavily guarded sentry nest, they’re going to have to enlist a Medic player onto their team, that Medic player has to spend a minimum amount of 40 seconds building Ubercharge, then that team has to organize a push to put coordinated amount of focus fire on a Wrangled sentry gun, which will require doing about 1000 damage or more if the gun is being tanked, all of which needs to happen at the same time. Meanwhile, the Engineer has to press 2 on his keyboard. See how there’s an imbalance in effort being exchanged here? The final listed stat on the Wrangler mentions that the sentry gun is disabled for three seconds after the Wrangler is put away, which might seem like a minor downside, but it’s actually more helpful than anything since it makes it possible to tank the gun while Wrangled in the first place. So what do we think? Well, the Wrangler is the Engineer’s best weapon. Some people would call it overpowered, and I would have to agree and that’s very simply for the sole reason that it’s a very good offensive tool for the Engineer player who plays around his sentry gun, as well as an amazingly useful and easy-to-abuse defensive tool for practically anyone who builds a sentry, A.K.A every single engineer player on earth. The Wrangler just gots too much going for it, and it makes the Engineer, which is a defensive/support class take on a third role: tank. Sorry Heavy, but 300 health is basically nothing compared to this baby. Now, in previous weapon reviews where I had criticism to give about the subject at hand, I gave my own suggestions of what I think should be changed in order to make the unlock better. I personally think that if you’re going to be dishing out roasts, it’s only productive to present your own ideas of what can be done to fix the situation. However, I want to preface this section with the reminder that I am not a game designer. I have no idea what the best way to balance the Wrangler would be because frankly, that’s not my job. However, I do play TF2 an absurd amount. I’ve played with and against this weapon for a long time, all the way back to when the Sigafoo Save was a thing. My balance ideas are much more “rip the bandaid off” than Valve’s seem to be, so I don’t expect my suggestions to actually be implemented. However, if it were up to me (which it isn’t) this is how I would change the Wrangler. I would get rid of the shield altogether. It’s too powerful in its current state, and it adds a heavily defensive role to an already offensive weapon. Simply lowering the damage resistance to 33% or even 3% would be pointless in my opinion because it’s just not fair to your opponent how easy it is to get a free health boost to your sentry, no matter how much. The Wrangler is called “the wrangler” for a reason you use it to wrangle your gun like a bull and point it in the direction you want. Having damage resistance alongside that ability is overkill, and frankly doesn’t even adhere to the theme of the weapon in the first place. Over the years i’ve heard multiple ideas from people that include things like splitting the Wrangler into two weapons Equalizer-style, making the shield only able to block on type of damage at a time like the Vaccinator, or even a suggestion that I gave in a previous video where the damage resistance is put on the Engineer himself instead of the sentry gun. And I have no idea if any of those ideas would work,like I said, I’m not a game designer. All I know is that I’m a huge fan of keeping it simple, stupid. So I’d much prefer to just remove the shield entirely. Now, I realize that completely deleting an entire stat from a weapon wouldn’t go over well with most people, which is why I’d also like to add a small, but significant counterbalance: I think the Wrangler, when equipped, should give you full immunity to your own sentry gun’s damage. Much like the Rocket Jumper or the Sticky Jumper, many people have suggested a Sentry Jumper but honestly, I see no reason why you should be given a damage penalty for sentry jumping as Engineer as it is. The reason why taking damage while rocket jumping as Soldier or sticky jumping as Demoman is balanced s because it’s something those classes can easily do in a split second. The Engineer can only jump after he’s spent 30 seconds or more setting up a level three sentry gun, as well placing it in an ideal spot, which is already much, much more restrictive than any other explosive jumping class. So I say, just give Engineer the ability to jump, self-damage not included. These suggested stats would not only give the manual control ability the spotlight it deserves, but it would also legitimize sentry jumping and raise the skill ceiling of the Engineer class in general. It would reward the Engineer players who practice jumping and blow open the demand for more Engineer-specific jump servers to practice on, since the strategy would actually become useful in regular games instead of remaining some silly thing to do when you’re feeling cheeky. But hey, you don’t have to listen to any of the suggestion I’m giving. I don’t really mind what the developers decide to do to the Wrangler, but I know that it’s very unlikely that it will remain in the current overpowered state it’s in right now. Just as long as there’s something done to where coordination, preparation, aim, skill, and expert positioning isn’t countered by this: [Crab Dance]
🦀 [Crab Dance]
🦀 [Crab Dance]
🦀 [Crab Dance]
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100 thoughts on “Engineer’s Best Weapon

  1. if you turn on subtitles, at 0:45 it says, "sounds like one of the instruments is a guy cracking his knuckles over and over again." and i freaking LOVE it

  2. delete the shield of the turret when the engineer does'nt have his wrangler in his hands but let the 3s of cooldown

  3. I'd remove the 3s unwrangle shield, and reduce damage resist to 50%. That means you can't just switch easily and have it still tank damage while healing it.

  4. I feel like it would be cool if it was stubborn as a bull would and disobey every few shots. Then you'd actually have to wrangle it and the damage reduction would be kinda justified.

  5. Here is my idea
    Make the Shield Break after 400 damage is taken on the Shield
    Visuals show the shield’s HP like Reinhard’s Shield
    Shield recharges after 15 seconds
    Upgrade rate is also reduced by 66%
    35% Sentry Jump Resistance

  6. I'm sorry but my own opinion the wrangler kinda sucks with the fact that boom one sneaky sniper or heavy or soldier or demo……get the point to pretty much one shots you and that turrets dead….I have had that happen way too many times so that's why I will never use it again

  7. One simple nerf : remove the shield when the sentry is disabled. You could also make it not "wranglable" while it's disabled. That way, you would not be able to both repair your sentry and maintain the shield, you could only either tank the sentry, or wrangle it, not both.

  8. If i could change the wrangler id remove the shield when the gun is disabled after unwrangling and keep the -66% repair rate while disabled so that you couldn’t heal a shielded gun

  9. The engineer, if he had a sentry jumper, would be able to jump behind people and start a base behind them. It would be just as OP.

  10. I’d think a good change would be while the Sentry is disabled when you put it away so is the shield that why you can’t tank your gun while the shield is up

  11. Dane. It’s ok that you’re not a Game Designer. Valve clearly doesn’t know how to Balance the Wrangler themselves! XD

  12. A good spy like Mr. Paladin can easily take out an engineer with his wrangler equiped any day, due to the engineers lack of awareness at times. If the engineer would to focus his attention to an incoming push, all it would take to stop this man's "OP" wrangler is a single backstab from a spy to this unaware engie, and a sapper to his sentry, which he has a comfortable 3 seconds to sap. Trust me, I've seen a whole video of Mr. Paladin discussing SPAAS. Spies love it when an engineer is having too much fun with his joy stick wrangler to be completely unaware of the French man behind him. "AHHHHHH!"
    "You got blood on my suit".

  13. I have a few ideas on what should be done for the wrangler (yes I know I am like several months late but we all know that its necessary that this weapon get some kind of nerf) I say we should buff the Bison to do more damage to wrangled sentrys ore even make it disable the wrangler off the player using it. (think of it like a Spycicle as when a spy is on fire they lose the ability to back stab but they are not ignited by the flames.) Idk how it should work but I feel like maybe this is the way to bring one weapon to balance and another weapon back to life in viability because all honesty the Bison is just a garbage weapon that needs love and I feel this is one way to give it that. (Just look at the cow mangler its already able to disable a sentry for a time why not give the user to completely disable a Engie entirely ;3)

  14. Simple plan to make wrangler balanced is to make the item lose its shield after 30 seconds making the tool harder to abuse and it would take a 10 second cool down

  15. ( somewhere in the distance far away ) LET'S DO THIS TEXAS STYLE
    ( Sentry jumps behind you with Widowmaker ) HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

  16. What if the shield turned off when it would fire? And the 3 second shield would weaken the gun instead? Or just make the engi locked on the wrangler too?

  17. The shield integrity/damage reduction should wear down as you deal damage, then have a recharge delay when you aren't dealing damage, then start "charging" back up. The shield would not be present during autotargetting, and recharge/shield integrity is only affected by death of of the sentry, not swapping weapons or relocation.

    Why? 1. This still can give a defensive bonus when you are done firing bullets/rockets and healing with the wrench in the auto targeting cooldown.
    2. A sentry that isn't actively firing isn't an important target to the enemy, and getting it wiped out while being effectively dormant isn't so great either; With the wrangler you might not fire all the time like autotargetting does, so having the wrangler out but not firing puts your sentry at an offensive AND defensive disadvantage simultaneously. Idle moments recharging your sentry's defensive capabilities compensate for this which I think was the original intention of the shield in the first place.
    3. The shield integrity decay is affected by damage, so as you attempt to deal damage to targets that are far away and are affected by damage falloff – and vice versa as they target you – there is a duality in their lowered damage against you and your lowered shield decay as you damage them because you are dealing less damage as well.

  18. My individual changes:

    1) remove the shield and just make it shoot faster
    2) when sentry is wrangled, it doesn't receive heal or replenished ammo
    3) remove the auto aim
    4) normal sentry when wrangled only shoots faster with no tripled or doubled health; mini sentry when wrangled recieves doubled or tripled health with a minor (or stay the same) fire rate increase.

  19. 4:43 I heard "Market Pardner" and got the biggest hit of dopamine from just the idea alone hot damn

  20. You have a little mistake in the terminology used at 8:14 When you say "increases effective health by 66%" its health would actually be 359. You should say either "increases effective health by 200%" or "Reducing incoming damage by 66% would result in a 3x health boost."
    Nitpicking, but its tru.

  21. To me it should be 33℅ defence with shield, no auto aim, downtime when switching but it doesn't have a shield.

  22. Please keep putting all this amazing music into your videos. The Gangplank Galleon and Lorekeeper Zinnia songs are very common for me as a Smash player and I love when people who play other games acknowledge our culture.

  23. Aaah GTA IV and TF2 mix is so great I wasn't ready for this, I literally have tears in my eyes because of excitement

  24. How about this:

    You change two stats on the wrangler:
    Make it so you can’t fix the sentry while it is wrangled , and lower the increased health to 20%.

    This would alleviate the damage sponge effect entirely.

  25. What if there was a 3rd kinda sentry, kinda like a level 1 with rockets attached? equipping the wrangler gives it to ya and the rockets from it deal like -80% (or whatever) damage to the engi jumping with it, this'd also limit the amount of damage you could do and open up another playstyle 😀 maybe this mini rocket sentry also had faster build time for a more aggressive market pardner strat…

  26. You are blowing the imbalance of effort out of proportion, that engineer needs to spend a lot of time building the sentry and dispenser to allow him to effectively use wrangler.

  27. How about making the shield activate after the sentry that was wrangled already dealt a certain amount of damage

    Like so:

    Every __% of damage dealt will increase resistance by __% (maximum of 66%) but will decrease over time (maybe after about 3 seconds it'll start to decrease)

  28. Also, I think they may make it lake, if u pool the wrangler out the first 1.5 sec u will have 22% def, then u will have 44% and the 66% def (so u nide to wait about3 second before u get max def)

  29. Wragler is not overpower.
    Its actually you are too good with it.
    Any class can kill engie in 2 shot can counter it, unless that engineer have fuxking 5000 hours on engineer

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