Essential Kitchen Tools for Your First Apartment

This video is all about the essential kitchen
tools that I recommend when you move into your first apartment, whether it’s during
college or after! Starting off the list are pots and pans. And
my favorite is the cast iron skillet. These vary in different sizes but I recommend a
ten to twelve inch pan. A well-seasoned cast iron pan is naturally non-stick so you don’t
have to worry about the teflon issue. The food cooks really evenly on this and it can
also double as a roasting pan for meats in the oven too.
Next is a sauce pan. This will be your workhorse in the kitchen. You can use this to steam
your vegetables, cook your pastas and rice, and also use it to make classic sauces or
gravy. And finally, a stock pot. Every kitchen should
have a really big pot. This pot is great for making large amounts of soups, for boiling
massive amounts of pasta, or for when you need to make your own broth.
And now on to cooking tools. I’m going to start off with the spoonula.
I love that word! The silicone is easy on your pots and pans so that it doesn’t scratch
the surface, but the shape of the spoonula makes it really versatile. You can mix, stir,
scrape, and even spread with it. Moving onto tongs. Tongs are great for when
you’re turning heavier foods like meat on the grill, or in the roasting pan.
Another must-have is a paring knife. A paring knife will help you cut smaller things with
precision. I use it a lot for cutting fruits, and mincing herbs and vegetables.
And the most important kitchen tool of all, the chef’s knife. Every chef needs a sturdy
and durable knife. I recommend test-driving a few at your local specialty kitchen store
to make sure that you find the right fit for you. Since you’ll be using this for everything,
you want to make sure that it’s comfortable. This knife is the one that I use all the time.
It’s great for slicing, chopping, dicing, mincing, everything. Just make sure to keep
it sharp at all times. Which leads me to a knife sharpener. You don’t
need a fancy one. This is a compact knife sharpener. To sharpen it, you just slide the
knife right through, and it does the trick. Nice and sharp.
And next is the cutting board. I recommend using bamboo cutting boards because the wood
is softer and easier on your knives than the plastic ones. Be sure to wash and clean your
board thoroughly so that you don’t have any cross-contamination.
Another tool you’ll need is a vegetable peeler. A vegetable peeler is better than a knife
for getting skins off fruits and vegetables. Peelers are also great for making chocolate
shavings or vegetable ribbons to give your food a fancy flair.
A box grater. You may have grown up with one of these and used it for making hash browns
or shredding cheese. But it can be used for so much more. A box grater, with its four
different sides, is great for zesting lemons, slicing vegetables, and even grating ginger
or garlic. Measuring cups and spoons, for when you need
to measure out ingredients when following recipes.
And mixing bowls. The best ones to get are the nesting bowls. They give you a range of
sizes to choose from and they save a lot of space when you store them. Use these to prep
your vegetables or mix your dough when baking. And finally, oven tools.
You’ll need a good baking sheet for roasting meats and vegetables, baking cookies, and
even making pizzas. Make sure to find a thicker one so that it doesn’t warp in your oven’s
heat. And a cupcake pan, but not just for cupcakes.
I use it to make muffins, mini pies, mini meatloaves, mac and cheese cups…
And that’s it! Check out the video description to find links to the tools I love and use.
Congratulations on moving into your first apartment. I hope this list of essential tools
will help you in setting up your kitchen. Happy cooking! Bye

54 thoughts on “Essential Kitchen Tools for Your First Apartment

  1. yes definitely! there is a value pack by chicago metallic that i bought – it includes 2 baking sheets and an oven safe cooling rack. This cooling rack is my absolute favorite – i'll link in the description! 🙂

  2. I actually was thinking about to get a 10"-12" cast iron skillet that just looks like yours. Great ! I am going to get one.

  3. i love this skillet and use it on a daily basis. it comes very highly recommended – and best of all, cleanup is a breeze! they don't recommend washing with soap because its better seasoned. just wash with hot water and scrub with a steel wool. enjoy your skillet!! 🙂

  4. I have just moved so this an awesome video! I was thinking on buying a square pirex, to bake cakes, brownies, lasagnas…

  5. Thank you for the tips! I really enjoy baking and decorating cupcakes, what are some of your recommendations for tools to use for baking (piping bags, tips, pans, mixing tools, etc) I would really love to hear what you say!

  6. Hi Dzung, really want to get a cast iron skillet now…those nonstick ones keep getting scratched eventually. Where did you get your top? It's so cute!

  7. What are some things I can make that would get my girlfriend into cooking? I am getting my first place and will be doing most of the cooking because she doesn't know how. Help please 🙂

  8. Ha! I'm with Andrew! Dzung you MUST do a video on those Mac & Cheese cups! Genius!! Lol! So cute, love your list (I never knew that was called a "Spoonula!" 🙂 BTW you have the cutest clothes! xo B

  9. Great video! You recommended a bamboo cutting board. Do you use it for cutting all foods? Would you recommend the different-colored plastic cutting boards for use with different foods? Thanks!

  10. haha thanks beth! i know, i love those spoonulas! isn't it a cool word? and i have anthropologie to thank for all their cute tops! 😀

  11. A bamboo board ruins the edge it contains lots of silica and is very hard on the edge.

    Use a end grain wood board

    A pull tru sharpener also ruins a good knife use a whetstone and learn to sharpen

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