ExpoBaixos 2019 Mega Space – MG | Taramps Electronics (English/CC)

What’s up, car audio enthusiasts? We’re here at the EXPObaixos 2019. As always, Taramps present in the greatest events around Brazil! Let’s check this one out! As you can see, here we are, at another big event! Look how crowded it is. A lot of these suspension lowered cars are using Taramp’s products. I’ll show you some cars here at the event. Check this out. As you can see he’s using our TS400x4 and a TA 2700D. Just so you remember, the suspension lowered cars also use Taramps! Check it out. One more suspension lowered car using Taramps. Check this out. He’s using the HD8000 – one channel 8000 watts RMS amplifier, and, also, a T400x4. The system is properly installed. Look, the suspension is very lowered. Enjoy the music a little. Keep in mind that the event doesn’t allow us to use maximum volume. Another car with Taramps, he’s using our HD 8000 and our TS 800×4. Take a look here. Beautiful car. Once again, another lowered car using our products! Take a look. He’s using the HD5000 and the TS400x4. Let’s check another one. Check this out. MH 380 from 7Driver. Let’s see more. Are you using Taramps? (yes) Ok, guys, we’re at the Taramps booth and we have here a very special guest, our partner D2M. It’s very crowded here. Come here. – D2M: Hey Taramps Group, congratulations on the amazing booth. High-quality products here. Taramps also supporting the suspension lowered cars! This guy here is an icon for the community. If you like lowered cars you’ll probably know him. Subscribe to his channel! – D2M: After all, you barely see suspension lowered cars without a subwoofer or an amplifier module. That’s it, thank you! Let’s continue showing you some more cars with our products! One more. As you can see, it’s an Audi a3 with 20″ ring wheels. Take a look at his car trunk filled with equipment. Of course, there’s a Taramps amp playing. For the bass, he’s using our one channel 8000 watts RMS HD 8000, running at 2 ohms, and, also, our TS 800×4 plus an HD 3000. A very well structured system. Let’s continue with more cars. I’ll show you now Wallace’s beautiful sound system. Are you good? (yes) Can we take a look at your car? (yes, of course) How long have you been using Taramps? (more than a year) Are you satisfied? (yes, a lot) That’s what matters. Let’s show you his car. As you can see we have two 15 inches speakers, 2k8 model from 7Driver, plus Taramps’ amplifiers that you’ll see right away. Now we have here a car exclusively structured by AudioCar. For the door speakers, he’s using the DS 440×4 and for the bass, he’s using the DS 800×4. That’s it for today’s video guys!
I hope you enjoyed! Taramps always present at the greatest events.
A big hug and see you in the next video.

12 thoughts on “ExpoBaixos 2019 Mega Space – MG | Taramps Electronics (English/CC)

  1. Gosto muito da Taramps tenho um ts400x4 falta só um 400bass no momento estou desempregado infelizmente não tenho condição de terminar Familia #Taramps

  2. quero des de ja agradecer todo esforço feito pelo nosso editor de vídeo e áudio abner sensacional irmão parabéns edição top de mais uma vez vc fez a diferença pra concerta meus erros hehehehe bora compartilhar link galera

  3. Agradecemos a presença da Taramps no evento e esperamos que a parceria continue nas próximas etapas, levando pra galera todas as novidades do ramo de som automotivo.

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