– (Alex) The right answer is C. – (cheering)
– (Eric and Tom) NO!! (faint buzzing)
– (Tom yelping in pain) – (David yelping)
– (laughter) – Was that bad?
– Yeah, that was awful. – (laughter) – Hi there, YouTube.
My name is Tom. – I’m Alex.
– And welcome to Challenge Chalice, the show where you guys
submit challenge requests in the comments,
Alex combs through ’em, throws ’em in the chalice,
and I do ’em with awesome, cool, super awesome, the best guests. – I’ve heard rumors of a squad. – Oh, you mean the notification squad?
– Oh yeah. – Well, it’s super easy to join. If you want to be a part of it,
you get to know as soon as we post
any video on the React– – Not just this one.
– Any React video that we post. All you have to do
is subscribe down below, hit the little bell icon,
follow it up with a check mark, then you’re in the notification squad. – Okay.
– One of these days. – He knows.
You know all too well. All right, so with me today,
we have Chelsea and Eric from College Kids React,
and FBE post supervisor David. Hey! You all have been on this show before. Let’s do some Rock-Paper-Scissors
and get into this challenge. – (all) Rock-paper-scissors shoot! – Okay, Chelsea.
– Yes! – “Shock trivia challenge,”
suggested by Jaco Lemle. – No freaking way! – We can’t get electric shocks.
– Shock trivia challenge? – I can’t even talk.
– Chelsea, why?! ♪ (light folk music) ♪ – So, ladies and gentlemen,
this is the shock trivia challenge. You guys may have seen
this game before. It shocks you if
you’re not the first person to touch it before it goes green,
but we put a nice little twist on it because I’m gonna be giving
you guys some trivia. It’s gonna be
multiple choice questions. The way that it works is that
you’re all gonna be individuals. It’s gonna be the first person
to get four questions correct. For each question,
whoever gets it wrong then has to step up
to the little shock game. – They look like little dolphins,
but they’re deadly little dolphins! – So let’s say two people
lose that round, then they both have
to put their hands on here, and then they have
to go against each other in the shocking game. But at the same time,
if you are the only person who gets it wrong,
you are definitely getting shocked because you have to put
both of your hands on– – No!
– (Tom groaning) – And by the way,
if you don’t press down when it goes green,
it automatically shocks you and it’s a worse shock, so–
– What is this?! It’s a torture contraption.
– (cackling) – I’m sorry guys, I’m going
all out on this one. – I know, I’m smiling and laughing,
but really, I’m dying. – It’s on the normal function,
and then there’s an extreme function. – Is this FDA approved?
– What are we doing? – The FDA? We’re not gonna eat it. – So the game’s gonna go red first,
and it’s gonna make a noise, and once it turns green,
you want to hit it first. If you don’t hit it first,
you get shocked. All right, ladies and gentlemen,
we are starting things off with a Harry Potter question.
– (Eric) Awesome! – (Chelsea) No!!
– Eric’s gonna win. – What is the name of Fred
and George’s joke shop? Is it A) Weasley Joke Emporium,
B) Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, C) Wacky Wizard Joke Shop,
or D) F and G’s Wonder Store. – Oh my god!
I am absolutely– – 100% positive. I will say I’ve read
each Harry Potter book 15 times. – Flip around your answers. – I said B.
– Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. – No!!
– The correct answer is B. – (Chelsea cheering)
– (Tom laughing) – Oh my gosh. – (Tom giggling)
– All right, here we go. ♪ (ominous music playing) ♪
– Sorry, buddy. (faint buzzing)
– Oh! (in slow-mo) Oh!
– Oh gee! – Woo!
– (laughter) – AH!
– (laughter) – Was that bad?
– Yeah, that was awful. – (laughter) – I could feel it deep in my veins.
– (groaning) – Question number two,
how many times is the word “Pokémon”
used in the Pokémon theme song? – What?!
– Is it A) 10, B) 3, C) 5, or D) 8. – I’ve never seen it.
– You’ve never seen Pokémon? – No, I’ve seen Pokémon, but I–
– Can you say that one more time? – Yeah, what are the answers
because I was singing it. – One, two, three!
– D! – So we got C, B, D, D.
– Oh god. Oh god. – The right answer is C!
– (Tom) NO!! – (Chelsea) No!
– (David) Woo! – Press it when it goes green.
And here we go. – (shrilly) I don’t to play! – (anxiously) Pikachu, I choose you!
– Use thunderbolt. ♪ (ominous music playing) ♪ – (Chelsea screeching) Damn it!
– I win! – (Tom laughing)
– You can’t let go. – Number three, what
was the title of the last album One Direction made
together as a group of five? – I’m gonna write it down. – Is it A) Made in the A.M,
is it B) Up All Night, C) Take Me Home, or D) Four. – That’s a five piece, right?
– Hmmm? – That’s a five piece?
– Yes. – Yeah, okay.
– “That’s a five piece”? They’re not chicken nuggets! – You guys, ready, set, flip!
– Four! – When it doubt, go with B.
– C. – B.
– You said Four?! – The answer is D.
– No, that’s what I wrote and then I changed it.
– Dah! ♪ (ominous music playing) ♪ – (Chelsea) Come on. (Chelsea growling)
– I feel like Jigsaw. (darkly) “Do you want to play a game?” ♪ (ominous music playing) ♪ – (Tom) It hasn’t stopped!
– (Chelsea squealing) (shrieking)
– (David) No! – (Tom laughing)
– Good. Good. (clapping and laughter) – All right, next question. When was YouTube founded? – Founded?
– Oh! – A) 2004, B) 2005,
C) 2006, or D) 2007. – I’m just gonna already pick this up. – Ready, set, flip.
– 5002. – A.
– Two– wait, 2005. – The correct answer is B, 2005.
– Woo! – Oh my god.
– Board five, yay! – We’re gonna up the ante.
– ALEX! – What? No! No!
– Alex, please. – We’ll hold it. We’ll hold it.
– Going extreme. Hold onto those.
– All right, I’m holding it. – You ready?
– I’m holding it. – Here we go. ♪ (ominous music playing) ♪
– This is fun. – (Tom) This is not fun.
– This is not fun! – (Eric) I’m having a great day.
– Sadist. ♪ (ominous music playing) ♪ – (sighing) I’m sweating. ♪ (ominous music playing) ♪ (faint buzzing)
– (shrieking) Damn it! – (laughter)
– Jesus Christ. – I was holding it so tight. I was just like, “I’m ready!” – Number five, which of these
is not a K-pop group? – Oh dear Lord! – Oh, where’s Kelsey
when I need her? – Is it A) BTS, B) Big Bang,
C) Cherry Satin, or D) f(x). Not a K-pop group. All right, answers. All right. Ready, set, flip.
– (Chelsea and Eric) C. – Also, Eric’s winning. – The correct answer is C. – Yay!
– Woo! I win! – I thought– I thought–
– So the winner is Eric. Now, before we get down,
just think about this, guys. You guys are all doing
the punishment, you three. – Oh damn. – But first, Tom
has to take this… – No! (laughing)
– …solo shock. ♪ (ominous music playing) ♪ – We don’t have a one player option.
– It doesn’t. – Why do I need two in my hands? – Because you were
the only one who lost. (faint buzzing)
– AAAH! (laughing) – That’s horrible to watch.
– That was so visceral. (in slow-mo) AAAAH! (laughter) – Ladies and gentlemen,
the winner is Eric! – Hey! – Congratulations,
you’ve got your trivia down. It’s time for the punishments
for our losers. You guys can send
in your own punishments because these are sent
in from you guys, the fans. Send them in the comments below
or on all our social media. Gordy vlogs says, “The punishment
is to lick cake frosting.” – (Tom) Hey, I’ve been saying
this for so long! – Whatever, it’s a decent…
– Hey, cake. – I don’t trust this.
This is too good to be true. – (Alex) You got some red velvet.
It’s a little melty. – That looks messed up.
– That’s mayonnaise, isn’t it? – Gordy vlogs told me
not to tell you guys that it was cake with mayo frosting. – Oh my! All right, cheers! Three, two, one. – (Chelsea gagging) I can’t do it. – Oh! (laughing)
– You okay? – I tried.
– It’s all right. You can spit it out. Do you need a water? – Mayonnaise is the one food
I cannot tolerate. – Hey, at least–
that might have been our best gag.
– I know. – (imitating gagging)
– We need that as a sound effect. – (Chelsea gagging) – All right, time for shout-outs. Yay! All right, shout-out to PastelEdits.
– (Chelsea gagging) – Hey, thank you. – And shout-out to Janeth Ochoa.
– Hey! – What up? – Hey, shout-out to Boog St. John.
– Hello! – Shout-out to Absolutos 008.
– Hey! – (Chelsea gagging)
– Shout-out. (laughing) So if you guys
want to be in next week’s shout-out, all you have to do
is subscribe down below, hit the little bell icon,
follow it up with a check mark, and then, bam, comment
in the first ten minutes and you’re in the notification squad. Don’t forget to send
in your challenge suggestions with the hashtag #ChallengeChalice
on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Thank you guys. It has been a–
– Shocking! (giggling)
– I was gonna say “electrifying experience,” but– Well, bye! – Thank you guys for watching
Challenge Chalice. If you want to watch more FBE shows,
then click the link below. – If you liked watching them
get electrocuted, hit that Like button. – Why would that title
be album Four after five of them?! – Because it was the fourth album!
– But there’s five of them. – But it was the fourth album. There were three albums,
and then it had Midnight Memories, and then they had Four!


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