EZ Tools – Free After Effects Script To Speed Up Your Workflow

Hey, welcome back to my new video. This is
easy tutorials, and for those of you who are the first time in this channel, please consider
subscribing. In this video, I want to present you: EZ Tools. This is an After Effects script, that I have
created myself during the last days, which will help you save a lot of time and energy,
with every project that you create in After Effects. The script will be free to download for all
my subscribers, and it will be used in all my tutorials since today. So you better get it, to keep up with me. If you are asking how can you get it, it’s
very simple. Clicking the link from the description, will
open this page. As I have told you, the link is free for my
subscribers, so you have to become one of them… Click here, on subscribe. The youtube subscription
confirmation will open in a new window. If you already are one of my subscribers,
don’t worry, the program will recognize it. Confirm your subscription. Activate the bell icon too. Close this page, and click continue. Input your name and your email address. I
will use it only to send you the updates of the plugin. Click save, and the download link will show
up. Click on it. And download the file. After you unzip it, you will get a folder
like this. Select the EZ images folder and the script
file. Copy them. Open the local disk where Adobe After Effects
is installed. Usually, it should be on the C drive. Open: program files. Open : Adobe. Select your version of After Effects. Open: support files. Open the scripts folder. And enter the Scripts UI panels folder. If you don’t find this folder here, don’t
panic! You can create a new folder and name it like this. Once you’ve opened the folder, paste the files
you have downloaded. You might need to provide administrator permission
to copy files to this folder. Now, open your after Effects program. Click on window. And select the EZ Tools script from the menu. Grab it from here, and dock it wherever is
better for you. Let’s create a new composition, and see how
it works. The script panel has 6 zones. The move anchor point zone. The layer control zone. The creation zone. The keyframe manipulation zone. The cursor movement zone. And the effects zone. Let’s start with the creation zone. Clicking on this button will create a new
black solid. The solid will always be created using the composition sizes, and will have
the default name: black solid. You can create solids using custom names,
like this. Also, you can create shape layers. Null objects. Adjustment layers. New cameras. And lights. With your layer selected you can easily change
its anchor point position like this. You can duplicate it, as many times as you
need. You can split it. And delete it. All these actions work width multiples layers
too. You also can precompose one or multiple layers. The script will automatically move all attributes
to the new composition. You can also give a custom name to your new
pre-comp. Using this script you can change the start
point and the end point of your layers very easy too. Let’s move to the keyframe manipulation zone. Most of the times, if you want to create a
smooth animation, you can’t just leave the keyframes linear. Using my script, with only one click you can
easy ease them. Easy ease in, and easy ease out also. You can time reverse keyframes. And even time reverse layer. You can also reveal all the properties width
keyframes. And it works with multiple layers too. Also, the delete button can be used for the
keyframes too. If you need to move on your timeline, is easier
to jump 5 frames, 10 frames or 15 frames forward. Or 5, 10 and 15 frames backward. But you can also jump to any amount of frames,
using any of the positive buttons to move forward. And any of the negative buttons to move backward. From my own experience, and after doing research
too, I realized that the most frequently used effects are: fill, tint, fast blur, glow,
ramp and curves. To apply them to a layer, usually you have
to search for the fill effect, and apply it. Then search for the tint effect, and apply
it. Then search for the fast blur effect and apply
it. And so on… Using EZ tools you can do this in a second. And what do you know… you can use the delete
button to clear the effects too. You can also apply the effect to multiple
layers at the same time. And as often as you want, you can click on
this button, to check out my new tutorials. This is my new tool. Remember that is free
for you, and that I will use it for all my videos starting today. So don’t waste your
time anymore and get it. I hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to hit the like button and comment.
It would be great to know your opinions on this tool. How is it working, how should I
change it, etc… Also, you can make requests for new tutorials, on interesting effects
or animations that you would like to learn. See you soon!

100 thoughts on “EZ Tools – Free After Effects Script To Speed Up Your Workflow

  1. Looks super handy and I am subscribed, but the link does not show up and insteadit says "sorry, you're creating too many entries, please try again later" (while strangely showing "0" entries) 🤔Any idea on what's going on?
    Appreciate, good luck with your channel!

  2. that was a wonderful tool winch will save a lot of time and energy, thank u for sharing with us, Love you guys

  3. it´s great. but many options don´t work in my after fx. when i push the buttons that control keyframes or fx nothing happens…

  4. cool tool
    shot be nice if you crate a sheet creator when animating you know just to render the animation as a png or jpk image for video games like unreal end so on
    candida like Sheetah – Spritesheet Tools plugin who is way to expense for my at the moment
    or if you haw a batter alternative can you show it or how to do it just asking

  5. Whenever I try to run it it says "the 'ez_images' folder is not in the same location as the " Move Anchor Point.jsx" Please correct this in order to use Move Anchor Point" I'm not sure how to fix this. I'm using after effects cc 2017. Anything you know about this? Both files are in the same destination under ScriptUI Panels. I also didn't have to manually create the Script UI Panels folder, it was already there

  6. I figured out what i did wrong! I was trying to run the script from 'file' > 'scripts' > 'run script file' when i should've been accessing the script from the 'Window' tab. My mistake

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing, timesaving professional work for FREE! Wish you many love and success. Please keep it up the professionalism and kindness.

    Thank you.

  8. AE CC 2018 (english V) , Three button doesn't work — SOL ,PRE , frame (forward and backward ), also the blank that you can type doesn't work , Can you fix it ,I love this tool .

  9. Sei que o que me empata esta no brasil e não saber nada de inglês, mais suas aulas me transforma quase em um bilíngue hehehehe OBRIGADO pelo Tutoriais!

  10. Thank you, it is very useful. However, many options don´t work in my AE CC 2018: DUP, CAM, LIG, DEL, EE, EEI, EEO, TRK, TRL, DIS, FILL, TINT, BLUR, GLOW, RAMP, CURVE… when I click on that buttons nothing happens…

  11. Thank You for your effort, Highly appreciatable work , but i connot download the tools
    it show just "coming soon" plz help.

  12. i can't download this scripts.
    When i click above link the message displayed …..''A New WordPress Site
    Coming Soon!''
    Plz Help…..

  13. hello.
    I want to download your tools but the link not worked. Because your site is coming soon. Can you help my with other link.

  14. Hey! AMAZING TOOL EZ Tutorials, i really appreciate it. I got problems with some buttons, like easy ease or camera! they dont work, how can i fix it? im using AE CC 2019. Thanks You for your effort 🙂 Saludos desde Argentina!

  15. Heyy its not showing me Ez tools when i download this as javascript file…its as jsxbin? Idk what is it…can u help me?

  16. Hi! I'm running CS6 version of AE and the script palette is fixed in the upper left corner, there is no handlebar and it cannot be repositioned. Any chance that there is an earlier version download for AE CS6 that you can point me to perhaps?

  17. Thanks a lot. It works great but could be nice if the plus a minus keyframes would be reversed since you click opposite then it moves. Also I had a glitch when I centered the anchor point on a shape and it doubled the shape (only visually on screen). The anchor point moved from animation composer worked great.
    Beside that. It's on my work space now. Thanks.

  18. Gracias los tutoriales son buenisimos tambien las herramientas. muchas gracias por compartir con nosotros sus conocimientos.

  19. Hi there EZ,
    I have downloaded the file and it's showing me (EZ Tools.jsxbin) and I have pasted it in the mentioned file (ScriptUI Panels) but can't get the same in Ae program. I'm using Adobe After Effets CC 2018, could you explain to me how to fix this issue? It would be great if you helped me and others whom are facing the same issue in the future.

  20. link takes me to malicious website.found it somewhere else, had to unsubscribe and subscribe to get it…Great Script! Thanks!

  21. Hello! I love the tools, and I would like to obtain it, but the link is not active, would it be possible to link it again? thank you very much, I like your tutorials

  22. This is great but if I am working with a huge composition, when I select new null or new solid it places it at the top of the comp… instead of on top of the selected layer. How can I change this?

  23. saludos cordales, he tratado de descargar EZ TOOLS, desde la pagina de este canal, pero no me da ninguna opcion de descarga, seria posible que si disponen au de esta herramienta podrian enviarme a mi correo [email protected]

  24. Awesome tool! Only thing… the New Solid button doesnt work at all, wont create a solid. Running the latest version of AE and EZ. Is there a fix? Thanks!

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