Fact-Checking Tools — Video 1: Verifying Images and Videos

Hi, I’m Craig. Hi, I’m Jane. We’re reporters at BuzzFeed News and our
job is to debunk fake stuff on the internet every day. So, we’re going to show you some of the
tools and tips and tricks that we use so that you can do it too. In this video we’re going to show you how
to use reverse image search to figure out the source of a photo or a video that you
see online. We’re going to learn how to do a reverse
image search and this is really handy if you don’t know where an image came from the
internet. So, what you do is you really just right click
and select “Search Google for image” and that will bring up all other instances in
which this image has been used. So, you can essentially judge for yourself
if it’s a real image or a false image. So, in this case this is a very famous hoax
– it’s a shark on the freeway and it’s been around since at least 2012. So, what we’re seeing is that there’s
been a lot of people saying that it’s been fake. And you can even scroll down and read the
history of this hoax, which is that it was photo-shopped many, many years ago and used
in almost every hurricane since. So, whenever you see a viral tweet or a viral
Facebook post, this is a really great quick step to verify that what you’re seeing is
in the right context and that it is true or false. Now that you know how to reverse search an
image, you can also use that to check out an online video. This video claimed to be from Hurricane Urmia
and it got 35 million views on Facebook. And you can look at the comments first of
all to see what people are saying – there’s someone here claiming that it was actually
from Uruguay years earlier. But, if you want to find out for yourself,
you can just take a screen shot of part of the video and then once you have that, you
can go back and look at Google images and do your reverse image search. So, we’ll open up Google images, we’ll
see the camera icon, we’ll click on that, we’ll choose the option to upload an image,
and then we’re going to put our screenshot into the Google image search so it can look
and see if it can find other examples online with that image. And we do get some stories here where people
say, “don’t fall for these fake videos of Hurricane Urmia”. So, we can see even with just taking a screenshot
from a video, reverse image search works as well.

9 thoughts on “Fact-Checking Tools — Video 1: Verifying Images and Videos

  1. Jane did you fact check your comment on the Notre dam fire, NOPE you didn't what a sorry excuse for journalist. I'm no journalist but fact checking takes a few seconds and bang, but you alt left have only 1 thing on your mind is rhetoric and virtue points. they obviously was moooooslims and they obviously was using smiley faces to rejoice in the fact this historic building was burning. shame on you and shame on buzzfeed.

  2. Very great debunk from Paul Joseph Watson post concerning Notre Dame! Ok, now why don't you go and find a real work you both I*****! ! you should be removed from the web for spreading ridicule FAKE NEWS and I hope soon you will! You act like if peoples are so dumb that cannot verify via facebook what those comments where and was about and from who! you are D****!

  3. Jane is a paid shill, she cannot be trusted anyone that takes advice from this liar on anything is making a big mistake

  4. Jane you're a lying toad and not even very good at it….if you lied about me you'd be sued on the spot.
    remove yourself dear……..pathetic little twat.

  5. The skills I have learned about digital literacy tell me that "Wally Swill" and "John Cocks", et al. are not exactly reliable sources. Even better, they inadvertently led me to take a look at the Notre Dame story and used it as an example for my students how a story can quickly become "fake", "sensationalized", and filled with "aluminum hat wearing biase". Hatred and mistruth are so easily spread on the internet, and this was a great learning opportunity for my students to see it in a very current context. Check out the story at https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/janelytvynenko/notre-dame-hoax-timeline and decide for yourself what you think. Or check out the video: https://youtu.be/Xpzh1HO6YIU

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