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Hi there! Thank you for checking out my channel Thank you for clicking on this video. This video is part of the series of videos I post to try to help people out when it comes to aptitude tests like the civil service exam and today we’re going to talk about something that you guys voted for last week now I usually post a poll at the end of the videos that I make in which you can vote for which topic you want me to talk about next and last time you guys said that you wanted something about factoring techniques. Now. I covered this a little bit in my discussion on finding the smallest terms of fractions, but it really wasn’t that in-depth enough So I wanted to teach you guys some of the techniques that help me reduce fractions to lowest terms and this type of technique will also help you out when it comes to factoring of exponents and radicals so maybe it can help you, most especially if you’re preparing for a test since we don’t like dealing with big numbers And I’m going to teach you some of my speed techniques today Now, ,as always there will be a quick little poll at the end of the video for you guys to decide which topic I would talk about next. This is not my usual new set up But I’m actually moving things around, the reason why I may look haggard and unorganized, my apologies for that. We are actually traveling to Malaysia tonight and I’m still packing my things up But I really wanted to leave something for you guys to study while I’m away now there will be a quiz at the end of the video so if you stay until the end you’ll have access to that free quiz alright so before we Talk about that thank you guys for watching, and thank you for all of you guys who are sharing this channel. right now We’re just a few subscribers away from hitting 15,000, and I did promise that there will be a giveaway once we hit 15,000 and that is what we’re going to do so stay tuned for the announcement of the said promo and alright now Next we’re going to discuss the topic we are going to tackle today. I’m going to switch over to my PC so I can show you better I’ll see you in a bit alright so today We’re agree to talk about factoring techniques numbers 2 3 4 & 5 the other numbers 6 7 8 and onwards They’re going to be discussed in the next in the next video, the reason is because if you are not familiar with this Technique and these four numbers at the beginning is going to be harder for you to deal with the bigger numbers So our goal right now is for you to master these four so when you get to bigger numbers you will be really ready, all right now Now I’ll tackle each one of the rules for each number, and if you find it hard to figure out. That’s okay That’s why I put it up on YouTube because You can watch it again and again until you understand it alright and again at the end of the video We’re going to have a free quick quiz so make sure that you watch until the end so that you can access that because It’s best for you to practice on your spare time a lot of my students would tell me now coach when I hear your voice Or when you’re in front of us teaching us live. It’s easy to Understand what the concept is and it’s easy to provide answer but when I’m left alone to do it , I already find it difficult , now the key there really is Personal practice so you have to set aside time to practice alright now. Let’s talk about these frequent factors of ours we’re going to talk about two three four and five and again if you want to deal with a bigger numbers you must master this. That’s why we are going to discuss each one of them all right so the first one we will discuss is if it is divisible by two now this is actually fairly easy because this is Something that we discussed earlier in childhood Yet we have to establish because you have to master the entire thing so what we are going to discuss in Order for you to know if a number is divisible by two you have to determine the rule ,the rule for divisible by two numbers is if it is Even so if you’re not familiar with your numbers, we have odd numbers and we have even numbers if a number is odd Then it is not divisible by two if it is even then it is divisible by two now How do you know that a number is even if you the ending of the number is also an even number, what does that mean if ending or the digit at the end is 0 2 4 6 and 8 then it is even if it is not one among the given numbers I have mentioned earlier, then it is not divisible by 2 And it is not even now here’s what we’re going to do today. I’m going to give you a list of numbers, right? here on the side And then we’re going to determine if they are divisible by the number that we’re talking about okay together so what we are going to do is to check each numbers to figure out if it is divisible by 2 – now this number here number 8. It is not divisible by It is divisible by 2 because 8 is the ending the number or the end digit of the number and if you check it 8 divided by 2 is 4 what we mean when we say divisible is whole number should be your answer 8 divided by 2 is 4 so it means, it is divisible by 2 so we have to mark it check. okay now 27, what is its ending digit number , it’s ending number is 7 and 7 is not divisible by 2 because 7 divided by 2 is Going to give you three point five again point five so it means it has a remainder and again This is an odd number so it’s not even and it is not divisible by 2. I want you to get the hang of it now we have 925, 925 the ending digit is 5 5 divided by 2,not possible this is going to give you 2 point 5 , it is decimal, it can’t be and again it is odd number So X again the more you do it the faster you get so 0 again, it’s valid , 6 is valid it is divisible by two what does it mean, if you are reducing a fraction into lowest terms for example you have five to eighty that’s just for an example 5,280 over 12326 to reduce it to lowest terms you can divide both sides by 2 you can start with that and then go and go and go alright so that is for two, next we have to talk about 3 Now this is a little bit trickier but I know you can figure it out a number is divisible by 3 this is the rule, the rule is if The sum of its digits is divisible by 3 Now a few things I need to point out if the sum of its digits, what does that mean. each and every digit are to be added together You have to add them together to get it, and then the answer which is the sum of the added numbers will become the Rule below if it’s divisible by 3 so what are its digits And if it is divisible by 3 so 8th of a divided by 3 , can not be okay, so, this is not divisible by 3, let us proceed to the next number seven or 27 so what we are going to do is we’re going to add 2 and 7 so 2 + 5 ,2 plus 7 rather is 9 And then 9 divided by 3 is possible since 9 divided by 3 is going to give you three Okay, then. This is divisible by 3 ,2 + 7 you have to add all the digits let’s proceed to the next number, okay our next number is 925 again It looks complicated if you’re going to do a trial and error, again we have to add all the digits present in 925 So 9 plus 2 plus 5 is equal to 9 plus 2 is 11 Plus 5 is 16 now in 16/3 is can not be since it will have a remainder 15 would have been good but 16 will have a remainder or will be in decimal, it will not be divisible by 3 so this is not divisible by 3 okay now let’s level up, again This is an even bigger number you have five two eight zero So what we are going to do is to add every digit, we have five plus two plus eight plus zero five plus two is seven Plus eight is going to give us 15 When 15 divided by 3 is perfect the answer is five, so it means this number is divisible by three next One two three two six again looks complicated , we have big number, but it’s really fast. what we are are going to do is add all of the digits so one plus two plus three plus two plus six, so here you have 3 plus 3 6 there are two 6 12 plus 2 is 14 Okay, 14 divided by 3 will give you a remainder, what are we going to do? What we are going to is we have to cross out this because it is not divisible three, okay. why? because it will only be divisible by three will be any number that has a sum of digits that is divisible by 3, okay again what we have to remember is the sum of the digits has to be divisible by 3 now you know how to deal with the number is 3 Let us move the to the next level , lets discuss four Again there is a rule,a common mistake is most people think is just because it’s Even number it will be divisible by four and that’s not true, okay There are even number that is not divisible by 4, for example six 6 divided by 4 is 1 and a half So it can not be, because of its remainder so what is the rule and the rule is if the last two digits are divisible by 4 again what is it that we are going to take notice? its the last two Digits, now what if there is only one digit like 8, that’s okay. There will be no problem, because you just have to deal with what digit is present so 8 divided by 4 , will it do? 2 so it’s really basic Let’s go to another level, how about 27 .again, what are we going to do? look at the last two digits so in this case It’s not that helpful if you’re going to divide it by four You have a remainder because you’d know that 24 is 6 and 28 is the next it falls short, so this is not divisible by 4 okay, it can not be, because it has a remainder or it will result to decimal. lets go a level higher This is going to be helpful, if you know the technique because if the number has three digits. it will be easier. why? because You’re going to look at the last two digits and and its last two digits is 25, you have to momentarily forget 9 Is 25 divisible by 4? no, only if its 24, but 25 is not so what you are going to do? it only means it is not divisible by 4 next 5280 again what is our rule, we are looking for the last two digits what are the last two digits? It’s 80 So is 80 divisible by 4? can you divide it by 4? Yes, because 80 divided by 4 That’s basically 20. So it is divisible by 4 Next number even bigger number again don’t be afraid no matter how big the number will get what you need to check is the last two digits you have 26 So it’s 26 divisible by 4 No, because it’s lacking, 24 could be but 26 is not divisible by 4, 28 could be a divisinle but not 26 So it means it is not divisible by 4 so the only number divisible by 4 are 8 and 5 2 8 0 Ok so again, this is all about speed the faster you are here you tend to be quicker in radical you’re quicker in doing factor three , you’ll be quicker even with polynomials. It’s very important for you to know this So is it divisible by five. This is actually the easiest technique of the bunch In order to know if a number is divisible by five the rule is this, it has to have the last digit nonzero Or five again zero or five only if its not zero or five then automatically it is not divisible by five So let’s do our number here one by one numbers her, you have eight and eight is Not divisible by Five because eight is not 0 or five so it is not divisible by five, next is seven , which is also not divisible by 5, next we have 5 it is divisible by 5 0 is divisible by 5, 6 is not divisible by five so next Again how can this be of help? if again if you have a fraction of 5280 1236 then you already know that you can’t divide to 5 instead you’re going to go to 2 and Move along from there alright so again It’s very important for you to master these techniques that’s why you have to stay tuned until the end of the video so you can answer our quick quiz alright I hope you learn something new today if you did click thumbs up make sure to share this video to your friends most especially if they’re going to take an exam, and if you want to copy of the reviewers that I make you can go to the www.facebook.com/teamlyqa to find out how you can get one of the reviewers that I made also to attend one of the upcoming review events and/or to join the online review program And as I promised you guys you can vote for the next Lesson that we are going to discuss next and don’t forget to hit the i on the top right side of this video and also to access the free quiz that I promised alright, so that you can practice the techniques you have learned now so thank you guys for watching and another bit of a quick announcement too since a lot of you guys were happy about the prospect of getting a free review where I’m going to Set up the promo know every time there will be an additional 5000 subscribers in this channel I’m going to give you guys a free reviewer so there will be a giveaway for you every time we hit an additional 5000 so after 15,000 there will be a giveaway, also when we hit 20,000 and 25,000 and so on and so forth Alright, so thank you guys for telling your friends about what you do here the next civil service exam is fast approaching so AJA AJA , you can do it and God bless you. never stop learning And I’ll see you in my next video bye for now

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