What’s up everyone? And welcome to that FAQ number 105 It’s nice to be back I came out from Dallas yesterday I’m a little bit lagged, but I’m super psyched to make new videos And I had an amazing time as you’ve probably already seen in Dallas, Arlington, Texas and And I made this little vlog and as you can see I’ve actually not been able to clean off my desk It’s a little untidy Just wanted to quickly show you my little vlog setup that I am so proud about right now So, it’s a GoPro like this, GoPro Hero 7 with this nice little dildo on it And it’s hooked up here and I have a microphone converter so I can have this little… …Microphone instead of the built-in microphone in the GoPro, so I can feel myself like this Like ‘Hey, man, I’m doing a vlog right now. What’s this? It’s Dallas.’ So, yeah, I mean this is a really small and convenient way to bring a camera with me Unfortunately, the low light situation is a little shitty. But for what it is it’s ok. So there you go, that’s my GoPro. Where should I put this? Here maybe? Did you hear the latest news? Probably not because it’s not been on the news but as you probably already knew about me, I’m playing a lot of videogames, ok? It happens like every day now, which is just amazing. And since I’m playing so many games I thought to myself ‘Hey, I’m gonna stream this somehow’ But still keep it casual, ok? So I actually made this Twitch account, so you can watch me stream and I don’t have any planned things to do with this I’m just gonna stream when I’m gaming and that’s it You don’t have to subscribe, no anything. It’s just me gaming with my members, you can watch it, sometimes we talk deep Sometimes we just don’t talk at all I just wanted a platform where I could just stream casually when I’m gaming So there you go, it’s Ola Englund official, something like that. I don’t have any intentions with this Twitch thing I do not want you to become a subscriber. You can follow me, that’s great. But I’m not gonna charge for anything or stuff like that. It’s just me casually gaming, ok? So there you go, first question. Tool’s new album Tool’s new album Tool’s new album Tool released a new album I’ve received a bunch of questions about what I think about the album When I was in Dallas, Teas I listened to the album on my way over and on my way home I just wanted to start off by saying that I’m not the biggest Tool fan in the world For me, when I listened to the album… It was a big pile of meh basically I just think it was very slow It definitely sounded like Tool, I think I wanted to be a little bit more challenged Than when I was when I was listening to the album, I mean… it sounds like Tool, I guess fans enjoy it You know, it’s just a little slow Rehashed in a way, it’s like some of the songs… it seems like I’ve heard them before on another album But yeah, maybe it’s just me not being intelligent or bright enough to listen to Tool, that’s okay I’m just giving my honest opinion about the latest Tool release. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that it’s a little boring, ok? So there you go Tool’s new album Fear Inoculum Music Sucks: “Did you cry when you got to play Dime’s original Dean from hell?” No, I actually did not cry when I played the Dean from hell It was an amazing experience And when I first saw it there sitting behind my back in that chair, I was like ‘Oh…’ Shit, there it is. It was so sudden… I don’t think I’ve actually grasped the situation that I was over at Dimebag’s house just yet Playing all his guitars But yeah, I think the absolute coolest part about that guitar was the little thumb spot Down high up on the fret board Basically like a huge dent in the back of the neck where he put his thumb when he was up there soloing That was amazing, I mean… That guitar had been played like a lot, there was even a valley over the strings where he picked the strings, like… He’s really been digging into that body So it’s just amazing to see all of that up close And it was an amazing experience, I can’t describe how happy I was when I was sitting there playing that And hopefully you’ll see the Dimebag guitar video soon The goal with the video I had there was that Grady would show guitars that hadn’t really been shown before So there’s a lot of really cool unseen guitars in that video, so… Be sure to be on the lookout for that video, coming soon, I gues, when I finish the editing Nepre Kpachob “Hey Ola, do you have a server in Mordhau for your members?” Yes, yes I do. Jonas Bejier: “For the next FAQ, do you edit your videos yourself? “What software is being used? Any special workflow for saving time?” Ok, so the editing on my videos is… A very huge necessary evil I would say or call it in Swedish. It’s probably the most time-consuming part of my whole YouTube thing But it’s also one of the most important parts I mean, because it’s so personal. My humor is so personal and just, you know… Knowing what guitar playing I’m doing, what is good and what is not I mean, that’s… I can’t just let that be in the hands of another guy I tried letting another guy edit some of my videos, it was really good I must say And at some point I’ll probably have to let go off me editing videos Because it’s just not bearable for me to do that And to be able to write music at the same time, just do everything But as of right now I edit everything myself Louise helps out a little bit with the FAQs Just rack up the questions and all that But all that finished editing I do myself, I just think it’s very necessary for me to do that, because… That’s my personal touch right there And I think it’s really hard to let someone else touch tha,t not sure how long I will keep that up though What software is being used… I’m using Final Cut Pro X, it’s very simple, very straightforward And I don’t need more than what’s available in Final Cut Pro X Any special workflow for saving time… I don’t know, I just try and record everything in a huge chunk And then I just put it all together and just cut it up and I try to do the editing as close as I can to the actual filming because then you know, my memories are fresh with what I said and what part was good or not So I can quickly edit those things, if you wait a week the editing is gonna take a lot longer So there you go, thank you so much for that question. Kumarjib Sengupta “Hi Ola, greetings from India, what is ‘liksom’? “And can you please play No Compromise as riff of the day?” Okay, he’s referring to ‘Liksom’, which is a word that my wife used in the latest FAQ And liksom is kind of like… When you say ‘like’, like I did just now It’s kind of like… that’s probably the closest translation I can get ‘Kind of like’… ‘Liksom’, Swedish word of the day Over to Swedish riff of the day or no, is it riff of the week? Riff of the…? Riff of the riff, great. No Compromise by The Haunted, okay uhm… What’s the intro? I haven’t played guitar in like two weeks by the way, just saying, ok so this is… Okay, so that’s the intro riff, kind of cool. So, slow… The verse riff is really cool, though But I can’t really play because my thumb still hurts like a motherf***** Is this a f***ing piece of hairball? I don’t have a cat, this is my hairball by the way Dennis Graumann: “Hey Ola, what series do you currently watch on Netflix?” Dark, yes. Thank you Louise. I’m not watching anything right now, but the latest thing I watched was Dark season 2 Go check it out, I love Dark It’s basically like Stranger Things, but all jacked up and darker It’s more evil. So there you go, Dark. Dark… Dark… Dark… MarcoPolio “Are Decapitated an influence in your songwriting with Feared? “Especially in Vinter I hear this, I f***ing love it mixed with your other influences/ styles I would not say that Decapitated is a huge influence on Feared However, I am a fan of Decapitated and I think their music absolutely kicks ass But I think the Feared inspirations lie more in 90s metal more than anything else But you can hear similarities between the bands because both Vogg and I are extensive Dimebag fans And he probably does the same thing, he’s probably inspired by 90s metal as well, so… tjombaduli82 “Why are there no new bands to make my jaw drop? Has it all been done or am I getting old? “Lots of great bands, but nothing makes me feel like I did when I heard Vulgar Display of Power.” This is a great question and I totally agree with you, I mean… I never get impressed anymore in the same way Like I first discovered new bands when I was a teenager for instance And I think it’s just because… back in that time when you’re a teenager and you know, you’re growing up, you’re becoming… You know, the person that you will later be for the rest of your life I think you’re more indulged to take in bands and new music and… It just impresses you more, I think I mean nowadays, I’ve heard so many metal bands, you know, extreme metal bands and you know… That’s just how it is, I’m just older and it takes the edge off a little bit. I’m kind of ok with that I mean, I had such a great couple of teenage years where I found so much new music and you know, I’m happy about that and you know… These bands are still my favorite bands because when I listen to them… You know, it sparks that feeling I had when I was a teenager And new bands, obviously, they’re not doing it for me But they are doing that for the up and coming generation So, like a newer band like Decapitated They’re not a new band by the way, but the music that they make today… Maybe it is the Vulgar Display of Power for you, for some other teenager So in that sense new releases are still very important And new bands are carrying the whole genre forward That’s great Not sure if I answered the question, but I said something at least, that’s good enough Stijn Strotmann: “Mnemic, really want to hear your opinion on them.” Mnemic is a Danish band, it’s one of the… like I wou- Not sure what I’m gonna call the genre, like hardcore or something like that, but they’re great Obviously because I’m a loser, I don’t remember the album name but there was one album I listened a lot to I’ll find it here, you should go listen to that album It has a fair bit of good riffage on there that I really enjoy And also the singer’s name is Michael Bøgballe which in Swedish word of the day is ‘gay cock’ Which is ok, it’s good to have a gay cock Ryder El Marihuanero “Hello Ola, could you please put subtitles in Norwegian or Spanish in your videos? “Let’s have subscribers who don’t understand English perfectly and that we are truly interested in your videos. “I hope it can be possible, I admire you as you have no idea”… “And have a great day.” Okay, wow. Well, yes, I would love to have some subtitles in other languages The problem I have is that I did try doing subtitles in a fair bit of languages like Brazilian, Spanish and all that, I actually paid for it and… What I found out that was that people didn’t watch them with the subtitles I mean, you know like Brazilian, I had one video with Brazilian subtitles, I did like 100 thousand views There were only like 150 people that watched the video in Brazilian Which… I mean, 150 views is a lot But it just wasn’t worth me paying a guy to subtile into Brazilian Or Portuguese, sorry. Ola the racist. it just didn’t make sense for me to have a guy translate a video into 5 other languages for… Like a shit ton of money when no one is watching them I mean, my channel needs to be bigger, but with that said If you want to, you can contribute and add subtitles to my videos yourself so if you feel like it and you feel like you want to contribute You can actually go in there and put captions on my video And I just have to approve them. So there you go, you can actually help out, ok? Thank you so much for the support. Anders Blomquist: “Ok, Dime guitars. Washburn or Dean and why?” Okay, let’s start with that question. So Washburn or Dean, you know, for me Dimebag was always about the Washburn guitars I mean the Washburn guitars that he played live when he was actually in Pantera. They were the sickest ones, I mean they were the coolest-looking, I mean the Stealth… And you know, the Dimebolt and the Dimeslime, all those guitars were mwah You know, really amazing looking and when I saw Dimebag and the connection with guitars It was always about Washburn guitars And Washburn Dimebag guitars and then obviously he had Dean before Washburn and Dean after Washburn And I’m just more about the Washburn guitars more than anything else I have a Dean from hell that I bought But I’m more about the Washburn guitars, they’re just way cooler and I mean… He used those guitars the most throughout his career, so… That’s… That’s why I picked Washburn. “And what do you think of the solid-state Dime amps and cabs?” Ok, I had the Dime amp and it was alright, I would say. It’s not really that close I guess, I mean, I get closer with a bunch of other gear that I’ve tried and… You know, they’re good If you just want something quick You probably need to adjust some of the sound using an overdrive or something like that But… Yeah The Warhead was… it was not good The X2 was better I must say The Warhead 1 was way too extreme with the EQs and all that, it was just overkill And… Like the average user would never understand how to set it But the X2 was a little bit easier to use, it sounded better… And then the Dime amps… was just… It was okay. Maybe I should try and find another Dime amp, I mean it was a long time I had one. I think it was at the beginning of my youtube career I had the Dime amp and all that, but… Yeah, I have to check it out, so thank you. Anders. Michael Gallegos: “How is that thumb doing? I hope it’s healing good for you.” Thank you so much, I think the fracture is healed, because it should be healed But the sprain is still hurting like an asshole I still can’t, you know, open a jar or something… or like a soda or even open a bag of chips Crisps for you Brexit guys I’m a little bit worried, I hope it’s getting better and better but I have a couple of gigs with The Haunted coming in September and that will be the real test for me Seeing how I would cope with those gigs, but it’s probably gonna be alright, I’m certain of it But I’m still very careful about my thumb, because it does still hurt in some way and in some positions So… S- Oh, runes… Xoft Hemroid Xoft Hemorroid, yes great. But I know it’s Red because I recognize his picture, that’s ‘Goat Surgeon’ by the way “Tips on keeping YouTube video series entertaining and fresh?” How to keep it fresh… I think it’s very important when you have a YouTube channel that you try and analyze… …the videos that you put on there I mean, some videos… why aren’t they getting as many views as this type of video or this or this? And you just analyze and if something is working you focus on that Then you try something else and don’t be afraid to try out new things And eventually you’ll find something that will stick You know, I made Will It Chug for instance and that stuck and I made like… What else did I do? I did like the Ola 14 Days Challenge It was okay, but the Will It Chugs were a little bit more, so I’m doing more of the Will It Chugs I’m doing the Ola 14 Days Challenge by the way, just have a little patience. So I think it’s very important that you’re ready to try out new things Also just try and focus on the videos and the series that you see are popular and that people enjoy the most, I guess But another thing I think is very important is to have a variety of different things that you do on your channel At least that is for me, I mean, I think it’s important that I have these, like the FAQs, I have the testing I have playthroughs, you know, I have… …tutorials, just try and be as broad as you can’t bro You know, Will It Chug, FAQs and all that. Try and diversify your channel. I think that’s a great idea… what happened? A cart down my throat Okay, Ola Tasting Shit What’s up? Swedish fish, I bought this in the USA What’s funny about Swedish fish is that they’re not really sold in Sweden Actually kind of looks like a Swedish fish it’s a Abborre It’s an abborre I think or a herring, I don’t know. Well, it goes into my mouth. Louise, come here. Okay. Let’s ask the expert. Oh, you can buy them on Lösgodis, ok. Thank you. They were good, just saying. I’m just not that type of candy eater that eats this, you know… …colored stuff. I like chocolate, I’m a chocolate guy. Not too much about this squishy type of candy I just can’t find the words, what the f*** Markus Johnsson: “Hi Ola, that is a great looking desk. Where did you get it?” Not sure if you’re talking about this desk, but this is a studio desk From the brand called Studio Desk, I think they have a website. And I think they’re lcocated in the Czech Republic or Slovakia or somewhere, not sure But you can order from their website, they ship it out to you in a big-ass box And you assemble it yourself. I really like it because usually with a lot of studio desks, they have a shit ton of rack spaces I don’t need any rack spaces, I have 4 on this one, so 2 on this side and 2 on that side. That’s enough for me, I’m not even using one of them A lot of good compartments Here I have my keyboard down here, and you know, I can do this and I can be a little pro And I have my screen up here, they have a couple different varieties of these tables… …you can get, just go check them out, Studio Desk Thank you. Not sponsored by the way, shit. You just asked me this question, I just answered it, ok? Not sponsored. F*** Jack Death Buehler: “Hey Ola, what are your Top 3 favorite bands?” Great question, actually not that easy to answer Can you see that by the way? Oh, it’s Ola, the satanist racist freemason Obviously Pantera is number 1, Pantera number 1. And then I don’t know actually, I think I probably have to say Dream Theater is number 2. Because they’ve been such a huge influence on me and my guitar playing and my writing But third band… That’s a really tough one. I mean, I think Machine Head, Sepultura and Testament are kind of like on the same… Maybe that’s a good answer right there, but it’s a split Third place: Machine Head, Testament, Slayer Who else? I said something… Bolt Thrower But basically like 90s metal, I’m a big fan of 90s metal I can at least give you the top 2 bands which are Pantera and Dream Theater Those bands have definitely been the biggest influence in my guitar playing and my… …musical writing, I would say. So I have a lot to thank for, to those bands. Obviously also for number 3, you know, Slayer, Machine Head, Sepultura, who else? Gianfranco Arteaga “Hi Ola, I saw Philip Anselmo with the Illegals the other day “and I noticed that one of his guitarists was using a Solar guitar, I think it was the E2.6. “I thought that it would be great for you to know that, because they were playing Pantera songs. “Love your videos, cheers.” Mh… No, I had no idea he was playing Solar guitars, it’s amazing. Of course I did. Of course I knew he was playing Solar guitars. I think that if you’re in Phil Anselmo’s band, you should need a Solar guitar. You know, actually he contacted me, he wanted to try a Solar guitar and you know Say no more So there you go, ‘m happy about that. That’s… I’m proud about that, Ola Englund the Proud. Why am I touching my tit? I don’t know. Listen to the sound of my tits today. Yeah Okay, good Oh, my nipples are all hard and shit DeathToAllLeft Just got political right there, sorry “Ola, please for the love of God explain to me why you play the same riff every time you pick up a guitar? “The one that goes dun dun dun dun denna dun dena” That’s great description by the way, but yeah… You know, I’m not the smartest guy in the world and you know… So when I pick up a guitar Just like every other guitar player out there when you’re going to a guitar store or you’re at NAMM and you pick up the guitar, you know… You just forget about all of your skills or all the riffs that you know And you just… you know, sit there and… I mean, that’s just how it works because when I’m doing that I’m clearly not thinking I’m just you know, letting my fingers do the work and… because of that it becomes the same riff over and over, so… That’s a pretty common one I guess I don’t know what it is man, it’s just me being Ola Englund the Swede and… You know, I don’t think I’m the only guy in the world that does this when you go to a guitar store or when you go to a Guitar Center or something like that It’s just like that’s just how it is and you just have to live with that DeathToAllLeft, Iit’s a very political name by the way Do I have to censor it? Probably not, but who gives a shit? Oh, that was the last question Guys, thank you so much. It’s been incredible. Did you see this little guitar that I have here? I bought it in Texas Just putting it over here. Okay, so I… yeah, I don’t know what to say, just say ‘bye’ I guess Bye guys, hope you enjoyed this, pleas put a thu- You know what I forgot? Again, go check that you’re subscribed to this channel, because I got… …another couple of messages saying that they’ve been unsubscribed to the channel And that’s a shame, so go subscribe to the channel again If you haven’t already Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss out on my videos because if you miss out on my videos I’m very very sad, okay Ok Good talk, good talk Ola, I’m just gonna say bye. Goodbye. Goodbye


  1. Sorry for the shitty camera quality. I could've re-recorded the whole thing but I like spontaneity and it would just not be the same if I did a re-recording. Hope you still enjoy this video and I promise that this will probably be the last time this ever happens… maybe,,.,

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  38. Ola The Rifferor! Have you ever played any covers during a Feared or The Haunted show? Some people think it's tacky, I think it's fun and exciting honoring my influences in a live performance.

  39. Hey ola you say you like testament – what do you think of alex skolnick? One of the best lead guitarists in thrash metal for sure

  40. As someone who's obsessively listened to TOOL over many years, I agree 100% with you. Sounds like TOOL, some parts even sound like bits from previous songs… but very monotonous, boring and completely non-challenging in their overall message. What are they saying? The riffs don't stand on their own. Just boring, man.

  41. HellOla! What's the best place to find out about the upcoming gigs of The Haunted? Also, for Riff of the Day; the acoustic intro from Fill the Darkness with Black, pretty please!

  42. Hi Ola hope you are doing well. Are you into post-black metal at all? If so, have you listened to Alcest? If you haven't heard of them before I suggest listening their new single Protection from their up-and-coming album Spiritual Instinct. Thanks keep well! Still loving Pizza Hawaii

  43. You know you are old when you hate today's music.

    Also, REAL Swedish fish is that rotten fish in a can. You ate that in a previous video.

  44. Ola Ola! I don't want to sound like a smartass, but can I ask you why you are starting to use all capital letters in your video titles? Is there any youtube benefit to that? I see some other YT vloggers doing the same thing, and it annoys the shit out of me. It's like chatting/shouting in all capital letters. As I don't understand if there's a real advantage of using all capital letters, I'm wondering why you are using this 'trick'? Cheers

  45. Hi Ola! What do you think about Pantera's glam metal albums? Personally, I think they're very underrated and love all of them. What's your opinion?
    Also., will you agree to participate in the biggest shred collab 2019 if Jared invites you? Cheers!

  46. What is your opinion on hoarding guitars? I have a few guitars which I like but never use, I keep them in the garage for space reasons. Should I sell or keep them? I've noticed u have quite the collection…

  47. Terve Ola, any music-themed movie that stuck in your mind? Jack Black stuff, Spinal Tap, or do you reveal your love for Pitch Perfect today?

  48. New Tool album is great.
    It's not all about fast playing.

    As Dave Gilmour once said the music needs the space to breathe.
    Yeah it sounds like Tool because that's their sound.
    Who do you want them to sound like?

  49. Remember when you tested out the Line 6 vetta? My friend bought it from Tomas Haake a couple of years ago and i later bought it from him. Noticed the "OlasNotAxeFx" setting yesterday 😅

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