Find Your Missing Lightroom Panels, Tools, and More

welcome everybody I’m Laura Shoe I get a
lot of emails from folks who have lost certain features here in Lightroom
interface so I thought I’d do a short video going over the most common occurrences
of this whether you’ve accidentally hit a
shortcut and hidden something in Lightroom or you’re working with Lightroom in a
lab somewhere where other people have been on the machine and hidden things you learn how to get things back first
if you find that one of your modules in Lightroom has gone missing for example I don’t see my Slideshow
module here just right-click inside any of the existing modules and
then choose the one that’s missing of course
if you don’t want a module the show you can choose that to un-check it so now
I’ve got back my Slideshow module next you can lose individual panels in Lightroom I should have here in the
library module I should have a catalog panel below my
navigator panel here so I’m going to right click on one of the
other existing panel names here in the same panel strip all right
click on folders and I can choose catalog to make it
reappear note that you cannot right click and
choose other panels from the navigator panel I’ve gotten this question a few times
with Lightroom 5 when folks have installed it they find
that they’re missing their basic panel here in the developed model I’m missing
mine so I’ll right click on the tone curve panel here and I’ll choose basic to get that back next a whole panel strip could go missing
that would happen if you accidentally click out here on the edge of the strip to
collapse it just click back in the same edge to
expand it again and that would be the case up here at the
top in the right-hand panel strip and down here at the bottom to show and
hide your film strip next you may find that
your toolbar goes missing there’s a toolbar in each
of the modules that has different tools on it if it
goes missing you’ll type T for toolbar so I’ll type T which will
hide it which may be what you did by accident
and then type T again to get it back here in gridview in the
library module the library filter bar also can go
missing so this allows you to search for your photos when you’re in gridview the backslash
key which on US keyboards is above the Enter or Return key hides this filter bar and then the
backslash key again brings the filter barback if you forget
the shortcut you can always go up to view show filter
bar notice that you also have the option
here to hide and then to show your toolbar down here
back on the toolbar if you have the toolbar but not the
individual tool that you’re looking for click on the
little downward triangle here and choose the one you want to work with
on a high resolution monitor you can display all these tools I’m
working with a low-resolution video capture so to show an additional one here I have
to select and hide one of the ones I currently
have displayed now sometimes in individual panels you
have the panel itself but you’re missing some of the settings
I’m gonna select a photo so that I have the quick develop panel
here now I know from prior experience that the quick develop panel offers more
worth than just this small set of developed controls I can see all
those by clicking on the sideways triangles to
expand these individual panel sections so
anywhere in Lightroom where you see a sideways triangle click to expand it to see what else is
offered that if you wanna collapse it again just
click on the downward triangles to collapse them finally here in
gridview I’ll point out that I’ve got information displayed above my thumbnails
here others actually two different views of
gridview one is expanded view which shows me this
information and the other is collapsed view where
that information is hidden to move from one to the other I can type
the shortcut J so J collapsed it J again brings back a little bit of information
and then J a third time brings up full expanded
view with that information now I separate blog post on view
options but how you can set this information I’m
gonna go to loop few by double clicking on a photo now I often see people working with
information displayed on their photos I think when you’re trying to evaluate
your photo or develop your photo it’s a good idea to hide that information but if it’s hidden and you’re wondering
how to get that information back you’ll type I so I typed I once to get
this setup information I can type I again to get a second set
of information and then I a third time will hide the
information completely what information displays can also be
set in view view options and again I have a separate
blog post on that topic now in any module in Lightroom you may find that your buttons to
minimize expand or close the program disappear now this is much more likely if you’re
working with Lightroom 4 or earlier in Lightroom 4 earlier if you
accidentally hit F for fullscreen you can lose these system
buttons you can also lose your Lightroom menu
bar so in that case you would type F for fullscreen once or
twice more and you would restore that information
in lightroom 5 it’s hard to make that mistake because
it takes Shift F to make that happen that’s the old full
screen mode behavior I want to jump to the developed model to
show you just a couple more examples up things that go missing and for this I’m gonna go back to this
photo here my open up my basic panel what I see is
that even though I have Lightroom 5 I don’t have my Lightroom 4 and
Lightroom 5 basic panel controls here Witcher shadows highlights whites and
blacks I still have recovery in fill light from
Lightroom 3 if we have Lightroom 5 and you wanna see the new controls
rather than continue to work with the old controls then here in the histogram either to the
left here or when the histogram expanded below you’re going to click on the Lightning Bolt this will allow you to update what’s
called the process version or the new version of controls and
technology so a quick on update and now you’ll see
I have highlights shadows whites and blacks be sure to read my blog posts and
updating process version to understand more about the
implications about doing that now let me point out the if you have
Lightroom 4 you’re not going to see a lightning bolt in the histogram what you’re gonna see is an exclamation
point in the bottom right of your photo warning you but you’re
still using the old process versions simply click on it to update now I’m a
collapse the basic panel and come down to the tone curve to cover
my last feature the goes missing here in the tone
curve I’m missing my sliders my lights, darks,
shadows, and highlight sliders because I’m
working with the point curve version above the tone curve if you don’t
see your sliders in the tone curve in you want to get back to them you’re gonna click on this little square
that moves me from the point curve version have the
tone curve to slider view so now I can slide the sliders frankly I
don’t use the tone curve nearly as much now that I have better basic panel
controls with Lightroom 4 or 5 but this little square here at the
bottom of it will move you
between slider view and point curve view I have a
separate blog post article I’m working with the
tone curve okay so those are the features that I could think of that commonly go missing if you’ve had
other experiences with missing interface features in
Lightroom put a comment in the YouTube video or below my blog post to share your
experience with others if you’ve enjoyed this video subscribe
to my YouTube channel and check out my blog at for lots of other Lightroom tutorials and videos finally sign up for newsletter updates
to be the first to hear about new tutorials I’m Laura Shoe thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Find Your Missing Lightroom Panels, Tools, and More

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  2. Hi Laura
    A recent problem on my LR CC in that occasionally when I press G for Grid mode, all the information, panels and menus disappear completely and I'm left with a totally black screen and with just a grey box with the images visable in the centre. When I click the collapse triangles on the top, bottom R and L nothing happens as the text headings etc have disappeared totally. The only way I can resolve this is to close LR down and reopen. What do you think is going wrong?!

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  9. Question: on the tone curve, I use to see a cross and set my points and it would assist in putting the points right in the middle of the line. Then you would adjust the points up and down depending on the look that you wanted to achieve. Now, i have an annoying arrow that when I try to set a point I have to be extremely precise in order for the point to be set right in the middle. Very annoying. Does anyone know how to get the cross back?

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  11. Hello Laura. I wondered where the Filmstrip went to, so I welcome your video. I will try to resuscitate the function and other frustrating aspects of Lightroom 5. It has many fine features, but it is far too 'feature rich' and complicated to set up.

    The Adobe Lightroom help/forum suggested upgrading to Lightroom CC, but I don't want to sign up to any cloud-based subscription service.. It reminds me of Apple's current cynical marketing ploys. Anyway, keep up the good work. Barry

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    I hope you can help me.

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  37. I've watched 1000's of videos on Photoshop and Lightroom and this HAS to be the most valuable one I've ever seen!

  38. My preset folder disappeared from the navigator and I right clicked to get it back but it didnt show. Does anyone know how I can fix this

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  40. Thank you Laura. A really helpful video which solved my problem of my "lost" Basic panel. I have noted the other ways to retrieve lost panels and tools. Great!

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