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Fleming’s Left Hand Rule. What happened? Bulbs are not glowing properly. Junk box. Whenever a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, it experiences a force due to the magnetic field. What will happen if I reverse the poles of the magnet? How can we find the direction of force acting on the conductor? Wait, I will search in my database. How to find the direction of force acting on the conductor? Searching. Answer found. The direction of force acting on the conductor can be found out using Fleming’s Left Hand Rule. But, how to use Fleming’s Left Hand Rule? Loading. Stretch the thumb, forefinger and the middle finger of your left hand in such a way that they are perpendicular to each other. Yes, I got it. It is like this. Magnetic field. Forefinger. The forefinger points to the direction of the magnetic field. Current. Middle finger. The middle finger points in the direction of the current. Force. Thumb. The thumb gives the direction of force or motion acting on the conductor. Yes. Now I have understood how to use Fleming’s Left Hand Rule. Science Exhibition. Demonstration of Fleming’s Left Hand Rule. Fleming’s Left Hand Rule is used in electric motors which are used in fans, mixers, printers, etc. The End.

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  2. this is the real way of learning. this helped a lot in understanding in this rule which helped me in my boards

  3. Agar ham poles ko change kar denge to kya current ki direction or magnetic field bhi change hoga kya please tell me..

  4. Thank you so much🙏🏻.I had been searching this rule for long and watched many videos but didn’t get it.now I clearly undertood.Thanks a lot.keep going 😁

  5. I love this video…this cartoon video methad is…so cool..and now i learn proparly…about..fleming right hand rule

  6. #smartlearningforall…. Please can u make a video about electric motor
    So that it would help me understand for board exam….

  7. I request you to please please pleaseeeee upload a video on the working of electric motor and generator pleaseeee, It would be the greatest help…. pleaseeee

  8. Dammnn

    I am a newly joined teacher in a local school and i was finding an easy way to make my students understand the Fleming's left hand thumb rule.
    And here, i found the best example and knowledge.

    Thank you so much

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