Foam Gun vs. Foam Cannon – Best Car Washing Tools For You! Chemical Guys Car Care

Hey guys welcome back. So today we’re going to go over this awesome
Maserati we have in the shop. I’m going to do a full foam wash on it today
using our two bucket method. But before I get on to the foaming part and
washing the vehicle. I want to go over some questions that most
of our customers and viewers have about the foam cannon and the foam gun and hopefully
it’ll help you with your foam cannon or if you’re looking to purchase one. So to start off the foam cannon is usually
referred to something that is connected to your pressure washer. So our TORQ Foam Cannon needs a pressure washer
to use it. And then there is the Foam Gun. So when we refer to something as a foam gun,
we’re referring to our TORQ Foam Blaster. The Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Blaster connects
to your standard garden hose and basically you can add your soap and you don”t need a
pressure washer to use it. So if you don’t have a pressure washer at
home or maybe you have both like I do. You can use this one when you don’t want to haul out your pressure washer but you still want some foam. So one big thing I want to cover with the
Foam Blaster is this little piece right here. So every time a customer gets this, some times we get the question that it’s not fitting on their garden hose. This is your standard quick release. So if you have a quick release on your garden
hose, this is what that connects to. To make it easy when transitioning when you
have maybe a Fire Hose Nozzle and this and another attachment for watering plants. It makes it easy to take off or switch whichever
device you are using. If you don’t have a quick release, this simply
just comes right out and as you can see this connects to your garden hose. Sometimes people don’t realize that this needs
to come off and I wanted to make sure we covered that. So the Foam Cannon, as such like I said connects
to your pressure washer. It’s already filled with water and I’ll show
you how to fill this with soap after. So another question we get with the Foam Cannon is can I just spray it and rinse or do I still have to wash after. Basically, what is the foam do and how does
this wash experience happen. So with the Foam Cannon and the Foam Blaster
you can do just a foam wash. So more with the Foam Cannon because it is
going to produce a lot of suds. What it does is when you’re foaming your vehicle
you’re creating a layer of lubrication and you’re putting that suds and soap onto your
surface. Now by doing that, you’re creating a great
layer of lubrication so you do have to wash. When do you have to wash with a wash mitt? Well if your car is very dirty and there is
a lot of contamination, bird droppings or whatever may be on it. That you are definitely going to want to use
a wash mitt and your two bucket method wash. Sometimes if it’s washed every weekend and
doesn’t get very dirty you don’t have to. You can definitely just spray and rinse and
you’ll see it does a great wash. Some people say they don’t do that because
they say you still need a mitt. Honestly, the amount of lubrication and how
the soap reacts to your surface. You can actually just foam and rinse. So the two options are you can foam it and rinse it after if it’s not too dirty but lightly dusty. Or you can do a foam wash. Full wash with your two buckets and wash mitt. Today I am doing a wash mitt, two bucket wash along with the Foam Cannon, because this car is very dirty. As you can see there is a lot of dust and
dirt and I like to make sure it is completely washed and get all that stuff off of there. Like I said before, we are really close to
the airport so there is a lot of industrial fallout and stuff that does get on the vehicle. So I wanna make sure it’s extra clean for
the next step of the detail process. So, I have filled my Foam Cannon with water. Another question we get is, how much soap
do we use or my foam isn’t as thick as yours. We put about two to three ounces of our choice
of soap in the Foam Cannon. If you decide you want more suds, just add
more soap, that’s basically it. If you just want to add more, add more. So I chose today to use Glossworkz Auto Wash. So Glossworkz is a great soap. It is going to provide gloss for the surface. So sometimes when you have a car like for
example a black vehicle. You aren’t sure what to use or what kind of
soap. Sometimes people want to see if either by
just using a soap you can add a great amount of gloss and avoid doing a paint correction
or even add a wax. So the reason I chose Glossworkz is because I wanna see what great results I can get on this black vehicle. With my experience with Glosworkz, you are
going to see an amazing depth and gloss in the paint surface that we may not even need
to do anything further other than maybe a clay bar. So that’s why I chose Glossworkz and you can
use Glossworkz in your traditional bucket if you don’t have a Foam Cannon or a Foam
Gun. Or you can also use it in those as well. So I am going to add my Glossworkz to my Foam
Cannon. Now with your Foam Cannon the soap is going to settle at the bottom so you can shake it up. Make sure that you have it completely spread
through your Foam Cannon. It’s not necessary but it is a good option. I also have my two buckets set up. So a normal two bucket wash means that you are going to have one wash bucket and one rinse bucket. So to further make sure that I don’t scratch
the surface. A lot of times you’ll see a car that has a
lot of scratches. If you look closely to your car, I’ll bet you it has a lot scratches and swirls in the paint. That is usually caused either during the wash
process or even the drying process. So if you don’t have the proper tools or steps
in washing, you are going to cause some scratches. So the reason I have two buckets is, one is
my wash bucket. So I’m going to have the soap in here and
I’m going to put the mitt in there first. Then when I get off the vehicle from washing it. I’ll put it in my rinse bucket. So using the Cyclone Dirt Traps, putting them
at the bottom of the bucket. We’ll be able to trap all the dirt and debris
any particles at the bottom of the bucket and not in my wash water or rinse water. Now the Cyclone Dirt Traps fit in a standard twelve inch diameter bucket. So if you have our Chemical Guys heavy duty bucket or if you have another bucket it will fit perfectly at the bottom. If your bucket is a little bit wider at the bottom, don’t worry if it sits a little bit higher it still works. As long as it stays snug it’ll still capture it at the bottom. And the two colors is obviously to differentiate between the wash and the rinse bucket. Just remember which one is your wash color and which one is your rinse. So I’m going to use red as my wash. And I’m going to add soap in there as well. The reason for that is to add lubrication to my wash mitt when I dunk it in my wash bucket. I have some soap in there to do so. And to also know that this is my wash bucket. First, I’m going to rinse off the vehicle then I’ll connect my TORQ Foam Cannon and we’ll get to washing. So we finished washing the car and I dried it using our Woolly Mammoth Towel. And It looks amazing, from you can see the car looks really shiny. This black paint has a gloss that you’re looking for. But one thing I wanted to point out is something I see all the time on cars and I’m sure you’ve seen at car shows or your own vehicle. It looks great from far but when you look close, you’ll see there is all kinds of scratches and swirls. So what we want to do is make sure that we address that and show you how to remove those scratches and swirls in this black paint with a one step process. So, before you get to polishing you want to make sure you clay the surface. It doesn’t sound that rough If you can hear that. It actually feels smooth but you still wanna clay it because there is definitely some contaminants on there. So even though it looks great from far we still wanna make sure we address the scratches and swirls. So, stay tuned for the next video where show you how to clay and then we’re gonna show you how to do a one step polish to remove the scratches and swirls. So if you love your car keep it clean with Chemical Guys and we’ll see you next time.

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