Future Fifty – Applications open!

There’s not many platforms and communities
that have got the reach that Future Fifty have. Basically anybody who means something in the
tech world in the UK has been included. For FundApps to be listed alongside literally
household names that I use on a daily basis, it does make you feel good. The idea was very compelling to me
because it creates a central fulcrum to bring together these late-stage tech businesses to
share ideas, share learning. It’s a great way to create a Silicon Valley
in the UK. I think the company that we’re in is
absolutely amazing both in terms of the companies that have been there before us
and our fellow companies on the list this year. We didn’t actually realise how brilliant it is. You’ve got like minded people you can to turn to,
they’re experts within the community but also that are made available
through the network. Growth companies need a lot of resources. It’s very helpful to get together as a community
of people who are going through the same thing and Future Fifty enables that. There’s obviously a lot of change going
on at the moment so that access to government and ability
to participate in that debate is really valuable. To really innovate and to get the support of
government and the support of a network of business that are really trying to change
the way business is done for consumers. The really important stuff to us is the access
it gives us to other companies that are of similar size and the
voice into government. There are times where I feel completely
out of my depth. So speaking of people are going through
similar experiences just seeing them smile and nod
is almost enough. Growing company feels even more complicated
than starting a company. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel
to grow your company, this sharing mindset is extremely useful.

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