Gensafe GF2000 Inverter Generator – Test/Review

Hey guys today I’m looking at the Gensafe GF2000 portable inverter generator. Now this generator is ideal for taking
on to camp sites, powering an RV, supplying power to your power tools on the job site or simply as a backup generator to use around the house. It features two
weatherproof 15 amp outlets providing you with up to 2400 watts. The
Intelligauge monitoring system gives a digital display of fuel levels and
energy consumption while also providing oil, temperature and overload safety
warning lights. It has anti vibration stack mounts which allows for the
running of a second GF2000 generator in parallel. The simple on-off choke panel
and the ergonomic pull start means for simple operation. The economy mode will
operate at a reduced level only providing enough energy for what is
actually plugged in. So let’s take a quick look at some of the ways that you
might be able to use this generator. Okay guys so I’m outside now I’ve got the GF2000 with me. I’m just gonna use this to see if it can power up these three power
tools now I’m going to run this in the economy mode so you’ll notice as soon as
I plug this in and hit the power button, you should see a spike in the output
level. Let’s test out the angle grinder. S o you can see that when the angle
grinder was being used the power usage display was was much higher than the
other two that’s obviously just because it draws a lot more power but let’s take
this over to an RV now and see how it goes running that thing So I’ve brought the GF2000 over to this RV.
I’m going to see if this can power all of the electrical is running inside.
Okay so I’ve just turned on the battery to charge I’m going to turn on appliance
by appliance to see how far we can push it before it cuts out.
Okay so right now I’ve got everything running. I’ve got lighting of a fan I’ve got
a TV back here I’ve got a microwave that’s on I’ve got a fridge that’s
running on electric. I’m going to turn on the air-conditioner now let’s see if it
can handle that load. So there you go. The Gensafe GF2000 was
more than capable of handling the tools that we threw at it.
Hopefully that provided you with a little bit of information we’ll see you
next time.

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  1. What is the dB rating? Oh, 52 dB, but is that at full load or zero (likely zero)? Why don’t they fess up about full load dB like name brands?

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