Geomatics/Surveying Engineering Technology

The reason I chose the program is to basically explore. It gives you the ability to get out, find
something that hasn’t been matched. It lets you work in an industry where the potential for earning, the potential for work availability is
unsurpassed. Somebody that’s ambitious and likes hands-on equipment potentially be out in the back country somewhere, enjoying nature at the same time as
working. It’s a great program. Geomatics is
something that appealed to me and my interests of adventure, exploration. A little bit of earth science and within a growing
industry. Broad-based, international employment, privatization, it’s a great program for someone who’s a little ambitious, I guess so to speak, and a great hands-on work environment. We’ve gotten to learn a lot about legislature, we’ve gotten to learn a lot of hands-on equipment, industry standardized equipment. Hands-on experience with that through our
classrooms, our labs and well, I guess, a pretty neat aspect is the traveling. I would definitely recommend the program to someone else. If you wanted to, if you wanted to get out, explore and contribute to the growth of an industry in fields of oil and gas, I guess, property surveying and just finding places where people have never been before. It’s a great opportunity. I decided to do Geomatics because it’s a heavily math based program and that’s
something I really like to do, is math and I have a really, I’m the kind of person that I can’t sit still for 2 seconds so the Geomatics Program is constantly doing different things. You can be outside working, you can be inside, working with AutoCad, or Micro Survey Cad so it gives me the chance to do different things everyday.

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