GM Truck Electronic Throttle Body (ETB) Relearn Procedure

Hey guys we just changed the electronic
throttle body on this late model GM vehicle now we’re gonna show you how to do the
relearn procedure. Let’s go! okay so you’ve just installed your
replacement throttle body and your vehicle won’t idle or has an
erratic idle. You’re thinking the part must be defective right? Not necessarily over time your PCM has been making
incremental adjustments to the throttle body resulting in changes to the throttle blade angle. These adjustments compensate for things like carbon buildup in the throttle body The PCM learns these values and memorizes them to maintain proper engine idle now that you replaced the throttle body
with a clean carbon-free unit, the PCM is still operating as if the original unit
is still in place so you’ll need to perform a relearn proceedure on the PCM. Here’s how you do it. Start and idle the engine in park for 3
minutes. Initially you may notice a high or incorrect idle speed until the ECM start to learn the new idle cells. At this point your RPM should start to decrease next turn ignition off for 60 seconds then start and idle the engine in park for 3
minutes again. After the 3 minute run time the engine should be idling normally.
It’s important to note sometimes during the drive cycle check engine light may illuminate
indicating idle speed diagnostic trouble codes are present. If idle speed codes are
present clear the codes so the ECM can continue to learn. If the engine idle speed has not been learned from this procedure it may be necessary to drive the vehicle
at speeds above 44 miles per hour with several deceleration an extended
idles. After the drive cycle the engine should now be idling correctly. If not, turn the ignition off for 60 seconds
and repeat step 3 That’s all for now. I hope this information
has been helpful. thanks for your time and I’ll see you on or
next edition of ProTech.

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  1. i just replaced it on my 07 escalade.. i keep getting p0171 & p0174 .for a lean bank 1 lean bank 2. nothing else was touched. wtf is going on?

  2. Would a re-learn cycle be necessary if you are just cleaning the throttle body that's original to the vehicle? I've got an 07 Hummer H3 that I'm looking to do that to. Would I need to do this?

  3. hi good video, is this procedure apply to toyota camry 2002 2.4l? or can you tell me how, because after I cleaned the rpms got higher than specifications, thank you for your help, cheers from ontario calif.

  4. question for you, if you feel so inclined to help a DIY newbie…

    I cleaned my throttle body on my 4.2L 6 cylinder 2008 GMC envoy.

    when attempting the relearn procedure- thank you very much for sharing this video by the way- my throttle body seems to whine while in park. the whine goes away when the vehicle is shifted to drive, and it drives smoothly.

    any ideas as to why it does this? thanks in advance!

  5. Is it possible to do this after the truck has been started for the first time since the repair? I didn't get to see this until after I started and revved it immediately. It idles low now and would like to know if I have to disconnect/reconnect the TB to restart the process.

  6. many people have told me that i will need to re-code the throttle body and that can only be done at the dealer or a mechanic shop capable of doing that. Is this true or will I be ale to do as you say in the video? anyone have any input?

  7. I have a 2009 gmc Sierra 1500 and I just clean the throttle body and now it's rpm r at 3000 and don't drop I try the videos but it's still not working what should I do?

  8. would this work for a 2010 traverse lt 3.6? I'm getting the dreaded p0221 code. just got the throttle body today and was going to replace tomorrow

  9. Sir, after cleaning my throttle body and MAF on a 2007 suburban Z71 5.3L, (battery disconnected through entire procedure), I connected everything and started the motor. The idle sat at approximately 2500 rpm. I drove it for 70 miles and it still ran at 2000 rpm. I again disconnected the battery terminal…pressed the brake pedal 3 times…reconnected the battery and started the engine (disconnected batter for about 60 seconds) runs like a champ now. Thank you!

  10. Cleaned TB on a 2008 Pontiac G6. Hooked everything back up, started car, Idles at 3500 Rpm. Did the relearn procedure, did not work. Idles in park at 3500 RPM. Did that for 3 minutes. Turn off 60 seconds. Let run 3 min again. Even drove it. Car accels on it own. What could be the issue? I even put a new TB on. Same issue? How can I wipe out ECM memory of the old idle settings?

  11. 2003 silverado 5.3L. check engine light on showing o2sensor system too lean and reduced engine power. after replacing the electronic throttle body i deleted the codes and a few days later check engine light came on showing code p0332 knock sensor any tips on this one .
    please let me know thanks

  12. 2008 Silverado, 5.3L Replaced TB, high idle 3000-3500. Did relearn procedure twice to no avail. Drove the vehicle, didnt work…pulled battery for 1hr, didnt work…tried relearn again, didnt work….Re-installed old throttle body, worked just have TP sensor codes again….Any advice?? Thanks

  13. Please help. 2007 Jeep Wrangler. TB acting normal when engine is cold. After driving 40-50 miles at speeds over 50 then coming to a stop is when my TB light comes on code p2172. But my check engine light never comes on.. If turn engine off then back on TB light still on and idles rough no power when driving sluggish. Now if I let it cool down for over 20 minutes the jeep goes back to normal. Then after heating up again same sluggish and TB light. I cleaned TB replaced pcv valve checked all else. Is this a sign of a BAD TB…? Thanks

  14. My idle is driving me crazy, it runs High 2300 then after a while it does drop. It doesn't stick its more like its being told to run a high rpm, like a brain or sensor thing. I tryed cleaning it, nothing, so I really cleaned it, I took off the throttle body and cleaned it. I did a " Re-learn. 3 min, 1 min, 3 min, nope… I took it for the 45 mph drive accelerating & decelerating At first it seemed to help, Nope. Fact: I put in a cam, its perfectly set up for the Silverado 1500 series 2002 4.8 truck…. Its a 220 220. 581 int / Exs lift – 112 lobe separation at 1200 – 6200. I finished it off with a set of D&A long tube headers, a 3500 stall speed converter and a 4.11 rear. It outperforms pony cars, Not the big dogs like the Camero SS, Hellcat or the GT-350-R But it way beyond my expectations. It a 13 sec truck. I think I just answered my question. I did have an ECU flash tune but that was before the… I need to do a re-tune. Umm Thanks.

  15. Hello everyone. 178,000 miles on my 08 2500HD with LY6 6.0L gas. SES light came on YEARS ago. O'Reilly code reader showed Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) code. Always ran perfectly with no loss of power or fuel mileage. Finally got around to work on it. My Chevy dealership sold me a new TPS (Part # 19259452). $33.18. It does not include the entire TB. Only the plastic part that is clipped on. Came with 6 new clips too. I removed the TPS, cleaned the TB while TPS was off so as not to damage electronics, clipped on new TPS and fired 'er up. Had the common 2000 rpm idle. Performed the idle speed relearn several times as described in this video. Did not solve high idle issue. Thanks to Cory Hayden's comment about his PCV valve not being plugged in, I decided to recheck my work. Yep…forgot to reattach PCV. Cleared codes again by disconnecting battery for a couple mins and performed relearn procedure once more. Lo and behold…it solved all issues!!! Be sure sure to check for any vaccuum leaks (i.e. PCV valve) after reassembly. Hope this helps.

  16. I removed and cleaned my tb and a have codes 506 and 507. I still need to try and drive it but, my truck will not start if I don't press on the gas pedal a little. I have to let it warm up for a few minutes if not it will shut off. Could that be because it still needs to relearn?

  17. I have a 2008 Acadia with the oil settling in the intake from the throttle body and get stabilize link traction control and engine powering off. I thought of changing the throttle body. Any suggestions please?

  18. I finally found the way to fix that storbon idle problem. Mine was so bad that I actually prematurely wore out my brake pads!
    I used a combination of several methods, (or trouble shooting techniques). PLEASE PAY ATTENTION and follow my instructions down to the letter / second.
    First I disconnected the battery, I then removed the throttle body and replaced the air filter. I thoroughly cleaned and reinstalled the throttle body. and then hooked the battery back up.
    I then performed the following "Reprogramming procedure" :

    #1 I started it up and let it Idle for exactly 3 min.
    #2 I shut it off for exactly one min,
    #3 I started it up and idled it for 3 min.

    I then took it on the highway, I set the "Cruise control" at 70.
    I used the "Cruise control accelerate switch" (on the blinker arm) to throttle up past 75,
    I then disengaged the " Cruse Control" and allowed the vehicle to decelerated down to 60,
    I then repeated that tree times.
    I drove it home and shut it off for 15 min.
    When I restarted it I let it idle till it got to its running temp and it has been perfect ever since. " THANK GOD!. I actually wore out my brakes

  19. 2013 Chevrolet crank and I just replace the throttle body runs real rough and shakes while running before everybody said it was the throttle body

  20. Thanks… this video worked for me on my 2004 Cadillac CTS the idol part didn't work… I had to drive in high speeds….

  21. Hello, very helpful and did help, but after a smooth idle i would rev it up then it will kick back up to 1500 rpm instead of 850-1000 what do you recommend?

  22. Thank you so much. It pays to watch the professionals. All the home mechanics just say "good to go." No, it needs to be done right.

  23. I replaced my throttle body on my 2011 Chevy Colorado and now I’m having an erratic speedometer and my car seems to think I’m still stepping on the gas when I’m not. Didn’t have this problem before replacing the throttle body. Any idea why?

  24. I have an 04 silverado. It was a v6. I put a v8 in a while ago. Just added an nnbs intake manifold in it. But couldn't use the 4 bolt throttle body. My wire was a 4×2 and the nnbs throttle is a 3×2. I bought the adapter and everything I tried this but all it did was started my rpms at 4k and wanted to rise very slowly. With my dashboard saying reduce power. Did the multiple times. But the ecm never cleared it.

  25. This is complete nonsense. After I replaced the TPS/Throttle body I could NOT get the ecm to reset. I tried every trick under the sun to get it to reset. I tried disconnecting the battery, touching the cables together for 15 seconds, tried this guys video advice, ect…… What I finally found out is that none of this works and you need to have it reset with a good diagnostic scanner. Do NOT go to the dealership, they will steal your wallet and smile at you. Find a good muffler shop that specializes in aftermarket intakes and exhaust systems and have them reset the computer. I messed with this headache for days and finally spent $37.50 at a muffler shop and my 09 Silverado is running better than ever. The guys at the shop told me that there is no other way to reset it on a GM.

  26. When ever I put in the new sensor and had clean that I put it back on and the truck now accelerates by it self I tried everything on the video but it still doing that and I don’t want to put it on drive because my rpm on 4

  27. Try this. Disconnect battery terminals. Ground both cables to each other, with a wire or metal object. Make sure no contact to battery during grounding. Hold for 30 seconds. Re-attach cables to battery. Turn ignition switch on to acc. (dont start engine)
    Wait 1 minute. Turn off, and then start engine. Might work.

  28. Does it matter whether you drive directly after the procedure or not? Do you HAVE to drive after the procesure? I had ro run back to work so i did the procedure, drove around the corner and cut it off. Wont know if it worked until i leave work

  29. 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 New throttle body… had to unplug the ground wire from the battery for 5 mins then my rpms went back to normal and cleared the check engine light.

  30. This does not work at all, finally had to the Idle Relearn Reset with a Snap On Modis; without it the actual and indicated angles are not synchronized correctly no matter what you try to do otherwise.

  31. Problem solved, i replaced my throttle body started rev at 3000rpm i have tried so many things it did not work finally i took it to a guy with dealer level scan tool he did reprogram my new throttle, so it can be accepted to the truck with electronic setting it runs so good now just sharing my story

  32. I have an C3 corvette with an LS7 motor. Motor idles at 900 rpm even tough the tune has it set to 650. I sometimes get a P2176 DTC (Minimum throttle position not learned) which in turn puts the car into limp mode. I'm having a hard time finding a solution to my problem.

  33. My 2011 GMC Terrain was throwing the P2135 code and the dreaded Reduced Engine Power and Stabili Track errors. We replaced the throttle body and NOBODY told us to do the relearn procedure like this. It was still throwing the RNP and ST errors and we couldn't get it over 20MPH without shutting off and it locking up for a minute. We did this relearn procedure and now it'll go up to 50 and alternate down to 20 perfectly fine for long distances. It's now shutting off when sitting still and when going constant low speed (between 30-40) for longer than a minute or two. Any ideas?

    Give you a run down on what it's doing:
    After sitting off for a while, it'll crank fine and not throw a code.
    It'll drive fine alternating between higher and lower speeds the whole way.
    AS SOON as it stops at a stop sign or red light, it'll die. But it'll recrank fine.
    Also, as soon as you hit 30MPH and stay there for more than a minute, the code triggers (we kept it at 40 for a while and it only seems to trigger at the lower 30mph)
    And after you drive it and recrank it, the code will trigger if you sit longer than a minute even in park.

  34. Replaced the throttle body on my 17 High Country 6.2L with a Katech had no issues with idling funny or codes

  35. Pretty close, you missed one crucial step. All DTC's need to be cleared PRIOR to performing the service bay/on road idle learn procedure. Regardless if the MIL is illuminated or not.

  36. Don’t listen to this guy you have to use a 5,000 $ scanner to get it to relearn idle. This guy obviously doesn’t have a clue what he is doing

  37. I didn’t replace my throttle body but cleaned it on my 07 avalanche and driving it for a week or 2 eventually brought the idle back to normal

  38. Worked for me on 2007 Silverado 5.3. Bought the Hitachi throttle body to replace factory. Started the truck after. Idled at 3000 rpm. Check engine was still on. Did not have scanner to clear codes. I disconnected the negative on battery then used horn to drain any power left. Check engine was gone. The reset sequence initially did not work. I drove about 60 miles using various backroads to vary speed. When I got back, I tried the reset sequence again and now Idling perfect.

  39. Same problem here. 2007 GMC Yukon Replaced throttle body, sensor, pedal with sensor and connector cables. I still have the check engine light come on with codes P2135 and P2101. What else is left to fix??????

  40. Get yourself a Foxwell NT650 Scan tool to do a throttle body reset. $185 on ebay or go to the dealer and pay $190 each time.

  41. After cleaning my tb i noticed my idle is off goes up and down on park and neutral, goes from 500 to 1200 then back down

  42. I have tried the relearn procedure without hooking up a scan tool. I had no luck. So I had to use my scan tool and it was reset in less then a minute. I have made good side money getting called by other shops to show them or do the relearn procedure for them

  43. Thank you so so much Cardone Indistries for this information. Very good video.. straight to the point👍

  44. 2008 Uplander – new throttle body – at least it runs now, wouldn't before. Tried to idle it for 3 min. but it always dies at 33 seconds.

  45. did what you said, still have an iratic idle after cleaning the throttle body of carbon build up, even took it for a drive…it seemed fine for a day then , the idle became erratic again and a check engine light came on

  46. Hey I have been doing body work on my truck and have been welding so I have had the battery disconnected and now my truck wants to stall after I let off the gas and it ran fine before I started working on it. Please help

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