Google Data Center Efficiency Best Practices. Part 5 – Optimize Power Distribution

TRACY VAN DYK: In the data center, you pull
power in from the electrical grid and you convert it down
to the voltages that are needed for all the
components in the data center. And there’s a lot conversion stages in there.
By minimizing those conversion stages, you can save
money and save energy. Also by making each conversion stage more
efficient you can save energy, as well.
Traditionally, one of the biggest losses is UPS,
Uninterruptible Power Supply. Typically, there’s a giant room of batteries.
The batteries are DC voltage. And the power coming in to charge those batteries
is AC. And so you need to convert from AC down to
DC with a rectifier in order to charge the batteries.
And then when the batteries are needed in a power event,
you need to convert that back to AC with an inverter.
And then the AC needs to be converted back down to DC for
all the components in the data center. So you’ve got three conversion stages in there
that are not necessary. What Google has done is put a battery on board
the tray. So you’re eliminating those three conversion
steps. You just have DC right into the server components.
In a typical server configuration, you have a
server with an AC/DC power supply attached to it.
By making sure that AC/DC power supply is efficient, you
can save a lot of energy. Things like Energy Star labels will point
you to power supplies that are 90
plus efficient. Google is able to save over $30 dollars per
year per server by implementing all of these features.
ERIK TEETZEL: There really are very simple, effective
approaches that all of us can implement to reduce the data
center energy use. And most of them are cost effective within
12 months of operation. So a lot of efficiency best practices should
be adopted by just about everyone.
They’re applicable to small data centers or large data centers.
It’s simply following the five steps that we go through here
to make sure that you’re able to reduce your energy use.

17 thoughts on “Google Data Center Efficiency Best Practices. Part 5 – Optimize Power Distribution

  1. Wow google saves thousands of dollars per year… like if i saved 1 hundreth of a cent and feel like im really saving a fortune

  2. Agree. Tracy talks too fast. Please darling save energy yourself by slowing down and
    talking a little bit slower 😉

  3. I personally enjoy the rate at which she's speaking. People who are intelligent enough to work at Google can't afford to speak slowly.

  4. I've always wondered why you don't just have giant DC supplies and run the DC to the servers, possibly using a couple of different voltages or just changing the voltage at the server.

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  6. wonder how they put the battery on the server. Are they using DC powered servers? or are they getting it custom built by manufacturer to build in a battery for backup reasons?

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