Gracie Brazilian Jujitsu Moves : Guillotine Choke Jujitsu Technique

Hi! I’m Marc Zee from Arizona Center of
mixed martial arts, on behalf of Go, spar. Okay, what these guys are demonstrating
right here is called the guillotine choke. Guillotine choke is a very effective choke;
a quick choke that quickly subdues an opponent. The guillotine choke was also shown Hollywood
by Arnold Swarchenegger in a couple of his movies. What the guillotine choke does is
it cuts off the carotid artery, robbing the brain of blood. Alright, stop for a second.
Now, what the guillotine choke is if we’re locked up, he’s grabbing me, he’s attaching
me. What I’m doing is I’m snapping the head down, I’m running the blade of the
wrist across the throat. I’m grabbing onto my wrist with his head underneath my armpit.
My knee is forward; my leg is back. I’m bringing my hips forward to finish the choke.
If I start to choke, he taps letting it know that he’s about to go out. Again, the guillotine
choke…I’m going to put his hand down right here. What I’m doing is I’m using the
blade of the wrist. If I use the flat part of the wrist, the choke’s got no good. So
I’m going to use the blade of the wrist. It comes underneath the chin, across the throat.
I grab onto the blade of the wrist, I lean back with my hips forward, and finish the
choke. Now, there are variations of the guillotine choke. The guillotine choke is a blood choke;
it cuts off the blood to the brain. Now, for some reason, sometimes somebody would be down
and you can’t get under the chin. The variation on the guillotine choke is what I’m going
to use is a cross face. Notice how I’m turning his chin to the side. Okay, what that does
is it transfers the pressure to his spine. What I’m going to do is I’m just going
to pat him on the back right here, grab onto the wrist, and lean back. That turns it from
a blood choke into something that we actually break the spine or the neck. The first is
the guillotine choke. I’m going to snap the head down, come across, grab the wrist,
and lean into it. Now, for some reason if I snap the head down, I don’t get underneath
the chin, I cross face. I turn his face to the side so he’s facing you. Pat him on
the shoulder; grab my fingers over my wrist, lean back as I would a choke, then you have
a deadly combination. Thank you very much.

100 thoughts on “Gracie Brazilian Jujitsu Moves : Guillotine Choke Jujitsu Technique

  1. Guillotine Choke isent very relaible, its an easy choke to pull of but it needs to be completely locked in under the chin to make them tap out. alot of people dont have the strengh to make a person tap out from it.

  2. He goofinhimer it's an air choke. At least the way he applies and describes it with the wrist across the throat. It is certainly possible to do a blood choke with the arms positioned differently, but that's not what he was doing or describing. And besides you IDIOTS there is NO SUCH THING as a blood choke, it would be a strangle. HOW STUPID are you people and the Idiot demonstrating this?!?!?

  3. yes. most people go out cold after 5-10 sec if the tehnick is done properly, if you hold longer than that at first you might damage the brain caus of lack of oxigen, and since the blood stops circulating you slowly die.

  4. wtf are you joking? Blood chokes are real and they compress the arteries suplying the brain with blood. You go out cold in about 8 seconds…

    Do you even do a submission martial art? Because if you do you may of been put in one and you would realise that your about to get knocked out in under 10 seconds when if your being suficated it can take anywhere up to a miniute. Try it

  5. Hey idiot a "choke" is cutting of the air way, a "strangle" is cutting off the blood supply! That is why I said there is no such thing as a "blood choke". The term "blood choke" is an oxymoron.

  6. Ok. Do you realize that every other source you can check on the web agrees with me and would disagree with this guy? Why are you taking this guys (stupid) word over every other source? Do a search Moron.

  7. Any of you people smart enough to know how to "cross-reference"? You check many sources, and if one is different than all the others obviously it is wrong. Every other source I've ever checked says this guy is WRONG. You people to stupid to do the research yourselves?

  8. i belive the triangle choke is a blood choke? its not called the triangle strangle is it? it uses the arm to cut off blood on one side of the neck and your leg to cut it off on the other side. have you ever been to a bjj or any martial art class in your life?

  9. Man can't belive you people are ALL so stupid? Google "Guillotine Choke" and every single source on the net will say its an air choke. You people are BEYOND IDIOTS!

  10. If you apply it right it stops BOTH Air and blood flow but your more likely to stop air flow than blood flow either way your oppienent will still be choked out

  11. not even make a decision, the idea of even learning one martial discipline is enough to feel good about. if you studied both of a choice chances are youd grow to love both, because every martial art has its own unique side of interest.

  12. the choke is yes. And neck/spine cranks are extensions of the original submission attempt, I'm well-aware of this. My point is that they are very dangerous and require a level of precision you can only through actual training AND a COMPLETE understand of the original submission. 2:53 wont cut it. In practice we perfect our technique we dont look to paralyze ppl. Its like technique a two-week white belt the heel hook. Not a good idea IMO.

  13. This video is not very good. I compete in BJJ and train with world champions, but many little details on the choke are not mentioned, the move is not correct, a competitor would get out 9 times on 10…

  14. Another variation of the guillotine choke uses an arm bar. It's simple. first wrap ur arm around his neck like a normal guillotine, but instead of just grabbing ur wrist with ur other hand, u would go over his shoulder and under his armpit then grab ur wrist and squeeze for dear life. Lol. In this video he would use his left arm to execute the armbar.

  15. Mir is good but I wouldn't say on of the best…. The most Dominant vers fighter who is a Legit Blackbelt in BJJ would have to be BJ Penn. His flexibility and subs are SICK!

  16. but in english the guillotine (gill-o-teen) is the thing they used to slice peoples heads off in the middle ages. i'm guessing this is where they got the name because its restricting around the neck

  17. no….i think he's referring to how the move got its name. because your armpit and the blade of your arm cause a "guillotine" effect

    p.s. its spelled EXPECT, not exspect. so before you call someone a "dumb bitch" you might want to utilize your spell check so you yourself don't look dumb.

  18. yeh GSP is a welterweight. But fighters can gain weight to fight in higher weight classes but then have to drop the weight again to go back down to their normal weight class.

  19. how do you sink this move if someones chin is tucked down close to their neck/chest? in a real fight situation ive found people dont just expose or give up the front of their neck for somone to just easily slide the blade of their wrist in front of.. any suggestions?

  20. if they defend well and you cant sink the choke i'd transfer to another move… no point wasting energy. posible option is if you can force him down to the floor and he is on all foors and you are in a sprawl type position you could move into an annoconda or such… main thing is to keep control and the dominating position.

  21. No Toddle is quite right
    If you are in a feared situation
    You will most likely knee their head until they cannot stand up
    Simple instincts

  22. You're assuming the person being choked can stay calm long enough to even think about that. You can be choked out in as little as 3 seconds, not to mention from that angle, you can't generate enough force to SMASH a groin, just cause some discomfort but by then, you're out.

  23. true.

    blood chokes (triangle, brabo, arm triangle)
    air choke (RNC, guillotine, ezekiel,)

    air chokes work 4 to 5 seconds.
    while blood chokes generally take a while since you're cutting off the blood supply to the brain.

  24. true. even before maeda taught carlos gracie.

    he went around the world fighting and training in different martial arts(such as wrestling and boxing) and incorporating them in his game when he fought vale tudo matches. (such as wrestling and boxing)

    generally because mitsuyo was only around 5'4"

    he would prefer taking the fight to the ground and finishing his opponent. he focused more on the ground work of kano's jujutsu or judo.

  25. Yeah, but how long would take to choke someone if it was a total air choke, couple minutes maybe. But I have seen (and been in) chokes that put people to sleep in a matter of seconds. So I believe it is a mixture, an air and a blood choke.

  26. Marc is my professor at Gracie Barra in Phoenix and he's amazing. If you live in AZ and are interested in BJJ, I highly recommend you check the school out. They give five days of free lessons so you can see if it's what you're looking for. I was hooked after the first lesson.

  27. @Phattousai i live in Arizona. Im in gilbert though. that's far from where Marc teaches right? I go to Turner's Martial Arts

  28. @imperfection32 that hsit happened to me and 3 seconds later next thing i know i'm waking up on the floor

  29. during a tourney i used this on a guy and he just wouldn't go down so i just tripped him, sent him face first, then armbarred him till he tapped, third degree black peeps

  30. @InZaneL3G3ND5 well if he dosnt tap u might b doing it wrong but if he can eat it u have to b careful cause u dont wana tire ur arms out and b usless after that

  31. @jiangshenghai57 english pronunciation: "gill-o-teen," french pronunciation: "gee-ya-teen." both variations are acceptable, and are used interchangeably.

    |the kid|

  32. @InZaneL3G3ND5 ..if it is a streetfight, simply wait for him to pass out, then give him an atomic wedgie. There's nothing more humiliating than losing a fight, AND having your underwear wrapped around your head.

  33. @Ryder188 dont use it, but if your life depended on it jumping and sitting could potentially break their neck in two.

  34. @hfhfhf71 That makes no sense. It depends on numerous things. How winded is he when you get him in the choke? Did you catch him while he was exhaling or inhaling? Does he panic or remain calm? The more he freaks out and squirms the faster he'll lose air as well. There is no set time.

  35. @sanity118 How would you trip him face first from this postion, and then execute an arm bar if he's facing down? The fact (if it really is) that your 3rd degree black ir quite irrelevant. 1. You obviously didn't have the choke set correctly and 2. Why would you go for an armbar if you had your oppenents back? I'm calling bull. lol

  36. I havent taken BJJ, though i want to, i just have a question, how does this move protect you against strikes? doesnt seem effective (but then again what do i know)

  37. @onkysago if the choke is deep enough you can put someone to sleep in seconds. Notice where the guy being guillotined has his arms; he isn't really in a position to punch his way out. Of course, this assumes perfect conditions along with perfect application of the choke.

  38. @amalek0rs i have and i kno that the guy was saying it would be good in street fights and i was saying why it would be good if he doesnt kno how to do it pretty much

  39. I've never felt any pressure on my carotid arteries from a guillotine. There is pressure on the wind-pipe definitely which is quite dangerous. If you want to know what a blood choke feels like feel the rear naked choke. I've NEVER felt any significant pressure on my carotid arteries from a guillotine. I'm quite baffled.

  40. @tasneefm In ground fighting in Krav Maga, one attempts a hammer strike, you move to the side and get your opponent in a guillotine. Me and my partner figured out that if he was on my left arm, and I pulled towards me, that put pressure on his artery. Pulling away put the pressure on his spine. But, I've only felt some pressure.

  41. @jordanjameswalker I have always heard it pronounced the correct way even by Jean-Jacques Machado, and of course, as I said, it CAN be a blood choke, but in this video the way he is doing it is a wind choke. And how exactly am I being a wannabe?

  42. @jordanjameswalker I'm simply correcting him, and yes I have felt my arteries cut off by a VARIATION of what he is showing, a guillotine that shuts off the blood, the blood choke version, what he is showing is the wind version, how many times do I have to say this?

  43. It can be a blood choke if it is put on tight enough around the sides of the neck. It all depends on where your arm ends up.

  44. the words origin is French and the L is silent.

    its GEE – UH – TEEN

    its not GILL-O-TEEN

    and its not a blood strangle its an air choke.

    the blade of your wrist lies against the throat not the carotid artery.

    and why would you teach anybody how to break someones neck!??

    not a very responsible black belt.

  45. Which movie as Arnold Swarchenegger done a guillotine choke? I believe I watch 80% of his movies, i can't recall him doing that.

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