Hair Color Mixing & Application Techniques : Mixing Permanent Hair Color

In this clip we’re going to talk about how
to mix permanent hair color. Permanent hair color lifts color off of the hair and it becomes
permanent. And what we’re going to talk about here is different types also. We have cream
colors and they’re in tubes. And it’s usually a white cream that you see when their in the
tube. Ok and we’re going to show you in a minute when I mix it. We also have liquid
colors out there that you mix equal parts or depending on the company their own instructions
on how to mix it. Usually it’s equal parts and you mix a liquid in a bottle and you shake
it and then you apply it on the hair. There’s also different ways to shake the color, the
permanent hair color. We can use mixers like this, bowl and brush or we can actually use
like I said a liquid, for liquid use a bottle. Ok so I’m going to show you right now how
to mix this permanent hair color which is in a tube and it’s creamy. This company has
cc’s that you mix in, it’s five cc’s so it’s every increment here, every line that you
see here is ten cc’s. Ok. I’m going to mix thirty cc’s which would be about an ounce
of color. Ok. You need your key here to turn that and mix it with that brush now in a minute.
After we go ahead and take this some developer here and we’re going to use twenty volume
developer, you can use any kind of developer. In this company you can use from five to forty
depending on how much lift you want in your hair color, in your permanent hair color.
Usually permanent hair color you need at least twenty ok. So let’s go ahead and mix here.
It would be also with this company, is actually they want you to do the tube here, they want
you to use an ounce but with them they want you to use about two ounces of developer.
So you’ll see that they, sometimes they’ll say an ounce to ounce which is equal parts
or they’ll say an ounce of color to two ounces of developer. Ok. CC’s would be thirty cc’s
to sixty cc’s. We’re going to go ahead and mix the color first really well, nice and
creamy in the bowl. They also have whisks now that you can use and you see them, it
looks like in cooking you use but you’ll have like a whisk. And there you go you mix it,
little bit at a time please. Nice and creamy, make sure it’s not lumpy when you are mixing
it ok cause then it doesn’t take well on the hair or takes different colors on the hair
so you want to go ahead and do that.

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  1. should note that you should only mix your color RIGHT before you use it on the client, cause as soon as you start mixing the developer and color it will begin its oxidation process. If you spend too long before getting it on the hair, its oxidation process will deminish

  2. Umm I have a question my boyfriend bought me this hair dye called Wella Color Charm it's liquid permanent hair color. It says to mix 1 part Wella Color Charm with 2 parts Wella Color Charm developer. The thing is that I had to buy the developer seperate from a different brand, Will it still work? & How much is 1 part and 2 parts? Sorry its my first time that im going to dye my hair I do not really know any of this

  3. Yes it should still work! As long as it's the same vol. of developer you should get the or similar to the outcome you are looking for.

  4. I am confused cause my natural hair is a level 5 and I make it a 1 which is jet black or blue black and I use 10% volume with a permanent color. Please explain cause I don't understand why u used 20%

  5. It depends on how light you want the color to be. To go from a level 5 to a 1, a 10% developer works because it only deposits the pigment on your hair. A 20% is usually the standard developer because it deposits the color, but also lifts some to blend. 30% for lightning the color 3 shades, and 40% is for bleaching. Hope this helps(:

  6. Oh yes it helps a lot, thank you so much.
    I had a another question thou, what if i use the 20% instead of the 10% would that make it maybe more vibrant and last even longer…? (still thou from a 4 or 5 virgin hair to a blue black 1.

  7. About how much hair color/developer do you need to mix for a full head roots to ends of someone with fine thin hair shoulder length? I'm using a 1:2 of demi color by wella color charm.

  8. I'm planning on using wells top chick ash blonde tomorrow as I know I like the colour. I have dark brown hair and usually use volume 10 with my wells after bleaching to tone. Can I just use 40 vol developer in my wella tomorrow to get abit if lift and tone?

  9. Ok, so I've been trying to ombré my extensions for a week. I've already used a bleach to lift the hair. Didn't turn out too great, the tips look a really weird blond gray color. Would applying a permanent creme dye over that, help give it a natural color?

  10. well, it depends on whether or not your hair is virgin! hair store hair is overly processed often times to hide whatever color it was before, if thats the case you shouldnt go for blonde. if it is virgin hair then you should try using a toner! toners help take away the unwanted pigments from bleached hair depending on what color you're trying to get rid of in the blonde (brassy, red, gray, etc) . i heard wella has some good ones!

  11. Im about to mix in 2 different shades of red at home and this was helpful!
    Mine is currently a dark brown colour

  12. Does anyone here know the color mixing of Chi Ionic color? I want to cover grey, but I also want to add some warmth to my color. Can I use 20 volume developer to cover the grey, and to add warmth with the reddish color that I chose. I am using a neutral color close to my natural color. I am a licensed cosmetologist, but I do not work in a salon, but I colored my hair in the past with the OTC colors from the drug store, I have a bad reaction to those products. I now use only professional color.

  13. I usually use the Wella demi-permanent color. Unfortunately, my store only has Wella permanent Color Charm. Can I mix the permanent color with the demi-permanent activating lotion? I'm going darker

  14. planning on dying hair black. i am using Wella color charm (black). can i use a 30 volume creme? pls help thanks

  15. Excellent video. Thank You. If the creme tube says 1:1 and the tube is 2oz Am I to assume that it will be 2Oz of developer?

  16. I bought igora royal 4-6 medium brown chocolate they forgot to give me the developer that I'm supposed to mix it with . when I went back they gave me hi-test 10 volume cream peroxide to mix with it. but it doesn't say developer anywhere on the bottle. They said ,that is what I need .
    Can someone tell me if they're right or am I going to mess up my hair I'm trying to save money by dying my hair by myself but I'm scared to try it .I will probably have to go to salon if I mess it up and end up paying so much more at end.
    please let me know asap

  17. what if the color in the tube says 1 part color to 2 parts developer? is that the same as saying twice as much developer to color. in other words. If I have 2oz. of color in the tube, would I be ising 4oz. of developer?

  18. i have black hair if i want a ash blond what should i do..bleach my hair and than i use a ash blond hair colour or i mix bleach on my ash blond hair clr?

  19. Do I have to use all the content of the tube (Hair Dye) in one application or can I save some of the left over content for later use?

  20. Thank u.. The company that makes this stuff needs to make a guide like yours!! Their directions are discusting!!

  21. Hello how r u ye mara whatap nambar ha jb bi koye video sand kro plsss mare pas bi bajna plss

  22. what if you use a 10 developer with a 2-3 shade lighter color than your natural hair? I know when going lighter you’re supposed to use a higher developer so you get lift and then the deposit the color, but what if you just use 10? Will it just not go as light as it otherwise would, or will it look weiird??

  23. hii i have black hair with golden high lights i want to go for mahagony red for my entire hair so how mucj ratio should i use ?

  24. I went to a store to buy light color for my hair I have dark roots the rest is extra light blonde. I chose the developer 20 volume, and color Charm 12/11. She came to me and offer to help me, so she advised to buy a product I never had idea exist, Colorego 11/0. I explained that I have some parts of my hair a little reddish than others, and I want to give a uniform color to extra light blond. She told me that I do not need the developer #20, nor the color charm #12/11 that I only have to use the Colorego 11/0 and developer 40. I am confused because I do not know this product, what could happen to my hair if I use it? I read, it says is permanent coloring cream, but I think the developer is very high in volume, I still thinking that I need the color charm 12/11 in case I get red parts and the 20 volume developer. Do I am wrong, or is she right? I need please your advise, I do not want to make a mess with my hair color. Thank you.

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